High top sneakers

High top sneakers

New times dictate new trends. The higher the pace of life becomes, the more comfortable it includes a sports style. Today a woman does not strive to be beautiful only in gorgeous shoes on a tonny hairpin. Putting sports shoes, you can also stay sexual and feminine. New Trend of this season – High sneakers. Add your life a variety.

Features and advantages

What are so good these newly universal universals in the field of female style and uniqueness? The answer is simple: High sneakers are not just a riot against the daily “cable” fatigue. This is, above all, the feeling of strength and comfort. The main features of high sneakers are their versatility, a confident combination with almost any style of clothing and a harmonious connection of style and grace in one bottle.

Previously, sneakers were considered exclusively a sports attribute, but now everything has changed. Today they are made by manufacturers for various purposes:

  • sport. This reason, as in the former times, remains in the first place+
  • Casual sock. Since this type of shoe is gaining more and more popularity, modern designers have developed models of various colors and models (winter, summer, demi-season)+
  • Cult attribute. High sneakers confidently occupy a cult in street fashion. Being a suitable option for a person of any age, they become, in truth, fashionable canon.

The main advantages of high sneakers are visible immediately:

  1. They are made of mesh tissue transmitting air when it comes to summer models. Natural materials are also used for cooler and wet weather: leather and suede.
  2. Sole of high sneakers are often produced from vulcanized rubber, which provides better grip with any surface. Such a sole has a very long service life.
  3. The ankle joint is tightly fixed by the high berkester, protecting the leg from injury during sports, and also creates an additional barrier in winter from snow.
  4. The insole provides comfort and good shock absorption.

Often, high sneakers call snickers and they were made for basketball players, but the ear designers with their fashionable models found an approach to the heart of anyone who at least once looked at such shoes.


As a rule, high sneakers are divided into two types: sports and casual. It is clear that sports are intended for professional sports or amateur physical exercises. The casual days have appeared several models from recently:

  1. Men’s. Boots having a classic cut and kind, suitable for male socks at any time of the year. From here they are divided into: summer, winter and demi-season.
  2. Women. Here everything is not so simple and definitely like men. Graduation of high sneakers for women Every year everything expands. Today, not only seasonal models (heat, cold and in the middle) are known, but also models with high lifting and on a high platform (wedge).
  3. Teenage. Sometimes high sneakers for grown children are made in the unisex style. However, and among them you can find shoes with a bright pronounced personality of those who wish them. For example, among teenage girls are very fashionable and relevant to wear brilliant sneakers. At the same time, not only for the holiday.


The palette of paints with which designers are very successfully working when developing high sneakers, just stunning. But sometimes, still, the classical trends appear. So, for example, white, black, gray sneakers look very profitable in the senior people. Red can be put on almost any outfit to make the focus not so much on the model itself, but on the brightness of the identity of the “carrier”. Blue, green, yellow, pink, purple and other, not the most boring colors, most likely, will like young active people and adolescents, not concerned about change and prayers.


The more high sneakers enter our lives, the more famous companies are accepted for their manufacture. The most fashionable and bright brands in this direction can be called.

  • Reebok. The company has long proven itself not only as a quality manufacturer, but also as a brand, confidently keeping up with the times. Preventing new and new surprises to your fans. For example, the demi-season model of the Classic EXERTION MID is made of genuine leather, has a porous shock absorbing sole and an anatomical insole, has already won a large number of fans among Russians.

  • Supra. High sneakers, as a rule, with a tissue surface, are well passed air, have a beautiful appearance and good depreciation and ergonomic properties.

  • Diadora. Another brand having good glory in Russia. This brand with great pleasure uses in the manufacture of its models of high sneakers suede, fabric and leatherette. Perfectly look at their performance high soles with rubberized soles and very high lacing.

  • Adidas. Where without idol of all mankind? The most original and common model of this brand is Hoops Premium. High Retro Style Sneakers Adapted under Cold Winter. The practical black color causes respect, and the lining of artificial fur not only warms, but also allows the leg to breathe.

  • Crosby. Are unique in that the models of their sneakers are made on a flat but thickened sole. Always very stylish and relevant.

How to cord?

One of the most familiar and classic types of high sneakers lacing is the so-called “Shop” lacing. But, trying to stand out from the crowd of “shopping” zoo, you can block firewood, or rather, impose nodes. How beautiful and qualitatively lace high sneakers and do not throw out a dozen pairs of new shoelaces, then Read more.

“Butterfly” – not the most difficult way of lacing. However, this sequence of actions should be observed here:

  • Both tails insert from above in holes in the nose area of ​​the sneakers+
  • Inside the shoes each lace stretch up vertically until the next hole+
  • Having done the cross, skip them into the “mink” to the level above+
  • Make vertical tracks again. And so all the height of sneakers.

One of the most stronger types of lacing is counted sports. Most often it is used for skates. Through the bottom of the sock to turn the lace. Ends, extended, you need to skip the cross-closer under the first stitch. Again the ends are in the holes in the holes and skip in crossword under the stitch.

The higher the sneakers, the more holes for the shoelaces. The question arises: how beautiful to laugh shoes, with seven holes? The scheme is:

  • Each end of the lace skip in opposite holes diagonally, deriving one of the top right, and the second – from the left lower hole+
  • The end that turns out from above (blue), zigzag descend to the fourth pair of holes sneakers+
  • Tailing from the bottom (yellow) in the same way rises to the middle of the shoes.

Such a lacing looks very stylish and unusual on high sneakers, however, special convenience and joy you are unlikely to experience when you shoot your shoes.

What to wear?

Wear high sneakers with anything. They can fully replace shoes, ballet shoes and boots. Here are some recommendations:

  • The easiest and the first one in the head, the option – a sports suit. Logical, practical, but not always appropriate.
  • Jeans, narrow pants, leggings and leggings. It’s just mega yes! Ideally chosen combination of trousers, high snickers on or without platform, as well as any vertex (from sports shirts or jamper, to a romantic chiffon blouse).
  • Skirts, Dresses, Shorts. Despite its sporting nature, high sneakers are very well looking with short skirts and dresses, as visually even lengthened the leg. Shorts are also shown for snickers in the warm season.


  • Very romantic image of a city girl. Cute gray sneakers on a wedge very harmoniously combined with narrow warmed trousers, thin, air blouse until the middle of the hip and gentle pink jacket. Whole this image is concisely completed with a cute pink hat.

  • Classic style also looks great with high sneakers. Strict white pencil skirt and stylized under sports, white lightning blouse very well and relevantly combined with white snickers on a thickened sole. Even a hike to work in this image will not be considered a large deviation from the dress code (of course, if your company sticks the styles of Casual in this matter).

  • Demi-season sneakers on a thickened sole with narrow dark leather poverty, pink coat and gray scarf look very stylishly.

  • Evening dress of seductive mini-length is quite boldly compared with high sneakers of unusual colors. Everything is chosen here with taste and weighing: a combination of colors, materials and a reason is not pleasure for real fashionista?

Wearing or not to wear high sneakers, solve only you. but Their convenience, influence on the body (some models even remove the burden on the spine while walking), as well as an integral style and quality for a long time to enshrine the glory of universal shoes for themselves. High sneakers will not soon come out of fashion. Modern designers prophesy to them a great future and further development. Perhaps soon, fashion trends will make us take a fresh look at the other things that continue to be used in the same line for many years in a row.

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