Knitted boots

Knitted boots

In the warm season on the streets, you can still meet knitted boots. It is understandable: such boots are sold at every step, they can be made independently, plus they are combined with many images. But not many know how to wear them right, care for them and what kind of models there are.


It is believed that the first summer knitted boots wore Japan fashion. Then they became popular around the world, appearing on the fashion shows, and on the pages of magazines, and in films where the heroines wore boots in any weather. It is not surprising that today in the wardrobe almost every girl who follows the fashion, there is a couple of such shoes.

Features and advantages

Knitted boots have been called one of the main trend trends for several seasons. And it is no coincidence. Being amazingly comfortable and comfortable in the sock, they also attract attention as a stylish designer solution. Women’s knitted boots can be a base for the entire image or a bright emphasis in it. What are the models of knitted boots, with which you can combine them and how to care for such shoes?

Of course, the easiest way to become a happy owner of a couple of charming boots – go to the store. However, those models that are presented for sale are not distinguished by a variety and originality.

Another way is more difficult, but guarantees exclusivity. Those who are familiar with knitting appliances and crochet can create a couple of boots with their own hands. The Internet contains an unimaginable many varied knitting and patterns, from which you can choose.

In addition to other things, this method will also save the needlewoman. But you can do without the latter, if you need to tie warm homemade boots (that is, boots can be both on the sole, and without it).


Among all the diversity, boots separately stands simple home knitted shoes. Such a warm version gives not only warm feet, but also a feeling of comfort.

In addition to seasonal separation, there are various models boots. Boots can be completely or partially knitted.

Knitted top models are usually combined with summer chiffon and knitted dresses. Boots with knitted riding choose those who appreciate in shoes and practicality – the basis of such a model is made of leather, and lace only adds elegance.

Also, shoes can be on a flat sole, for those who prefer convenience, or on a heel. Boots on heels add beauty and grace.

Anyone from the above embodiments of knitted boots (except models on the heel) can also be made for children. Choosing soft and safe boots for their children, Moms also pay attention to bright applications and details that children’s models can be complemented.

If we talk about the color scheme, the most popular is the most popular, gray and bright boots. Red color – Choosing bold and extravagant fashionists who want to add to their bright colors. Gray boots are appropriate in autumn or winter time, as well as with casual clothes. Bright models are mostly worn in the summer. Not distinguished by practicality, they please the owners with their grace.

How to wear?

To the joy of fashionista, today there are knitted boots literally for any weather and temperatures on the street. If we consider the boot models in relation to the season, then winter boots, summer and autumn.

Winter knitted boots can be an excellent alternative to UGGM fashion. Not inferior to them in comfort, knitted boots take their design. In the autumn, knitted boots are not so popular as in winter, as the rain and dirt can spoil their appearance. However, simple wash will help return your favorite pair of shoes for life.

It is believed that the best time of year in order to wear knitted boots is summer. In dry and warm weather, you can wear baubles with gentle patterns and elegant details. And the only thing that can spoil the appearance of shoes, it is dust with which it can easily cope.

Options when you can wear boots, unimaginable set, all dependencies from the kind of occupation of their owners.

If there is no strict dress code at work, then knitted boots may well become a replaceable office shoe. Boots on heels can be an excellent complement of the business suit, and the model on a flat sole will be suitable for more democratic clothing options.

For female students and schoolgirls, knitted boots will be comfortable, because they combine style and practicality.

On vacation boots will fit almost for any event, whether it is a walk, campaign in a cafe or shopping. It remains only to choose a model corresponding to a specific case. Light summer knitted boots will be appropriate even in combination with beach outfit.

And yet, we should not forget that in some cases knitted boots will be inappropriate. An official event or a solemn event should choose more classic shoes.

Knitted boots can be combined with almost all objects of the wardrobe, but clothing under the model boot. This shoes are well combined with dresses, jeans, skirts, shorts and trousers.

Summer dresses and sundresses wonderfully look with knitted boots. The dress can be both free and fitted cut, but it is important that it is more playful and feminine style.

Jeans are already so familiar to modern girls, you can also combine with knitted boots. In this case, the narrowed models are selected to have the ability to hide the paten.

With knitted boots, the most diverse skirts look great: classic straight and lean, denim and lung chiffon. Openwork Sapot may highlight narrow or shortened pants that can have both low and high waist.

Especially spectacular with knitted boots look shorts from Denim. Light blue short shorts and white boots on tanned legs will affect in the very heart of any man.

There are no restrictions and frameworks in the fashion world, and knitted boots – the wonderful proof of that!

How to care?

To ensure that the beauty of knitted boots is preserved for a long time and continued to delight the eye not one season, they need the right care.

  • The main thing is a neat sock. After all, hooking a sharp corner or some kind of protruding detail, you can damage the amazing lace boots. To detect damage enough to look at the top carefully: whether there are no fools and protruding threads. If necessary, you will have to repair shoes with knitting spokes or hooks.

  • The second “enemy” of the perfect appearance boots is street dust. You can give knitted boots in a dry cleaning, and you can be wrapped independently. In this case, several important rules should be remembered.

For knitted boots allowed only hand wash in warm water. Before starting washing boots, you need to turn inside out. As a detergent worth using children’s washing powder or powder intended for delicate washing.

  • If you need to delete some serious contamination, you can apply a soft brush. Rinse produce in cool water, and dried boots, laying out on soft tissue without squeezing them before.

Performing these simple instructions for a long time will extend the life of knitted boots.

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