Pantalls: what it is and with what to wear?

Pantalls: what it is and with what to wear?

Summer season requires simple and comfortable shoes, in which it will not be hot in the city and on the beach. Moreover, beach shoes should be not only comfortable, but also beautiful. This kind of pantalls are ideal for a hot summer. This familiar and comfortable shoes are constantly improving, many design solutions are created. Read more about Pantolattes, you will learn from this article.


To begin with, we will define the concept of “Pantalls”. Many believe that this is a subspecies of sandals or shale. In fact, this type of shoe combines the characteristics of both species. Pantalls are present Summer shoes, which consists of fine or thick soles, straps or other decorative elements. From sandals they are distinguished Lack of fastening on the heel.

In Russian speech, they can be called the following names: Slippers, shale and flip-flops.

Consider the views of this shoe.

On a flat sole

Most often such shoes use for home or beach holidays. So that the shoes were as soft and convenient as possible, the home models most often made from fabric or genuine leather. There are special Orthopedic models. But to relax on the beach or by the pool it is better to choose an option from rubber, it is they will make your holiday more comfortable. Beautifully look at the model on the cork sole.

The shape of the top of slap on a thin sole may be different. The simplest are models with a thin stripe between the fingers or a thicker solid jumper. Sometimes a solid jumper is added thinner, which fixes only the thumb. In addition to strict and laconic pantaolet, the market offers a wide variety of options with various decorations.

For the decor of such shoes use rhinestones, beads, artificial flowers, bows and shells. New steel pantols decorated with fur. However, such a bold solution is not suitable for a beach holiday, as water can quickly spoil such a decoration.

On a tanket

This is an analog of Sabo, which is characterized by easier appearance. Such shoes Perfectly complement the everyday image of any beauty. An open nose version will demonstrate a bright summer manicure, but a more practical solution will be pantalls with a closed nose, as it will protect against dust in shoes. Women’s pantalls on a wedge often decorated with sparkles, rhinestones and various elements.

On the platform

This species is one of the current decisions of the last season. They are used both to create beach images and for onions in the style of Casual or sports chic. However, shoes without a backdrop will not suit for office style. As for the decor, the Pantaolete on the platform use a variety of decorative decorations. Especially interesting looks at rhinestically. They are ideal for warm summer days, decorating an image of an interesting game in the sun.

On heel

Options for heels are often complemented by a platform, which allows you to save a spectacular appearance, but it makes shoes more convenient. Pantalls on the heel will help to add a bright and bold beach image, as well as a casual or sports style. You can find both a concise model and an option with stylish and original decorations.


For the production of modern shoes used a wide range of different materials. Consider the most popular of them.

  • Leather. This is one of the most sought-after materials in the shoe industry. Leather Pantalls Comfortable and Light. They are complemented by various decorative elements. They can be used both at sea and urban walks. They have a higher price if you compare with models from other materials. But it is easily explained by their quality. Moreover, pantols from natural material are not rubbed and do not hise, because the skin is able to stretch and take out the outlines.
  • Artificial leather and its substitutes. This material is comfortable and easy to stretch. However, artificial leather does not breathe, so the foot in such a shoe can sweat. It is better to abandon summer shoes from artificial materials in favor of natural.
  • Rubber. It is a lightweight material that easily takes the shape of the leg and bends. The rubber model is ideal for the beach and the pool, and more original models with an interesting decor will become an excellent addition to the daily or sports image. Most often, such models have a molded sole.
  • Suede. Sleep can be made from both natural and artificial materials. It is best to give preference to the shoes from a natural suede, because it will be nezharko even in the summer. All suede models look interesting and easy, which is achieved due to the interesting texture of the material.

Knowing what materials are used for the production of Pantaolet, and their characteristics, you can easily choose the perfect option.


Many manufacturers are represented on the market, which represent both everyday and exclusively beach models. Consider popular manufacturers.

  • Tamaris. German firm whose production is located in Turkey. The company presents a variety of options from laconic beach pantaolet to Casual style options with an abundance of decor.

  • Zaxy. Brazilian company produces original models from rubber, which are also suitable for the urban environment, and for relaxation on the beach or by the pool.

  • Loriblu. Italian brand produces sophisticated models that have a unique design. All shoes are made of high quality materials.

  • Abricot. French brand produces various models, as a rule, from genuine leather. They have a concise design and are ideal for images in the style of Casual and Sport.

    • Inuovo. Manufacturer Country of this Brand – Turkey. All models are made of genuine leather and have an interesting design.

    What clothes to combine?

    Fashionable black pantalls will become an excellent supplement of a white suit with a light brown jacket. And so that the image looks more holistic, it is better to choose a bag black color.

    Such shoes are easily combined with jeans. Black T-shirt will emphasize the color of the shoes, and the beige bag will make your image easier.

    The evening image consisting of dresses and pantolta with natural fur suddenly looks no standard and suddenly. It is best to choose a model in the color of clothes.

    Some ladies combine fur models with long dresses in the style of Casual. And more bold and bright personalities wear fur pantols with socks, thus complementing a warm bow consisting of a coat and fur bag.

    Brown Pantalls with concise design are perfect for a light beach dress. They are well combined with tanned skin.

    Bright lung dress can be added brown shoes with white decor.

    Pantols are great for the images with shorts. You can choose light shorts made of natural fabric and miniature topics that will complement light shoes.

    For the urban image, slaps with two thick membranes with pearl application are suitable.

    Pantaolet overview Loridlu 18ss010.

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