Nubuk and suede: features and differences

Nubuk and suede: features and differences

There are types of leather fabric that have many similar qualities and are not very different from each other. Can be attributed to them nubuck and suede. Immediately, a person will not be able to determine what differences are concluded, therefore it is not often acquired by what he needs. Unfair sellers can issue not too expensive materials for better analogues. Therefore, you should know how to distinguish one from the other and buy the desired thing that is able to last for a long time. It is also important to take into account some nuances when caring for elements of clothing and shoes made of such materials.


Suede is one of the expensive and high-quality types of ground leather. It is made from the skins of large wild animals. This raw material is processed by means of fatty tanning, subsequently, the material acquires the following qualities: subtlety and velvety, high soft pile. If the skin has been emitted in this way, it is hygienic, perfectly skips the streams of air, it can be stretched without any problems. Material last time saves the original shape and aesthetic, neat appearance. Suede is not able to cause allergies, absolutely safe for adults, children and animals.

But there is a minus. The fabric is unstable to the effects of moisture, so the elements made from it should not wear in the rain. Need to use special means capable of repeling water. They should handle shoes and clothing so that they can protect things and allow them to serve the owner for a long time.

Nubuck is made from volumetric cattle skins. The material is subjected to a chromium tanning method. Grinding occurs with small abrasive materials. Due to such processing, the pile is not too long, the fabric is practically not stretched. The surface can quickly be improving, especially without proper care.

Nubukovo canvas has a porous surface, so the skin can breathe. It is also afraid of fluids, without using a special impregnation can lose a beautiful appearance.

There are several types of nubuck.

  • Artificial. Externally, it can be confused with natural material, serves a long, reliable and durable. But no “breathable” effect. The breathability is extremely low. It has a small value. A good option for those who need an inexpensive, but rather high quality thing.
  • Nubuk-Oil. It has a fat impregnation that adequately protects elements from blotting.

What is the difference?

It is important to see the difference in the materials on time, otherwise you can get absolutely not what was planned. There are accurate differences that will help choose high-quality things. Nubuka texture – velvety, soft surface. It is created by polishing.

A few more differences of nubuck from suede.

  • It is necessary to evaluate the quality of the material. To perform suede almost always uses leather deer or moose. Nubuk is performed from cattle skins.
  • As mentioned earlier, various methods of manufacturing are used.
  • Fabrics are extremely similar to each other, but the nubuck can easily distinguish from suede affairs. His villi is much lower than the suede vault. Also suede canvas most often bilateral, and Nubuk velvetist only with one of the parties (facial).

  • Suede will be well stretched, the nubuck is a dense material having a small elasticity.
  • Materials easily vary if you take them in hand. Manufacturers handle a suede cloth on both sides, so it will be softer and tender than nubuck.
  • Materials do not like fluid and humidity, they weakly carry contact with them, but nubuck is more sensitive to their effects.
  • Suede retains a freight look longer than analog.
  • With a nubuck you should contact more carefully, it serves less than suede.
  • Nubuck has a low price, while suede is the most expensive kind of skin like.

Distinguish velor from suede and nubuck you can easily. Just look at the structure. One side of Velor is smooth, the second has a pile (short and thick). This material can often be confused with suede cloths due to a pile, but the raw materials of lower quality are used for its manufacture. Velor manufacturing technology – simplified. That is why he has a low price and a short life. It is performed from extremely thick skin species (pork and cow) and raw materials that was damaged.

How to care?

To keep the right care guaranteed a long service life, you should choose a good and high-quality brush for each of the materials. Nubuki canvases are more hard, so if you have a brush to use the brush for them, you can damage soft down and make the look of things less aesthetic and attractive.

A few more useful tips and recommendations, how to clean at home:

  • Before using shoes, it is better to treat it impregnation, which will repel the garbage, moisture and dirt. It costs it several times by waiting for some time to dry up the shoes after each application.

    • Clean the material is better than special rubber brushes, which can be easily found in any specialized store. If it is not possible to use the brush, you should try to get rid of dirt using a simple elderly or shallow sandwich (zero).
    • When operating, you need to use spraces for care. Before applying it is better to get rid of dirt on the shoes by means of wet sponge and dry things.

    So as not to get caught on the bait of cunning sellers, you need to know about the qualities of a variety of materials. It is worth choosing shoes carefully and carefully, because it depends on how long it can serve, without losing a beautiful appearance.

    On the peculiarities of the departure for suede and nubuk, see below.

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