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Japanese sneakers


The various models of the Japanese manufacturer’s sneakers differ not only by the highest quality, but also a non-trivial, memorable design. Sports shoes manufactured by the country of the rising Sun choose many professional athletes, once again confirming the excellent functional characteristics of the sneakers.

The most famous and popular Japanese firms engaged in the production of sports shoes today are:

  • ASICS, producing excellent running shoes+

  • Mizuno, famous thanks to the use of various interesting innovations in production to meet the requirements of any athlete+

  • Le Coq Sportif, which produced in the Russian market quite recently and producing insanely original models of sneakers that will seem to many amazing and funny+

Sports products from Japanese trademarks have long won the love of consumers throughout the world due to their versatility, focusing on all categories of buyers and opportunities to choose a model of sneakers for any season.


ASICS Japanese Brand Sneakers Models are made using many newest technologies. Uniform load distribution during sports, contemporary depreciation material, wear-resistant rubber and backs, “memorizing” Structure of foot became visiting cards of high-quality sports shoes Asics. Models of sneakers of this brand are perfect for sports games, fitness classes, running on asphalt and soil, as well as for everyday socks.

ASICS sneakers are wonderful sitting on the leg and look pretty bright and original. Do not notice the shoes of the Japanese brand is impossible, thanks to saturated colors, bright decor and juicy prints.


For more than a hundred years, the branded products of the Japanese brand Mizuno. Before issuing the next collection of sneakers, specialists study in detail training and competitions of various athletes, after which they start research and the latest developments. Muzino products are especially valued among well-known volleyball players from Russia, Japan and the United States, due to its sole, providing excellent adhesion with floorpads.

Japanese brand sneakers will suit lovers of a healthy lifestyle wishing to look stylish and modern. The high-tech models of sports shoes Muzino have breathable surfaces, the aggressive protector of the sole, moisture resistance, incomparable depreciation qualities and pleasant ease, allowing for sports for a long time without feeling severity and fatigue.

Le Coq Sportif

Charismatic and incredibly original sports shoes Ninjashoes from the Japanese company Le Coq Sportif appeared on the Russian market quite recently. Ninja Shuz previously produced exclusively in the domestic market and used insane popular due to the sensations of comfort during socks. The top of the high sneakers of the brand LE Coq Sportif is made of high quality and environmentally friendly textiles, suede and genuine leather of various bright colors with a mandatory presence of a trademark name on labels.

Ninja Sport Shoes Shuz became popular in Russia thanks to the unconventional design of models with a split thumb, which gives the feeling of freedom and comfort, as the fingers of the legs in such shoes are not constrained and not siled.The invention of the designer of the Hashimoto.

Designer from Japan Masha Hashimoto has developed unusual sports shoes without any clashes that can be put on the leg of any size. The non-standard model of Furoshiki Shoes sneakers consists of a sole and fabric, into which legs worst, on the principle of soldiers’ ports.

These sneakers are easy to handle, they are easy to wear, so and take off, and besides, they are tight and tightly held on the legs due to the special coating of the material, which gives the feeling of comfort and confidence in every step.

Furoshiki Shoes sneakers can be easily changed with one simple movement, making sneakers narrower and dense or vice versa, free. This model of sports shoes enjoys frantic popularity in Japan due to its versatility and convenience.

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