Knitted slippers

Knitted slippers

Creating comfort and comfort in the house, it is very important not to forget about yourself and members of your family. In any weather and with any mood, it is so nice, removing street shoes, plunge into the warmth of home slippers. Not everyone loves, can and considers it appropriate to wear them. However, when it comes to knitted slippers, few people can refuse.

Features and advantages

What is this type of home shoe? Everything is very simple: the appearance and shape of knitted slippers varies depending on the personal preferences of the owner, and they may look like a track, socks with high and low on-top and so on. You can find a huge variety of models suitable for you in color, mood, shape and even atmosphere.

What are they so unique? The main advantages of knitted slippers are:

– Softness and convenience+

– Best body preservation and air circulation, compared with textile fellows+

– The possibility of washing and fast drying. They can be wrapped at any convenient time even in a washing machine+

– They do not need to shoot, if you sit down in a chair or on a sofa, driving legs+

– Always unusual appearance and the ability to choose slippers with all preferences.

Such home shoes can be born independently either to order from a professional or also to purchase in stores.


To date, a large number of models of knitted slippers are represented on the market. Let us dwell on the brightest and most common representatives.

one. Children’s. Here imagination just no limit. Children, as a rule, prefer bright gaming colors, original solutions of slippers, made in the form of various animals (bunnies, kittens, bearish and even bees), animated and fabulous heroes (Chippolino, Luntik, Minions) and other children’s fun.

2. Women. Women to please the most difficult, especially when it comes to home comfort and comfort. Therefore, women’s models are still divided into subspecies:

  • Slippers: with closed and open toe, imitating textile slippers+

  • Slippers-ballet shoes, fully repeating the appearance of this female shoes, can also be on the sole, with patterns and various decorations+

3. Seamless. Very comfortable and pleasant slippers that knit without a single seam in a circle.

4. Motual. The principle of mating such shoes is to connect squares, five- and hexagons among themselves so that it turns out a cute knitted slippers.

five. Japanese. Separate model of unusual home shoes. These knitted slippers are fixed on the leg with long cords tied up slightly above heels.

6. Slippers-sneakers. Fully imitate sports shoes. Can also be made with logos of favorite and famous brands, and even shoelaces.

7. Sneakers sash. The most common type of knitted domestic slippers and, moreover, the most familiar. For true conservatives, which are very difficult to get used to everything new, sneakers socks fit perfectly. They can be low, like sports socks, and high, like a golf or even leggings.

eight. Funny. To this section, some diversity of domestic knitted slippers created for certain festive events are attributed: New Year’s Eve, the Day of Defender of the Fatherland (in the form of tanks and cars) and even wedding.

The more creativity and individuality in each model of knitted slippers, the more memorable there will be a gift and a person who presented him. They will always be comfortable in them at home, always in a good mood, in a cozy chair with a mug of your beloved hot drink.

Where do knitted slippers come from?

If with conventional casual shoes is more or less clear, then where you can get knitted home slippers?

The most appropriate option would be to tie them on their own. Knitted slippers are made in several basic ways:

  • Crochet – the most common way to knit all models slippers+

  • Spokes – no options here: on two, four and five spokes, on circular spokes and t.D.+

  • On the sole. The main minus of knitted domestic slippers is rapid wear of the wool sole. However, this can be avoided by producing home shoes immediately based on felt or rubberized sole.

The following in popularity of the search for knitted slippers is considered a variety of forums and sites on needlework, where craftsmen of different levels and specializations will come to your aid, paying attention to the maximum and fulfilling all the wishes.

And place number three: markets, home textile shops, supermarkets and other. Perhaps there you will have to sweat yourself in search of the necessary model and colors. After all, the chassis, still, remain classic home slippers and they are presented on attachments in a much larger assortment.

How to tie homemade slippers with your own hands?

