New Sneakers Manufacturing Technologies

New Sneakers Manufacturing Technologies

In the modern world of high technologies and innovations, compete in the field of sports shoes is becoming more difficult. World sports clothing and footwear companies for leadership regularly represent new sneakers model using the latest developments designed to make sports comfortable and more efficient.

Below are the most unexpected and progressive technologies used in modern sneakers that have made a significant contribution to the development of sports shoes for different sports.

Sneakers Adidas

Sole Boost

Not so long ago, the German company Adidas presented a new model for runners athletes with a special boost sole. The developers of the company worked to create a new technology in collaboration with the leading German company in the field of chemistry.

The base of the sole is the material called the thermoplastic in the form of granules that form energy-saving capsules. With the help of these granules, the athlete during runs can achieve maximum energy estimates and high levels of depreciation.

TRAXION protector

Adidas Response Trail 17 Sneakers Model, equipped with a patented protector on the TRAXION sole, make it possible to easily move around slippery and wet surfaces. The unique form of spikes on the sole allows you to evenly distribute pressure on the leg, providing maximum comfort. Thus, rainy weather or light frosts will now not be a reason to cancel training.

Printing sneakers on a 3D printer

Futurecraft 3D sneakers became the first ADIDAS model, which were partially printed on the printer. This innovation allows you to enter into sneakers made by general standards, elements made according to individual standards.

Production of such sneakers in the near future is planned to be completely robotic, today the robots are performed most of the work on the production of this model.

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