HEAD Ski Boots

HEAD Ski Boots

Who only begins to communicate to skiing on the slopes, who is going to visit the ski resort for the first time and thinks about the shoes of which company it is necessary to buy, sometimes it is in difficulty. After all, there are so many firms. What preference to give preference?

About this our article. We will tell about the famous brand, which is already more than half a century has a challenged reputation. This is Head.

The advantages of the brand

The company began its history in the United States, then moved to Europe. And now its production is located in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. The brand specializes in the production of equipment and clothing for winter sports, tennis, diving. Brand has several millions of fans.

The company does not stop in place and not only increases the number of sales, increasing production, but also conducts research work on improving the quality and implementation of modern developments.

Brand “Head” – Synonym for new and high-quality, reliable equipment for winter. By the way, quite recently the company began to produce skis based on Graphen. Graphen – This is an artificial material that is harder diamond, but at the same time lighter than the easiest – fluff. And they created his compatriots who have moved to England, former Russians and Fiztetekhovtsy, who received the Nobel Prize in 2010.


Of course, the brand took care of all athletes and lovers of winter skating – he has female, children’s models, both for beginners and professionals.

It is worth noting, for example, that in 2010 at the Olympics in Vancouver, athletes-skiers on Head gear won it immediately eleven medals.

Children’s model JR BOA

Children’s model for beginners. It is always warm and comfortable in it. There is an inner boot, the simplest lacing, not occupying time.

Have thermal insulation soles. Inside have an extra insole, at the expense of which it is easy to adjust the size. That is, these shoes can be in the literal sense of the word to buy on the grow.

Women’s model ONE WMN BOA

These shoes can be acquired by those who are only attached to the mountain skiing, and those who have already rolled out several seasons.

Boots are very light, comfortable, with quick lacing. Created exclusively taking into account women’s anatomy.


Brand offers a variety of boot line. We will introduce you to some of them.

Adapt Edge Ltd

The most convenient model that won great popularity among professionals.

Designed for any weather conditions and terrain. Convenience is provided for any leg. Shoes are easily removed and put on. Have a favorable block whose width can be adjusted. This is a model tested by time.

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