How to choose suede boots on a heel and what to wear them?

How to choose suede boots on a heel and what to wear them?

Bottors are boots for which high top. They can be made of leather or suede. Designers presented a variety of models of this shoe both at low heels and on the heel. In this article we will look at what boots are and how to wear them properly.

A bit of history

From the history of the emergence of this shoe, it is known that long wide boots first worn men. Only by the middle of the 20th century such shoes smoothly moved from the male wardrobe to female. And thanks to the famous designer Iva Saint-Lauren, it was he who taught the ladies to go to such boots. But then not all representatives of beautiful sex took a fashion trend.

The fact is that when such boots just started appearing on the podium, they were exclusively leather models on high heels. I looked at the magnificence quite vulgarly, and only the most courageous fashion guards could venture.

Over time, women’s boots were upgraded, their design changed, and the material from which they were manufactured. At the moment at the peak of popularity boots from suede. In addition to the noble material, such shoes can be completely without a heel, which represents convenience for girls who have a whole day on the legs, but already tired of familiar leather boots. Suede boots look beautiful and completely not vulgar.

What to wear?

Before buying, it should be determined which boots will suit you more: on the heel, on a wide heel or without a heel at all. If you confidently feel on the shoes with a high heel, then choose and appropriate boots. But if you are not accustomed to the shoes on the hairpin and prefer boots on a low go, then you can safely buy boots without a heel, they are no worse, but they look even more interesting on some lanes, rather than boots on a thin, “fatal” stud.

It is very important to choose the right clothes under the boots. If you stop your choice on suede boots on a heel, they will be well combined with middle-length skirts and knitted warm cardigans. Pay attention and choosing a head-up – to such a shoe, a major knitting cap or a felt model with wide fields is perfect. The latter also add mysteriousness.

In order for the image to be stylish, you need to carefully combine boots with such clothes:

  • short skirt especially made of leather+

  • pantyhose mesh or with perforation+

  • asymmetric skirts+

  • Fur products or animal colors.

Such combinations look incredibly cheap, and may well turn you either in a tastelessly dressed girl from the village, or in a lady of easy behavior.

Bottors without heels look winning and emphasize sexuality. Now at the peak of popularity boots-stockings without heels. For this model, it does not need a fastener, you wear such a boot, like a stocking, just pulling on the leg, hence the name. Stockings boots fit slim long-legged girls. They are quite problematic to fix jeans, so it is recommended to wear similar boots with a knitted dress or skirt.

Another plus of boots without a heel is what they will be like by the way in winter. Suede badly tolerates autumn dirt and dampness, so winter boots from such material – the best choice. The model, not dried by the heel, will give more freedom of movement on slippery streets. Bottors at low movement complement images with coats and sheepskins.

It is quite casual shoes, it will be well combined with narrow jeans and trousers, a pencil skirt and knee-length dresses or below. If you build your image so that the length of the dress or skirt overlaps the edge of the boot, the legs will seem endless.

How to choose a color?

In the coming season, both conservative black shades of shoes will be popular and more playful gray. To begin with, it is worth deciding what you would like to combine boots. If there are many things in your closet of different colors, it is better to give preference to black boots, such a color is more versatile and suitable for everything. Based on black boots, you can create both a strict business image and causal option.

For business onions, you can combine classic shades: To black boots add a skirt of the same color and a white shirt, supplement the jacket to the tone or cardigan of bright colors. Now you are fully collected for work or study, the image turned out to be strict and at the same time sexual, but not vulgar.

For a walk, you can combine the same boots with narrow jeans of light tones, top will complement sweater under the throat and furs vest. Now in trend artificial fur. He also looks with bottle. For autumn in tandem to boots, it would be nice to choose a bright sweater dress, only in this version the boots are better to choose without a heel or on a wedge. It is believed that gray boots are more suitable for daily socks, so they are perfectly combined with narrow trousers and volumetric jumper. More boots will be perfectly combined with legings of light tones and elongated sweaters.

From all this, we can conclude that black boots will be more versatile. Choose their good quality, they have already become a classic and will be able to serve not one year. But as an experiment, you can buy gray boots, just consider that the color gamut changes in each season, and you can no longer be at the peak of fashion with such a color decision. However, the boots of such a shade will never look like vulgar. They will fit into the wardrobe of romantic natur, where bright shades and light fabric prevail.

Treads from suede tightly entered our wardrobe. Not exception will be the coming season. In the winter of the upcoming year, boots will be popular on a thick sole, and they must be of the same size and throughout the foot – the so-called tractor sole. Very interesting options presented designers by making blinds with lacing. Lacing can be located both behind the top of the top and in front.

Fashion designers experiment and with manufacturing material. Now more popular boots that combine “Union” suede and skin. Such combinations are practical in nature: if the bottom of the botfor does be performed from the skin, then they can be worn without fears in slush and dirt, gentle suede will not suffer. Another interesting element is an unfounded top. Such boots combine both the elegance of the Botfort, and the convenience of the Bootlims, and not to spend money on two pairs of shoes.

Summing up, we can say that the boots are pretty capricious shoes. One incorrect combination, and you can easily turn into an easily accessible girl. Carefully pick up suede boots, especially on the hairpin. Wearing them better in winter, so you will not spoil suede, but if you don’t want to wait until winter, then buy models in combination with skin, so you do not spoil the boots with mud and water. Bottors on a heel and without it look equally well, so they only focus on their convenience. The models of black, of course, are more versatile, but may seem boring, the gray color has long been in favorites in all model houses, so this option will be absolutely win-win for the upcoming season.

On how to wear boots, see the following video.

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