Knitted slaps on felt sole

Knitted slaps on felt sole

Currently Steel Handmade Thought – Clothing, Shoes, Accessories and Much. In the house handmade-creations create an atmosphere of comfort, here they are like anywhere by the way. Home shoes made by caring craftsmen, it will be comfortable, original and will last long. That is why such things are in great demand.

Main advantages

Home slippers can be made of various materials and in various techniques, knitted slippers are very popular. Usually, the home shoes knit crochet and quite often use when it is made of the sole of the felt. This choice is easy to explain: felt is made from natural wool and is an environmentally friendly nonwoven material. It has a number of useful properties that make slippers on the felt soles are simply an indispensable thing in the house.

Sole of felt:

  • well keeps warm, kicks will not be cold+
  • Resistant to wear – last long+
  • It has antibacterial properties+

  • soft+

  • It has antistatic properties.


One of the sought-after models are slippers slippers. It is not surprising, because shoes without backs so easy to wear and shoot. In addition, it is usually the shoes usually longer slippers of other models, which first have the backs.

Knitted slaps on a felt sole can be made from various types of yarn – it all depends on the design that the master chooses. However, most often knitters choose a half-wool or woolen yarn, because it is assumed that such shoes will be worn during the cold season and should be very warm. Such slipper slippers are with a knitted insole or without it.

Home shoes for kids, on the felt insole including, should be with the backs, for small children, slaps are not suitable.

Knitted slap design can be different. The front of them can be decorated:

  • muzzles and figures of animals+
  • knitted flowers+
  • Pomponami+
  • fur+
  • ribbons+
  • knitted fruit+
  • Ornament+
  • buckles+
  • Beads+
  • Buttons+
  • Symbols of computer games+
  • Different logos, emblems.

Fantasy craftsmen seems just inexhaustible.

How to care for shoes

With all its advantages, knitted shoes on the felt sole requires special care, precisely because it is manufactured from natural materials.

  1. First of all, it is recommended to dry felt cleaning with a brush. You can erase such slippers only manually in warm water (up to 30 ?C) with the use of special means intended for wool. After washing, the thing can not be twisted, it must be carefully squeezed, wrapped in pre-fabric.
  2. Dry better using special pads, or putting horizontally on the cloth. When complying with all these conditions, you can not be afraid that the thing will give a shrinkage.
  3. Store slippers with felt soles followed in paper bags, you should take care that you don’t have a mole before the shoes.

How to make it yourself?

If you like to needle how to make knitted slippers on felt soles will be a very good idea. To do this, you need a very small amount of material. Casters Typically, for the manufacture of slippers, use the remains of yarn, which accumulate after the completion of a series of larger knitting projects.

Slippers usually knit with the help of a hook, for this it is necessary to have the most minimal knitting skills. To knit flop, it is better to take yarn with the content of wool in it, in this case the thing will turn out warm. Well, if the yarn will be cotton or polyamide (nylon). Such additives will give slippers resistance to abrasion. The size of the hook is selected with the thickness of the yarn (most often it is hooks №3-4).

It takes a ready-made felt insole of the size you need. Knitting can be started directly from the sole, taking the insole on the edges. To do this, it will be necessary to pre-make a hole in the insoles or pave the needle seam by their edge.

You can make a top of slap separately and sew a finished part to the insole of a solid synthetic thread. In this case, for the top of the slippers, you can connect a semicircular motive, the last rows of which to lie without the expansion of the canvas to give the volume details. A straight part of the motive is assigned a plank of the desired length, and from it – two sidewalls of future sneakers, triangular shape.

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