Pima – what it is, fashion trends

Pima - what it is, fashion trends

To date, the trend towards imitation of well forgotten old, modernization of the classics and stylization under popularize the topics is very clearly trained in the fashion industry. One of the latest innovations was the revival and adaptation to the modern fashion of the traditional shoes of the Northern Peoples.

A bit of history

Folk winter shoes inhabitants of the Far North has several types and, accordingly, names. We will analyze the most common:

  • Pius (emphasis on the last syllable) – shoes of reindeer herding and fishermen, made of deer (skins with shini deer). In some sources, it is noted that these boots were used mainly cold spring and late autumn. Such fur shoes is characteristic of nonsense, Hunt and Mans.

  • Torbas (Torbaza) – mainly Yakutska shoes, cross-fur. Boots are made of genuine leather and cloth with insulation – wool lining.

  • Pima (shock is also the end of the word) – another, the most common and popular variety of winter shoes of Northerners. Until now, the main territories on which both the demand and supply of this type of fur shoe are thriving are the Arkhangelsk region, the Perm region and the Republic of Komi.

What is these mysterious northern boots? They are made by hand from a deer skins taken from the bottom of his legs. Sew pima always fur out so that the pile is directed down. This feature allows you to protect the leg from the blotch. The height of the top of such boots today begins from 40 centimeters and reaches 70-75 cm. Ingoda The highest Pim point may be in the groin area.

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