High leather sneakers

High leather sneakers

Convenience and practicality

Today, sneakers are not only practical, but also a stylish addition to any everyday image. Such popularity This sports shoes deserved due to its versatility – modern youth combines sneakers with almost any clothes.

Special love among models for street free style enjoy high leather sneakers from well-known manufacturers of sportswear and shoes. Such a model with a high back as it is impossible to fit into the free style of Casual, who prefer many young people. And also due to the fact that they are made of leather, high sneakers are unpretentious in care and suit both dry and rainy weather. Some companies produce insulated high sneakers for winter season.

Brand models

Nike Dunk

This model of high sneakers does not lose its position and remains popular for more than 30 years. The initial purpose of this model was a game of basketball, because such an overestimated form of sports shoes fits the ankle well and protects it from dislocation.

Today, this model prefers fans of various informal movements, as well as vintage style lover in clothing. Additional ventilation in the form of inserts and breathable insoles helps to feel comfortable even in hot weather.

Nike Air Force 1 MID

The original design of this model in combination with a high degree of depreciation, which is ideal for playing basketball, made her favorite young people for a long time. Sneakers of this model have become already a classic one, since their appearance is practically not changed since the release. Today, the wide color range of high leather sneakers allows you to choose a model for every taste.

Adidas Superstar Up

Women’s model of sports shoes made of genuine leather, made on a wedge. Once the prototype of this model was popular in the basketball players, today high adidas sneakers are the personification of street fashion. Corporate identity and high-quality materials cause many girls delight.

Adidas Neo Baseline

Model of high sneakers from the NEO collection for everyday socks. Bright design is expressed by the use of brilliant artificial skin of an unusual shade. Sole of such sneakers thick and flat, which will save shoes from slush. Excellent option for those who are not used to get lost in the crowd.

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