High boots

High boots

High shoes entered the female everyday life for a couple of dozen years ago, but if they used to be quite rude and courageous, now there is a greater variety of models. This shoes are not only convenient for those who lead an active lifestyle, but also helps to protect the leg. The height of the boot and the material from which they are made are not allowed to get to the foot of moisture and cold, road dust and stones. In addition, it is worth remembering that such shoes are at the peak of popularity, and therefore the fashionable autumn and winter image will not do without it.

What is the name of?

In addition to the simplified and all clear name “High Boots”, such shoes have a few more names. Do not get lost, having met in articles or online stores “Boots with high-legged shoes” or “High Boots”. Both those and others mean that shoes at least above the ankle, and how maximum can reach the middle of the leg. High berth involves the presence of a lacing, but the high top of the top can be without a buckle, but wider to easily sleep.

Trendy models

Women’s beris have almost all external signs of the same shoes: Height, Design, Tolst Sole, Lace. And yet even deliberate rudeness, which designers give the shoes of a certain style, does not allow confusing fashionable boots from the military form attribute. Often, the lacing emphasizes or softens the appearance, the same applies to decorative elements, although they are not so often present. The thickness of the sole varies from fine and elastic, to the thickened and most often corrugated or with a special protector to protect against how many surfaces. The height of the boot is possible both short (slightly above the ankle), and the long (until the middle of the leg).

High boots can be not only on the lacing, but also with lightning. However, there are models and without a buckle at all, in this case, the shoes have a wide top. Such boots most often low or medium height. The absence of clashes and fasteners allows the use of more decorative elements that will not compete with such a visible accent as laces.

Most often, the boot is a round form of the Misk, however, the last trends brought fashion for pointed socks. In addition, despite the fact that this type of shoe involves a comfortable low sole without a lift, many fashionable houses could not refuse themselves in such a caprise like a heel. To match the style it is either low and square, or high and thickened. Most likely if the shoe has a heel, then the platform will be present to the tangible rise did not delay the shoes amenities.

Boots are divided and seasonality. In addition to the large number of demi-season models, it is possible to purchase not only winter, but even summer high boots. Winter is insulated and even low temperatures can withstand, but their design is often concise and is not distinguished by a special pinch of parts. To diversify the modest design of winter boots use fur not only as a heater, but also decorations. Short Sheepskin or Volumented Fair Place around the edge of the top.

Summer models, on the contrary, need greater ventilation. In addition to lightweight fabric and leather materials, they resort to such stylistic solutions like cuts. In fashion, not only open mysteries and heels, but also cuts on the side parts of the shoes or in the form of patterns throughout the existing canvase. Summer boots are predominantly bright colors and richly decorated with stones, rhinestones, embroidery.

Shoes style most often everyday, less often romantic. However, the tops are the Militari style, because it works so organically performed by this shoe. “Military” design does not deprive the boots of the opportunity to be on heels, and the lacing is not a removable attribute. Militari style attached to an external coarse view, color, as well as decorative elements used in design: ripples, straps, buckles, chains, stars.


The skin is one of the main materials, which are used for boots. It allows you to expand the model range of matte variations, lacquered, specially aged or deformed embossed under the skin of the snake or crocodile. For shoes, not only genuine leather is possible, but also leatherette. Skin is and suede, the second most common type of material for shoes. Unlike the usual, suede velvety and textured.

Some designers are chosen for such a kind of coarse and practical shoes, like high shoes, unusual materials, such as nubuck and even velvet. Textiles, denim use as decorative elements and inserts.


Autumn practical shoes involves the use of a certain palette – Dark. Such colors do not spoil the rain and mud out of the puddle, it is easy to combine with the upper clothes, even the most unusual and bright. Black and Cinnamon – Classic for Autumn and Winter Shoes. Gray, bright shades of brown, dark blue, green, burgundy colors are a little less. With very light shoes, for example, beige, white, pastel shades are much more complicated, because they require a very strain relationship and care.

It is much easier to deal with bright colors, for example, red, yellow, orange and red, shiny metallic. On the one hand, they are not boring, but, on the contrary, juicy. On the other hand, they are not like on white, dust and drops are visible.

In addition to one-photon coloring on shoes can be made. The most common drawings are animal, imitating coloring animal skins. Less often for high shoes take floral plots, although they instantly make simple shoes very feminine and bright. This season in fashion “upholstery” print, similar to drawings on sofas and furniture.


Boots – Popular Shoes, Favorite Women all over the world. Therefore, very many brands seek to replenish their collections. Among them: Emilio Pucci, Giorgio Armani, Kenzo, Christian Dior, Marni, Verawang, AlexanderMcQueen, Erdem, Saintlauren. In addition to famous and well-known, high boots are easy to find in the stores of network available brands, as well as companies engaged in the release of specialized shoes, for example, Trail Lady Winter and Toff.

How to cord?

Unusually cord boots fashionable, especially among young people. On the Internet you can find many pictures and training videos on how to give shoes a non-standard view. Among the popular and most common techniques are traditional Zigzag, decorative from the inside outside, complicated and at the same time fashionable straight. The height of the boot allows you to experiment and select different patterns of lacing depending on the situation and mood.

How to pick up?

High heel will add centimeters in growing low girls, but it is worth a high. For them, the best flat sole or low heel, as well as for girls of medium height. The height of the top will help to hide her legs if caviar and shins are a bit plump. And those who have, on the contrary, excessively thin and fragile, should pay attention to the models with large decorative elements, for example, chains and straps. As with the purchase of any other shoes, it is very important to choose the right size so as not to harm the foot when wearing the shoe.

What to wear?

Many trousers of informal and daily style are suitable for high shoes, and, of course, jeans. An extended or shortened they, one way or another, hide under high tape. But Breeze on the knee to wear with high shoes do not recommend, especially low young ladies. The next optimal length is short, so the shorts of various models (high and tight or free, slightly extended) look with shoes.

Fit to shoes, even in militari style, skirts and dresses. You can choose everyday and denim models, but no less stylish romantic lung dresses with rough shoes will be combined. And with shorts, and with short skirts or dresses in the cold season worth putting the tights. Boots allow you to wear interesting and funny options, and classic monophonic can be added with high gters or knit stockings.

Separate attention is worth paying the top clothes, After all, it is precisely the first of all in the cold season. Jackets and leather koshuhi to start the rainy season will be indispensable, creating with high shoes or a contrast or bold image. Already later with them, you can combine coats of different styles (both classics and oversize), parks on the fur and down jackets.


  • High not up to the end of laced brown boots in combination with knitted long loop of beige color. Brown tight tights will not allow the legs to climb.

  • Comfortable urban bow: bright sweater, tight black pants, refilled under high black boots with metal noses. Fur light jacket as outerwear.

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