High female sneakers

High female sneakers

Agree, we are so accustomed to sneakers, which we simply can’t wear them.

After all, they have a number of advantages and literally facilitate our life in a metropolis. Yes, comfortable. Yes, practical. Yes, they do not get tired. Yes, the leg does not sweat. And many more “Yes, yes, yes”.

Therefore, it is extremely interesting for us when something new in the segment of our favorite shoe appears. Relatively recently appeared high sneakers. They are also called snickers.

What they are good? When they wear them? What to wear them? We will answer these and other questions in this article.

The advantage of high sneakers

High sneakers reach about the middle of the ankle, have a high platform or wedge, come on heels.

Such shoes have explicit advantages:

– Sneakers reliably fix the ankle, which is incredibly convenient when walking and useful because the correct gait is created. And the correct gait is a gentle load on the spine.

– Sneakers have soft membranes, which, firstly, creates a soft shock absorption effect when walking. And secondly, again, the load on the spine becomes less.

– Sneakers are equipped with a relief high sole, which is very useful when walking. Besides, she does not slide.

Of course, such sneakers can be worn in autumn and in winter, in summer and spring. They are different colors and shades. Crosslides from leather, suede, eco-tree, textiles and other materials.

Models and brands

Model Nike.

Stylish White Sneakers on Velcro and Laces. High tongue and fastener fastener securely fix your ankle. The foot will not turn. Chatting of leather. Inside Textiles. The foot in such sneakers does not sweat due to the materials used and the special breathable membrane. Moderately high ribbed sole will help make your walking flying.

Nike model in black color.

Sports sneakers are sewn from light breathable material with artificial leather inserts. Lungs. With a strengthened heel, high tongue. Have a soft removable insole and relief sole of flexible polymer.

ADIDAS model.

Wonderful sports model. Maybe both in black and in white colors. Sneakers Skin shakes. At the same time, very lungs and breathing thanks to a convenient mesh gasket. Have an intermediate sole, which helps excellent depreciation, as well as a comfortable leather reinforced back and high tongue to protect your feet. Recommended.

Model SKEChers.

Demi-season model. Made of synthetic material. Soft, comfortable. Quality at height. Wear-resistant. Designed for the middle fullness.

Model SKEChers.

With a hidden tanket. Demi-season. Sewn from genuine leather and textiles. Have a durable embossed sole. Complete two types of shoelaces – white and lilac. Very comfortable block. In addition, a visually spray. Legs look in such sneakers as a thm.

Model Nike.

Summer. Bright, colorful. Attract attention by themselves. Made of leather and textiles. Breathable, with a strengthened back. Comfortable embossed sole.

What to wear

Yes, we were convinced of the convenience and beauty of high sneakers. But what to wear them?

Of course, in the first place sportswear, because sneakers – an integral attribute of sports. But only Lie? No!

They can be worn with jeans, of course! Jeans generally wand-cutting for all occasions. But in this case, jeans should be narrow, to emphasize all the charm of high sneakers.

You can with shorts in the summer. And legs will look even longer and slimmer in high sneakers.

And with the dress? And with him too. It can be denim, for example, medium length. Or even mini. Watch the texture of the material and your sneakers. Experimental. But remember that it is better not to overdo it. It is important that there are no more than three colors in the ensemble at the same time, and then the image will be somewhat vulgar.

Look at your new sneakers. If they are monophonic, the top can be color, but with the obligatory presence of the color of the sneakers. For example, you put on white sneakers with blue jeans. Then Mike can be white, but with a bright pattern. Or T-shirt can be color, and the pattern is white or white.

In winter, high sneakers look good with sport style clothes – jackets, down jackets. Good and women’s Franch. In this case, sneakers must be definitely monophonic.


Look at the first image. Summer. The mountains. Sea. The sun. Girl in Ripped Jeans and T-shirt, High Sneakers. Beautiful image for every day. All harmonious. No color extinguishing.

And these are the same sneakers, but with another clothing. Easy summer dress, flowing around the legs. On the girl all white. It creates a sense of tenderness, lightness and self-sufficiency. Suitable!

Next Option for Spring or Early Autumn. On the girl simple sports pants on the strings. Fur Jacket. It seems like clothes from different styles, but everything looks good together. Note that only two colors are involved – black and white gamma. Just and tastefully.

Option with narrow jeans and legins. High sneakers on a hidden wedge – a great opportunity to emphasize the harness of female legs. Note: Legs seem endless. And again nothing excess in the image. Maximum three colors. Stylish and simple.

And this is already an office version. Girl in white. Incredibly refreshing. Pencil skirt, shirt and clutch. Convenient, sports.

Winter image. High sneakers, of course, insulated. Like, not bad. Blue, black, white. Let the sneakers in color and do not coincide with the color of the clothes, they are appropriate here. White color is suitable for any along. And here again not more than three colors are used.

And it is possible. Look at the second photo. Light sarafanchik. Due to the texture of the material and the cut, we see sneakers. Moreover, a whole ensemble turned out with this dress. Notice if the dress was long and deaf, and even heavy material, it would not be an image.

Option with mini. Focus on slim female legs. White skirt and lush scarf on gray gamut background. Everything in moderation even a spacious tunic with Lurex looks here appropriate.

So, we told you about high female sneakers (snickers), which are so popular now.

The high model is how-no, by the way will have to winter, because snubers look like boots that are so familiar at this time of year. And for the convenience and practicality of relationships with sports shoes. It turns out two in one – everyday very comfortable shoes.

Note that high sneakers on a hidden wedge or platform will easily replace our shoes on the heel, so your favorite. But on the heeled legs tired by the end of the day. And we will think about whether to put this on the next day.

With high sneakers there are no such care. Legs do not get tired, walking spring, sports, lightweight. Leg feels fine: does not sweat, nothing rubs. Fabric after all breathing. The insole is usually removable. So if you wish, we can always replace it with orthopedic.

Girls are with pleasure high sneakers at any time of the year. We made sure that you can always create an attractive image. The main thing is not to overdo the color.

We hope our tips and tips will help you always look beautiful. We tried our best. Case for you. Look stylish at any time of the year and with any weather!

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