How to choose table tennis sneakers?

How to choose table tennis sneakers?

Table tennis is a popular game, developing muscles, dexterity, fast reaction. In addition, it is excellent psychological unloading that will allow you to cheered after a hard day. Do not everyone know that for this sport has been developed special items of equipment, and the specificity of the shoe has great importance in the game. In special sneakers for table tennis, the player feels more plastic and clever, he is less tired and feels comfortable throughout the match.


A feature of tennis sneakers is the presence of a soft middle that protects the feet and legs from shots arising during sharp movements. This gasket is located between the heel and the feet. It is made from various raw material density. The outer part of the sneakers is made of natural or artificial leather, and to reduce weight, manufacturers sometimes decorate instances with different inserts.

Sneakers made of leather or other natural materials are considered to be the most preferable option, since such shoes beating its synthetic competitors in both aesthetic and operational qualities.

The insole in special tennis shoes is used to mitigate the feet of the floor covering, more often it is made of gels, for example, PU or EVA. The insole density along its length can be uneven.

Special form has the back. It is bent so that the heel in the process of sharp movements does not go down and did not damage when hitting the floor. Sock is performed from a light breathable fabric and has a special finger protection.


Tennis sneakers can be classified by type of sole, which, in turn, is determined by the type of coating of the game hall or site. Accordingly, the sole can be divided into the following types.

  • Hard. This variety is more suitable for a large tennis than for desktop. The sole has a medium tread in the form of “Christmas tree”.
  • Priming. In this case, the sole is 70-100% covered with an in-depth protector in the form of a shallow “Christmas tree”.
  • Grass. Surface covered with miniature spikes.
  • Carpet. Sneakers with perfect smooth sole.

Professionals in table tennis do not recommend buying sneakers intended for a big game on the court, as this shoes have a heavy for good emission sole. In the desktop species when choosing shoes, the adhesion and strength of the sneakers frame is obtained, so and the shoes are required with a good sole.

You can divide sneakers for table tennis for options made of genuine leather and artificial fabric. In this case, customers should be relying on the budget and on the state of stop, however, leather samples have a much longer service life and, in fact, with their longevity, they are almost equivalent to the price of shoes from synthetic.

Also on sale you can find tennis sneakers for men and women. First of all, these models differ in design. Women’s options are made in a delicate pastel column, may have a floral print, while male sneakers are manufactured in more classic shades: black, blue, white, red, gray.

How to choose

Departing for the purchase of special sneakers for table tennis, use the following recommendations.

Pick the type of shoes in accordance with the type of foot. Allocate the following types.

  • Supinated. In this case, the foot usually occurs on the outside of the shoes.
  • Pronated. The opposite type when the feet more often comes to the inner side. The most traumatic type.
  • Ideal. With such a foot, the athlete comes to the central part.

Determine your type is easy. To do this, step wet stop on a paper sheet. If the imprint over the outlines more from the outside, the foot matches the type supinated. With a pronounced trail, deviating on the inner side and re-rectifies a rectangle with a small curve, you should choose tennis sneakers under the type pronated. With even from all sides, buy shoes for IDEAL type.

Special attention is paid to the size of the shoes. Tennis player fingers should not bend during the game, so The length should be greater than 1-1.5 cm of the foot length.

  • The main criterion when choosing sneakers is convenience. Be sure to carefully try both sneakers, try to simulate the movements performed during the tennis match. If nowhere rubs, the fingers do not bend, the sole does not slide, then such sneakers are suitable for your feet.
  • Sometimes sneakers when buying seem hard, although for table tennis it should be a lightweight option. Such a feeling may occur if the tennis player decided to move from special tennis slippers for sneakers. At first, this type of shoe does seem bulky, high, heavy compared to low soft special films, but this does not mean that the buyer has chosen an inappropriate model of sneakers.

When moving from slippers on sneakers, almost every tennis player feels this difference and gets used to a more hard-sized product in a few days.

Choosing a suitable model of table tennis sneakers, Pay attention to the products of the following manufacturers.

  • Butterfly. For example, the Rifones model was developed in the cooperation of the Japanese Star of Mizutani Table Tennis, so all the needs of the tennis player were taken into account when it was created. Owners highly appreciate the quality and reliability of sneakers, and also satisfied with a bright design. The presented model combines a good clutch of the soles with the surface of the floor, high-quality air permeability, stable depreciation, ease of operation.

  • Asics. Popular model of this manufacturer are considered Sneakers Gel-Resolution 7. This is a male option with a very flexible outdoor sole AHAR. High defense is ensured due to the presence of an intermediate sole of SPEVA and gel depreciation ASICS GE. These are special tennis sneakers with a wide range of technical specifications.

  • Adidas. This firm offers a wide range of both women’s and male models. Honored Bestsellers include the Ttennium series. These sneakers are distinguished by very high quality. According to the owners, the model is almost unhappy and allows you to enjoy reliability and comfort over long years.

If users decide to update this shoes, then choose the same model, but more modern, however, when changing “generations” in tennis sneakers Adidas changes almost only design. Buyers do not scare and high product price, which is 100% compensated by quality, convenience and durability.

  • Li-Ning. Sneakers from China belong to more budget options and are suitable for lovers or beginners in table tennis. Footwear made of fabric and artificial leather. According to buyers, these are quite comfortable and convenient sneakers, however, their order is possible almost only through Chinese online stores. However, according to user reviews, delivery is carried out quite quickly.

    • Mizuno. In this case, the company produces footwear for professional table tennis. For example, the optimal option for men – Wave Medal Z2 model. The product is made of synthetic materials in courageous blue color. The popularity of this product is due to confidence, which causes the Japanese manufacturer from buyers with extensive experience. Sneakers differ in essence, softness, reliability.

    About how to choose sneakers for table tennis, look next.

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