High Uggs

High Uggs

For cold weather conditions, fashionable high uggs are perfect. Such shoes will give an incomparable feeling of heat and comfort. In addition to stunning thermal characteristics, products possess an attractive design. High models look perfectly on a female leg.



The most common are women’s pairs from gentle and velvety suede. It is worth remembering that such high shoes is absolutely not designed for crude and slushful weather. Suede does not tolerate contact with water, so a pair of such a material is worth wearing only in dry weather conditions.


The most practical and durable are leather products. Such wear-resistant material is not afraid of moisture and slush. The skin does not require complex care and long retains a commodity view.


Oblivaya call classic uggs, the surface of which is processed by a special protective agent. Such shoes have waterproof properties and is not afraid of harsh weather conditions.

From yarn

Original products from warm woolen yarn look very interesting. High knitted models are recommended to wear indoors or warm and dry weather. Similar products absolutely do not protect the ladies from damp and slush.

With foxes

The most common are warm high models with good fox fur. To create a luxury image, you can pick up shoes with a rich Fur Chernoburki, which will definitely attract the attention of others.

With a racoon

Models with gentle fur roth look no less effectively and expensive. High boots with such an addition look very warm and cozy.

With artificial fur

Products with the addition of artificial fur are ideal for ladies who love animals. The most common are fur supplements along the entire length of the top of the top of the top or the end of the top. As a rule, artificial fur is painted in a cream or white color that contrast and attractively looks at high boots.


Classic models are made of warm sheepskin. Footwear is equipped with a comfortable flat sole. High balance is not complemented by buttons or clasps.

With strap

Some copies are complemented by decorative straps and buckles. Such details can not only complement the design of the shoes, but also adjust the width of the top. Such add-ons look very impressive at high pairs.

On shoelaces

High models with shoelaces look original and youth. Such shoes perfectly fit into a fashionable Casual style image. Classic shoelaces can be replaced with an elegant ribbon, which, as a rule, is placed on the back of the boot.

With buttons

Fashionable pairs with buttons are in great demand at the top of the top. Such a detail is usually a piece of decor. Especially bright and expressively looks like a large and catchy fittings.


If you want to look stylish and feminine, then you should pay attention to the original Uggs – boots. Such models, as a rule, reach the middle of the hip and spectacularly look at the leg. From such products it is worth refuse to complete the ladies. Dense High Footwear from Sheepskin will make legs larger and less elegant.

On a flat sole

Most cozy boots have a comfortable flat sole. Such a detail will be an excellent option for winter time. It is recommended to choose products with embossed or corrugated soles, as it will protect from slip while walking on ice surfaces.

On a high sole

For the cold winter, fashionable uggs on a high and dense sole will become an excellent solution. She will protect the ladies from cold and snow surfaces. Products on a steady high platform look very stylish and youth. Such shoes are worth choosing bold girls who love bright and attractive images.

On a tanket

Create a feminine and unique image can be using non-standard models on a steady wedge. Such copies look feminine and charming. Especially gentle and stylishly look at models, decorated with white fur and comfortable straps on the top.

Color combinations

The color of the shoe is worth choosing in accordance with the color palette of the overall wardrobe. Then uggs will be perfectly fit into the ladies and successfully complement stylish outfits.

Classic colors

The most universal and popular are the models of classic black and white. Such couples will be perfectly combined with clothes in any color. Black products ensemble with dark jeans visually make the ladies’ legs are more slender and long. White Uggs will be very impressive and fresh look with blond pants blue or beige shade.


Neutral uggies of calm gray will become a good complement to almost all outfits. If you put on such shoes leggings and jeans similar coloring, then such an ensemble must be diluted with a bright blouse or sweaters.


With strict brown models will ideally look outfits of green, black and burgundy. Very gently and cozy with brown shoes will look like caramel or chocolate clothing. With high boots you can wear a white tunic or an elongated sweater and such a combination will look feminine and stylish.


Green couples themselves are very attractive and original. With such a shoe of natural color, the outfits of a brown, turquoise, purple and classic black shade are perfectly combined.


Among modern fashionable products are very popular with charming products of gentle pink. With them you can combine the clothes of a neutral and calm shade. The outfit must contain at least another pink detail.

What to wear?

Beautiful high models look spectacular and feminine. What to wear such original and stylish shoes? We will understand together.

With jeans and leggings

  • The combination of warm high shoes with jeans and leggings is the most popular.
  • It is recommended to choose jeans of a narrowed cut so that they can be easily fed to the Ugg.
  • Leggings with original boots will look fabulously and will emphasize the slender ladies.

With skirts and dresses

With warmed boots, it is recommended to combine short skirts and dresses.

  • The length of things should not be below the knee.
  • In cold weather you can wear warm tights.
  • Creative fashion suites like feminine images, complemented by tights with bright prints and contrast patterns.

With overhead clothes

High models are combined far from all kinds of outerwear. Such shoes will harmoniously look with loose coats, shortened covers, duby jackets and negligent parks. Boots will be perfectly combined with the down jacket, the length of which does not reach the knee.

Than supplement image?

If you want to create a bright and stylish image, then you should supplement the outfit knitted scarf and warm mittens. Mittens can be replaced by conventional gloves. In the stylish winter dress, it will be great to look a large bag in the color of shoes.

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