In order to acquire their own knitted “clothes” for the legs, it is not necessary to have creative thinking or many years of needlework experience. Even if you have basic knowledge in knitting on knitting needles or crochet, has already been done. You can only be patient, the yarn of the color or colors you like. Decide on the model slippers that you would like to see daily on your feet. And go to the tempting and a little adventurous journey under the flag of home comfort.

The main advice from professionals for the manufacturing process of home knitted slippers:

one. If you first start a mating slippers (no matter what size, model and colors they will), you should choose simple schemes, it is desirable for one-piece, with a detailed step-by-step description.

2. The most comfortable and simple decoration for your future slippers will be pomponiki, appliques, straticles, beads, beads, buttons, hooks and other pleasant little things that can be bought at any sewing supplies store.

Do not give up and get upset if the first slippers came out not as you imagined. Now you already have a good experience and, for sure, your personal look and approach to the manufacture of domestic knitted slippers with your own hands.

How much are?

The cost of knitted slippers on household needlewoman forums varies from 650 to 2000 rubles. At the same time, the motive models can be purchased for a lower price than, for example, short challenges with pomponchiks, flower and other volumetric additions.

I go to the store of goods for home and comfort, you can stumble on the models knitted slippers-toys, which will cost no more than 280 rubles. Such slippers are offered for both children and adults. It is cute low slippers with a knitted strap-elastic, fixing it on the leg, and a kitten’s muzzle.

The following in the price category are slippers – ballet shoes, made in completely different styles: striped, colored, strict, on an elastic band, with bows ribbons, with brootters and pomponchiks. For such beauty already have to give about 320-550 rubles per couple.

Knitted sneakers-boots saturated with motif patterns, with lacing, on the sole, combined with other materials (fur, velor, knitwear) fix the price at the level of 600-1000 rubles. Of course, it varies depending on the filling of the models themselves.

Well, and if you suddenly decided to tie something like with your own hands, then the main costs will go to the purchase of the necessary number of yarn and, possibly, decorations for your future slippers.

Beautiful models

Top 10 of the most beautiful and incredible knitted slippers open bright slaps with large bows. The sole of this original model consists of polyurethane insole, lined yarn. They are made in the form of beach slippers.

Children love shoes and clothes with images of their favorite cartoon and fabulous heroes. Merry Children’s slippers lasplace minions – a great gift to a small fiddle.

Bright example of a motive model of hocus-related. They are elegant enough, conservative and homely cozy. The sole is made of half-wing yarn in two threads. This, of course, is not the most durable option, however such a seal will significantly increase the service life.

One of the most simple models – slippers, stylized under antique shoes – Napti. The bright color and simplicity of execution will give you spirits and comfort.

Funny slippers-socks in the form of sheep – comfortable home shoes for adults and children. They will give comfort and warmth to the feet after a street flash and will raise the mood of the hostess with their unusual appearance.

Knitted slippers in the technique “Patchwork”. This original patchwork home shoes can conquer your even the most conservative households. A number of advantages in favor of this work of needlework art makes thinking about the acquisition (or independent manufacture) of this model of domestic slippers:

– Easy to execute (if you, nevertheless, decided to move this idea to life alone)+

– accuracy of landing on any leg and extraordinary comfort in the sock+

– A huge number of colors that can be imagined.

One of the main competitors of children’s cool slippers with Cartoils can be only the original gift for a man to the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, for example. Such clear tank slippers will definitely show who the host in the house and who is now the coolest.

Cozy slippers-boots, made in original knitting technique, will complement home wardrobe any fashionista. They warm the legs with cold winter evenings and just give up a good mood.

Cute children’s slippers related in the form of sandals will delight small fashionistas with a bright flower, non-slip sole and “adult” clasp strap.

To coming home after a hard working day, I wanted to smile, you just need to get slippers-elephants with very realistic completed trunk, ears and tesses.

Home shoes are part of our daily life, our life. Therefore, paying more attention to her, we care not just about comfortable and cool clothes for our tired legs, but also about our own moral condition. Comfort and warm to you and your home.

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