Knitted sandals

Knitted sandals

In the hot summer season, many fashionista prefer such stylish and seductive shoes like sandals. The fashion industry offers a huge range of these products: from the simplest to rapid models. However, if you want to diversify your wardrobe with original shoes, pay attention to knitted sandals, especially since, if you have a desire and fantasy, you can make it easily.


Knitted shoes are generally very popular lately. But if in the recent past of the needlewoman knitted home slippers and booties to the kids, today the fashionable trend is knitted sandals. Such shoes not only looks attractive, but also at the expense of its texture is extremely soft and comfortable.

Knitted sandals are particularly suitable for women who, when wearing ordinary models, corns are constantly formed.


Such products are usually carried out by crocheted openwork viscous. Depending on the sole, it can be models on a low drive, heel (including on a heel) or a wedge.

Knitted decor can be found on a wedge. Looks quite original and interesting.

As for the knitted top, it can be closed or open. In self-made models, it is more common, of course, the second option, since it is simpler in performance.

As a rule, a beautiful openwork knitting does not need an additional decor, but the elegant pattern can be emphasized by beads or beads.

Such a model as brazed sandals, has become a real fashion trend of the 21st century. Thin leather threads bonded with intricate ways can act as material such products. Also popular braided sandals related to Macrame technique. Such options are mainly made of durable linen threads.

Knitted gladiators look original – high sandals on a flat sole with binders (or studs) that can reach the knee.

Knitted sandals – Popular shoes for small fashionistas, which always looks cute and cozy. Associated from high quality yarn, they are able to decorate any children’s wardrobe.

In addition to the aesthetic component, it is important that such products allow the feet of the child to breathe.

Charming like knitted booties in the form of sandals, intended for very little girls.

Many shoe brands are engaged in the production of similar products. Children’s models can be combined with skin and other materials. Often they are decorated with a pretty decor, equipped with clasp and straps.

What to wear

Knitted sandals are able to give any summer along with a stylish look, speaking with an original accent image. They can supplement their wardrobe both extravagant ladies and conservative fans of a classic style in clothes.

Such shoes on a small heel wonderfully complement a strict business suit (trouser or skirt), which can be put on an office or study.

Casual ensemble will decorate sandals on a flat sole or a wedge. Such an image will harmoniously complement a knitted bag.

Original stiletto knitted sandals – Unfortunate Solution for Evening Dress.

On vacation you can wear such shoes without a heel with beach skirts and shorts, open dresses and sundresses. Knitted sandals are excellent in this case are combined with a wicker hat.

How to tie sandals yourself

Each girl in the wardrobe always has old sandals, who broke either stretched over. Based on them can make themselves stylish knitted shoes (of course, provided that the sole is still in good condition).

Special attention is paid to the choice of yarn. For summer models, natural raw materials (cotton or flax) are perfect, only a small synthetic additive is admissible.

Of course, natural threads are not as practical as synthetics. However, in such sandals, your foot will not slide, which is especially important for summer shoes (sliding on a high heel or a wedge can lead to injury).

It matters and color thread. Too light tones (white, beige, pink), given the state of our roads, are not very practical.

Always looks original melange yarn.

  • Starting work, it is necessary to pierce the holes around the perimeter of the sole (at a distance from each other no more centimeter). For this purpose you will need awl. If the sole is soft enough, it will make it easy. Holes should be wide enough to pass the thread in them.
  • Work is performed by crochet. We connect the yarn with a fishing line and begin the strapping of the soles by the columns without. Knit need extremely tight so that when the shoes are not stretched. In this way, we take all the holes.
  • Next, we remove the fishing line and knit a few more rows by columns without Caida to form a dense canvas. And after that we remove the fishing line and proceed to the main pattern.
  • With the help of nakids, we form an openwork mesh or any other drawing to your liking, having encouraging separately the heel and wearest.
  • In the process of work, you need to measure sandals to make sure of their convenience.

Some handicrafts separately encourage the top of the sandals, and then glued it to the sole, especially if it is thick and tough. Sometimes additionally knit also the insole.

To decorate the finished product, besides pebbles, beads and rhinestones, you can connect the flower of the same yarn.

Based on barenes with torn straps and again, a decent sole can be built with Macrame style. Cut the worn out part, arm with linen threads and start weaving.

Lace makes sandals just luxurious. You can transform an old pair of shoes using a lace ribbon, glue and a small stock of free time.

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