Green shoes

Green shoes

Modern stylists and fashion designers believe that boots are practical, but boring shoes. Refresh and decorate the image using products with non-standard color solutions. Green color is rightly recognized as one of the most original and attractive.


Stylish and high-quality boots produce the following brands:

  • Alberto Buteri+
  • Belwest+
  • Excavator+
  • Berg+
  • San Marko+
  • Dino Ricci+
  • Ridlstep+
  • Timberland+
  • Marco Tozzi+
  • Labella Vita.

Alberto Buteri

The brand Alberto Buteri releases warm and beautiful shoes, in the production of which is used by a green nubuck. The lining and the inner part in such models is made of natural fur. Stylish products have a wear-resistant embossed sole. The upper part is equipped with a soft roller, framing ankle and protective legs from water and snow in the inside.


Products of the Belarusian brand Belwest is characterized by the highest quality, durability and universal design. Largely popular with laconic models of quiet coloring on a flat sole. Made such pairs of natural velor. On the rise is the original velcro. Demi-season boots Belwest will become an excellent solution for everyday dress.


High Excavator boots on lacing are made from natural nubuck of emerald. Lining and insole of brand products are made of natural fur. Reliable cream sole with a relief protector will prevent confidence in every step.


Trading Brand BERG gives fashionable wonderful green suede boots. High sole with aggressive protector, platform and square heel gives sense of confidence and comfort during long walks. On the side of such products there is zipper. High-quality Berg boots will create a bright youth image.

San Marko

Brand San Marko offers fashionable women Beautiful products made of genuine leather of light shade. Models of calm and harmonious colors have a delicate darous surface. San Marko shoes with cream lacing and soles on a small embossed heater. Such shoes will fabulously look at many casual outfits.

Dino Ricci

The Dino Ricci brand produces comfortable and stylish women’s shoes on fur. Such winter models are distinguished by the fur framing of the seams on the rise and comfortable design, repeating the shape of the foot. On the products of strict khaki, there is a white line that makes shoes more stylish and attractive.


Ridlstep manufactures original gentle-sable shoes with perforation. Summer models externally similar to classic Oxfords with laces. Light products have a pointed nose and a height with a height of 1 cm. Similar shoes will be an excellent solution for energetic fashion valued comfort.


Famous American brand Timberland produces high-quality shoes for any time. Very original models of cansons of olive color and classic pairs of genuine leather and nubuck dark green, turquoise and khaki color. For snow or wet weather, high riding products are perfectly suitable.

Marco Tozzi

Very stylish and original lacquered boots Marco tozzi gentle green shade. Non-standard shoes remind a little man’s model, but with the right selection of clothes it will look very feminine and flirtary. Attractive models are equipped with a gentle cream lacing, round soil and wide low heel.

Labella Vita

Saturated Emerald Labella Vita Boots will allow emphasize the elegance and bright individuality of fashionista. The overflowing surface from the artificial velor will definitely attract the attention of others. Shoes have an extended thoughts, a bike insole and black lacing.

What to wear?

Original natural colors shoes are combined with many colors and clothing styles. The lady will look very stylish with the right selection of shoes and dresses.

Combination with green

Green boots will harmoniously look with the outfit, in which there will be at least one element of a similar shade.

  • You can wear a green dress, black crucor and original shoes.
  • Dress can be replaced by a sweater of emerald or lightweight color in tandem with classic blue jeans.
  • Complete the outfit matte leather or suede bag of green or brown.

With blue

Green and blue effectively complement each other.

  • Stylish shoes will be harmonized with blue and blue jeans, supplemented sweaters, turtlenecks and shirts.
  • Up It is quite possible to wear khaki color, black jacket or coat.
  • Decorate the image will help red, burgundy or brown bag.

With gray

Laconic gray and natural green perfectly fit each other. Such a combination can create a fashionable style of militaries, especially if you add a white detail in the outfit. Outfit with such a color palette is recommended to dilute with bags or details of clothes in Marsala.

With black

Footwear in the dress of classic black color will be a bright and attractive accent. Leather jackets, raincoats and coats of dark colors will look great in conjunction with a green pair. Stylish and youth image can be created using classic leggings, khaki color and thyberlands color parks.

With brown

Original shoes harmonize with brown outfits. In such a color can be both clothing and accessories. The outfit with such a combination will suit the fashionistas of any age. In the cold season, shoes will be very stylish looking with classic brown coats of direct cut, parks and down jackets.

With white

Classic white color harmonizes almost with all shades. Green is no exception. Stylish outfit can be made of classic jeans, white top, leather jacket brown or black and green shoes. For a warm season, you can choose a light beige skirt (you can with a print) and white top. Youth trousers and jeans of classic colors in combination with non-standard shoes will create attractive attention trendy contrast.

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