Knitted Uggs

Knitted Uggs

Perhaps it is impossible to imagine a single person who did not know what kind of uggs. Soft, comfortable winter boots on a shock-absorbing sole, in the classic version, made from high quality natural suede.

With the development of production technologies, the bumps began to produce both of the skin and from various artificial materials. A relatively new fashion trend was the manufacture of ugg from yarn, through various knitting techniques.

What looks?

Knitted shoes of such a plan in shape looks just like a suede model. Exceptions are only materials involved in the manufacture.

For example, street models have a sole, made of thermoplastic rubber, rather flexible and wear-resistant. Homemade uggs have a thin sole, made of rubberized material, and sometimes knitted, with anti-slip coating.

The upper part of the street models is made of dense yarn, a large tight knitting technique. Sometimes large wooden buttons are used as decor.

Homemade uggs are made of fine yarn, through fine machine knitting. But both models have a synthetic insulation lining and an inner layer of artificial fur.

For what is needed?

Knitted Uggs are a rather unusual view of shoes, it is not surprising that many people have an appropriate question: what are they needed for what they need?

First of all, such a model is an excellent option for home shoes. This is especially true for people living in a private house outside. Most often, the floors in such houses are quite cold, so in the autumn-winter period, knitted shoes will become an excellent protection of the legs from the cold.

For the street, such shoes are used, rather, as a peculiar decorative element, rather than as a functional unit of shoe wardrobe. The fact is that knitted uggs are impractical, quickly wounded in the event of moisture, is not easy to reproach from pollution and dry for a long time.


Knitted models are not made exclusively made of woolen yarn, quite common and combined models.

For example, uggs with knitted riding are much greater demand, since part of the foot is made of other, more dense material using a dense fur layer, which makes a model suitable for the street, even with the harsh weather conditions.

Dissolved suede or leather inserts on knitted uggs. Most often, such inserts are in the field of sock or heel. Such an element is a kind of decor, but does not carry absolutely no functionality.


Coggings from wool yarn are made in one model, like any other. Feature is only the height of the tibia.

  • Uggs to the knee are perfectly suitable for the image with dresses, uggs with an average height of the height will look good both with skirts, and with the trousers, and the knitted model to the ankle to the ankle will become an excellent option for home shoes.

  • The most common women’s knitted uggs that are manufactured in different colors. For street use, dark shades will be suitable, since the yarn is still quite a brand, and also does not have moisture-resistant properties.

  • Bright coggi of large or small mating Many girls are actively used at home, as comfortable soft slippers.

  • There are knitted models for men. They are made of dense dark yarn, using large mating technology. Rarely men use knitted models on the street, but rather actively wear their homes.

  • Models for children are quite widespread, but should pay special attention to children’s footwear, even if these are simple uggs. It is best to wear such a product for a child who is still not able to walk, or use it as a replaceable shoe in kindergarten or at home.

The use of knitted children’s ugg on the street is not practical, because children are not as careful to their shoes, as adults.

Beautiful images

  • Casual outfit made from dark losine to knees, white free shirts and gray tweed jacket, perfectly complemented by white knitted uggs. Black hat with small fields – a wonderful accessory.

  • White knitted uggs will excellently look, combined in the image and with other parts from yarn. For example, with a gray free sweater and a white set of scarf and caps. Dark gray jeans will complement this, selected with taste, ensemble.

  • White uggs from dense yarn will be the ideal completion of the next image. To stylish torn jeans – boyfriends are the incredibly delicate sweater of figure mating, made of yarn in the tone of shoes.

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