High heel suede shoes

High heel suede shoes


Many designers love to work with suede, because it refers to elegant and beautiful materials for sewing shoes. High heel suede shoes today are at the peak of popularity, many fashionable women with their help already create stunning bows.

Before buying suede shoes it is worth understanding that they will not fit for long walks, as well as rainy days. High heel shoes are designed to create solemn, elegant images.


  • Heel shape. The most common empty of the heel is the stud, which has height from five centimeters. Often there are suede shoes with a heel-glass, which received such a name due to its form. It gradually expands up.

Don’t forget about a stable heel because it is also in fashion. Such a heel attracts attention to the variety of forms – in the form of a rectangle, cone and even a turned prism.

Since some girls in high-heeled shoes feel not very comfortable, then the designers created more comfortable shoes in which the heel is combined with the platform.

    • Registration of top. Designers infrequently use an additional decor to decorate suede shoes, because the material looks self-sufficient. Classic boats are very popular. Some models have cutouts on the back, on the sides or in front.

    Speecually and fashionably look shoes on a heel with straps. They can both narrow and wide. Some models wrap an ankle strap.

    Classic Decor are bows. They can be represented both on the strap and on the shoe. Simple and unusually looking models from suede, supplemented with suede bows on the back.

    And, of course, rhinestones are very often decorated with high-heeled gourmet shoes. They are usually located on a heel or visible part of the sole.

    Variety of colors

    High heel suede shoes belong to the shoes from the MUST HAVE group. Designers provide a huge variety of color solutions to satisfy the requests of all fair sex representatives.


    Black-colored models on heels belong to all beloved classics. Black shoes can be easily combined with different clothes to create an attractive, elegant bow. Black shoes from suede look glamorous and effectively. They can be put on both the office and the solemn event.


    Beige color shoes on high heel like girls low growth, as they will help visually lengthen legs, make a silhouette slimmer. Beige color gives shoes of sophistication and refinement. They can be combined with different outfits.

    Beige shoes are well combined with favorite jeans or with evening outfit.


    If you want to be the center of attention, then the red suede shoes will become an excellent solution. They are a good choice to create an evening or solemn bow. They look sexy and stylish.


    Blue models are often used instead of brown or black shoes. Blue heel shoes will help diversify the image, make new paints.

    They are ideal for business women who prefer office style. Elegant shoe shoes will add elegance image. They can be worn in an ensemble with clothes of golden, beige or white.


    Bold girls prefer shoes from suede on high heels with a animal print. Imitation of the skin of the snake or crocodile looks unsurpassed. Such models are very popular in the new season.

    What to wear?

    So that the image looks harmonious and stylish, suede high-heeled suede shoes worth combining with suede accessories. An excellent choice will be handbag, gloves or belts.

    Suede shoes can be used to create a variety of onions in styles such as business, casual, romantic. They will help to give respectfulness in combination with costumes and pencils in tandem with a white blouse.

    They can be combined with leather elements of the wardrobe as a jacket, trousers, skirt or shorts.

    To create spectacular bows for every day, girls should experiment with textures and color solutions.

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