Green sneakers

Green sneakers

Since ancient times, green is considered a symbol of nature itself.

Some doctors even argue that regular contemplation of green restores and improves eyesight. Psychologists say that people who prefer green in their wardrobe, generous and calm, noble and truthful. Green motorists love to determine. And fashion designers meanwhile actively “landslide” their collections.

So, this season in trend – green sneakers. Yes, it sounds unusual and a little frighteningly, but let’s try to look at them more carefully, especially since you believe the doctors, it will improve our eyesight!


Green color today is present in model ranges of various collections. In this “natural” color color all familiar types of sneakers: running, walking, for fitness, basketball and tennis. But more and more often the green representatives of their family are found among everyday street sneakers in which even in the gym, at least to work.

Today, with a lot of probability, you can easily find and buy green “sneakers” – sneakers on a flat sole with a wedge. At first glance, they are like ordinary shoes, and it greatly facilitates the task of creating ensembles with clothing and accessories.

Color and shades

Do you know that green has 376 tones (in Panton’s palette)? From cold and dark to bright and warm. All shades of designers at the sewing sneakers have not yet mastered, but stubbornly seek it.

Favorite “shoe” shades – Salad, sea wave color, pistachio, opal, yellow-green and even the color of the Biscay Bay (yes – yes, there is such!).

Classic green is also found quite often, but mainly in the men’s sneakers. When creating women’s sneakers – the fantasy of designers is not limited to anything, except with the budget, but it is unlikely to lead world brands.


Special love for color solutions In the green version, two sneakers are experiencing – New Balance and Nike. In their collections of this color, an exclusive place is assigned.

  • Sneakers New Balance WL574 – Women’s Model of Cool Blue Green Shade. Sewing from high quality textiles with elements from suede. Comfortable and practical with a contrasting white stripe along the edge of the sole.

  • NEW BALANCE M577 sneakers are a male version of green sports shoes. Light green, non-crumbling, emphasizing the status of their owner. Made of suede, due to which the impression of soft, homely, cozy.

  • Women’s New Balance WL574 is a challenge to the world. Saturated green shoe color is incredibly combined with laces of different colors. In such sneakers you may not understand everything, but you will certainly notice all!

  • Nike this season went even further and presented sneakers in the style of Militari – Air Force Khaki. These are female sneakers with an unexpected color solution and a unique design peculiar to the trends of street fashion.

  • Nike Air Max. This is a whole series of color sneakers from Nike. In 2017, manufacturers presented a new model in this series – Nike Air Max 2017 . Textile female sneakers in which everything in a gauge is painted, even the sole. The first owners of the “Salad” Nice have already rated how much positive and joy give these sneakers to everyone around. They are impossible not to watch!

  • Nike Rabona – Men’s Saturated Turquoise Model. Material – suede and artificial leather. Reliable, not at all booty, despite the pretty bright color.

  • Nike Blazer – Men’s and Women’s Sneakers of Natural Materials – Leather.

Delicate mint shade makes romantic and extraordinary shoes that will look appropriate even with evening dress.

What to wear?

Green color is quite capricious when drafting a fashion image. He does not forgive mistakes.

Warm green tones is better to combine with clothing in dark color scheme. From light – allowed gray, orange and vanilla.

Sneakers of bright neon colors – this season – at the peak of glory. This is a youth version of green sneakers, it perfectly harmonizes with denim shorts, white, gray or blue T-shirts, hoodies and darkens. Neon sneakers look well with sulfur leggings, as well as with black and brown legins. The image can be supplemented with a bright green detail – with a cap, cervical handkerchief, a small backpack.

You can safely wear knitted things of all shades of yellow, green, blue, to sneakers of mint and pistachio color.

If you are going to meet old friends, you can wear a narrowed jeans, a free-wheel shirt in bright colors (or white). Dark cardigan or windbreaker will help add image. Mint and pistachio shades, perhaps, one of the few in the green colors of existing sneakers, which are easily combined with light dresses.

Saturated green shades of shoes do not tolerate a large number of jewelry and jewelry. Be careful with bracelets, beads and major earrings. But here is a green handbag in the tone of shoes – why not?

Green Snickers – a separate chapter in this story. Since they are very similar to shoes, come up with the original image will be much easier.

Narrow trousers and jeans, tunics, shirts are as if created in order to be wore with green snickers. Snickers are suitable for dresses and skirts of all models. The playful dress in the tightness and jacket-root helps create an image of hooligans.

Green sneakers will look great with denim shorts, jeans, t-shirts with bright print, printed and wide scarves.

Whatever your choice, if he stopped on green sneakers, then you are in good sense of the word adanturer. Rejoice yourself and everyone around all the shades of green, which in any weather raises the mood.

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