High rubber boots

High rubber boots

Rubber boots enjoy rabid popularity recently. Convenient models with a glossy surface look very stylish and modern. Such shoes are distinguished by unique practicality and durability. Modern manufacturers offer the widest range of rubber boots, so any fashionable can pick up the perfect pair.


On heel

High boots on heels look very original and bright. As a rule, popular models are equipped with a steady low or wide and almost flat heel. Rubber boots with contrasting soles are especially impressive. For example: red shoes and black sole and heel.

On a flat sole

The most common and comfortable rightfully recognized high models on a comfortable flat sole. In such a shoe, the legs do not get tired even after a long walk in any weather. The universal model will perfectly fit into the casual outfit and will become the perfect option for walking with friends or children.

On the embossed sole

Models on the embossed soles are ideal for raw and slushful weather. Such shoes will protect its owner and from slip while walking on ice surfaces. Such sole will ensure confidence in every step.

On zipper

Stunning high lightning models fall in love with first glance. Such original shoes appeared on the market not so long ago, but already won the love of modern fashionistas. Lightning can be located on the side or on the back of the high top. At first glance, such models resemble natural lacquered leather boots.


Rubber boots for the cold season are equipped with seganal material or natural fur. The rubberized sole with a relief pattern in such models has an anti-slip effect. Similar models are able to keep the leg in warm even in the most severe frost. By comfort, such bright shoes are never inferior to expensive products from genuine leather or suede.



Business Rubber Models have a small heel and a neutral color (black, brown or blue). Such products are harmonized with strict office outfits and business suites.


Original boots in the popular styled Causual can be equipped with a convenient wedge, lightweight cable or flat sole. In urban image, bright models with floral prints and saturated patterns are perfect. With such shoes you can wear ordinary jeans and jumper or narrowed trousers and shirt.


Beautiful boots in the vintage style will definitely attract the attention of others. Such models have a small heel or comfortable flat sole. Foot, heel and large finger areas in vintage shoes painted in a darker color. These models externally resemble classic shoes. Retro style shoes harmonizes with monophonic tights and classic business sets.

Color solutions

The most popular are rubber boots of the following colors:

  • Classic black and white+
  • Blue and blue+
  • Pink and purple+
  • Red and coral+
  • Fuchsia color models+
  • Gentle beige and caramel+
  • Green and model of khaki+
  • Strict gray and brown+
  • Models with bright prints and patterns.

How to choose?

Fashionable rubber models are perfectly suitable not only for demi-season, but also for cold winter. When choosing such a universal and comfortable shoes, it is worth considering some nuances:

  • The boots should not be too narrow if you are going to fill my pants in shoes. Fashionistimians who prefer to wear pants in the eye should choose narrower models+
  • High models should not scare you, as they are perfectly combined with a huge amount of feminine dresses+
  • Color boots must be combined with clothes+
  • It is recommended to choose a model that will be more than one size so that with boots you can wear warm socks+
  • it is better to choose products on a corrugated and embossed sole, since the smooth surface will strongly slide+
  • If you want to purchase a fashionable lightning product, then you should explore a fastener for a special substrate+
  • Do not choose a model with a synthetic insulation.

Caring for rubber shoes

Do not buy additional means of protection and sprays for rubber boots. Practical shoes are very easy to care and can be washed using a simple soap solution.

How to dry?

Boots are recommended to dry at room temperature. It is not recommended to put shoes on the battery or dry the hairdryer.

What to wear?

Stylish rubber models fit perfectly into a variety of women’s outfits. Such shoes will give the image of juice and originality.

With jeans

The most successful is the combination of rubber boots and narrowed jeans. It is worth remembering that clothes should not have an additional decor (scuffs, holes, rhinestones). Ideally, jeans of black or blue shade will look. To the neutral color models it is worth picking up shoes of bright colors. Colored jeans will be harmonized with more relaxed boots.

With dresses

With rubber shoes will be spectacular to look at the knee-length or slightly above. Under such an outfit, it is recommended to wear thick tights. This also applies to any short or skirts.


Rubber shoes will look great with classic outerwear, such as: cloak or coat of various cut. No less effectively with boots, leather or tissue jackets will be combined. If there is warm weather on the street, instead of the jacket you can wear a cozy cardigan of gentle yarn. Ideally, the outerwear with a knee-length will look at while jackets can be short.

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