Shoes Louboutin

Shoes Louboutin

What is laboutna?

Labutena is the spaticrous name of the legendary shoes created by the French designer Christian Lubutin (Christian Louboutin). The surname of the shoe designer in French is pronounced approximately as “Lobuten”, but for Russian hearing the pronunciation of “Labuthen”.

Recently, these beautiful expensive shoes have become iconic among girls and women, the following fashion. They have become an envy and a symbol of luxury, underlined sexuality and femininity.

What are the famous Labutenes? The feature of Labuthen is the scoly color, which occurred spontaneously thanks to a happy coincidence of circumstances. Once before the next fashion show, the famous designer decided that the image of his model is too boring. At that moment, one of his colleagues kept a bottle with red nail polish in her hands. Christian took the lacquer and painted the sole. So the red sole has become a signature sign of this shoe.

Then many shoe stamps began to copy Christian Lobutane and make the soles with red. But the secret of Labuthen’s success is not only in red sole, a kind of “signature” shoes, but also that these shoes are a real work of art. This shoes fascinates, charm his perfect forms.

They attract the view with their ultra-high studs and an unusual decor, decorations of the mystery and heels, because the soul of the Creator is invested in each centimeter of the shoes.

Do not everyone know that the collection of shoes of Christian Lubutin is not limited to the famous shoes on the high heels. His collections annually produced charming boats on medium and low heels, sneakers, sneakers, boots, leafers, ankle shoes, slips, sandals and even bags. After all, Maestro wants to create shoes for all occasions.

What do the original shoes look like?

Lobutan’s studs so rapidly broke into the trendy world and made so much noise that became a new trend and the trend. Therefore, it is not surprising that soon the shoe market was flooded with numerous fakes and more affordable copies. Therefore, especially It is important to know what the original Louboutin shoes are presented.

No matter how strange seemed, but the main advantage of Labuthen was not in the red sole, but in the convenience of this shoe. Maestro Labuten worked for years, creating a block of perfect shape and comfortable studs, so that women feel comfortable in his shoes. Comfortable heel, physiological bending soles, enlarged side sides give women’s legs comfort and convenience.

Original Lubutin shoes are not decorated with brand logo. The stamp on the original laboft is put straight on the heel insole. This is a guarantee of high-quality skin and the fact that the stamp will continue and a long time later.

What else to pay attention? Be careful choosing the color of shoes, you need to know that Monsieur collection shoes, usually completed in three familiar colors – black, red and beige. Exception is extremely rare for dark blue and white colors. If you met a couple of other color – it is most likely a replica of Labuthen.

Another difference between real Lubutane models – perfect socks. Skin shoes can even smell and feel the hardly catchy smell of perfect material. This is also a sign of a genuine pair.

Shoes covered so high-quality skin that it is not erased over the years. After all, over the secret, Christian Lubutan worked for many years. This is the intellectual property of the company.

All these advantages form a fairly high cost of a pair of shoes, usually, The price starts from $ 700. Happy owners of original labutans can distinguish a fake at first sight.


Of course, the first thing that comes to mind with the word “Labuten” is elegant boats on high heels. Heel height is a sign symbol of these shoes and in such a model it reaches 12-14 cm. Thanks to this height of the heel, the bright sharp sole of the shoes is visible to others even when a woman is worth.

But many people do not suspect that the whole world is hidden behind the brand of Christian Lobuten. Monsieur in the collection there are also sandals, and leafers, boots, ankle boots and more. The designer creates models and for every day and to go out. Sometimes a maestro produces limited parties with high-form heels, And these shoes are a real work of art and have an increased value.

If you are thinking about buying Labuten, it makes sense to invest in the purchase of basic classic boats. Such shoes can be combined with any basic wardrobe objects. But they undoubtedly decorate and evening outfit. A deliberate choice will be beige classic boats on high or middle heels. These shoes will settle in your wardrobe for a long time and will take a durable place there.

Truly, universal in your wardrobe will be labuten with transparent inserts. Such shoes are sitting on the leg extremely elegant, creating a light romantic image. Transparent shoes will be relevant and in a romantic evening, and at a party, and even in the office, where it reigns not too strict dress code.

They can be perfectly combined with cocktail dress, classic jacket and fashionable satin trousers.

Special place in the collection of Labuteov are spiked ships. Spikes on boats, shocks or sandals – this is a kind of challenge to the world. Woman in ships and red sole shovels demonstrates its strength and independence to the world.

In contrast to Labutets with spikes, Shoes with rhinestones instantly give your way ease and glitter literally. Such shoes will be appropriate at parties, graduation party or corporate.

And for such an important, exciting and joyful event in the life of a woman, like a wedding, perfectly suitable white laboft, Covered with the finest silk, with designer decor. And let you no longer dress white wedding shoes, but the feeling that your wedding dress complemented snow-white laboft – unforgettable!

Color and print

Despite the fact that the shoes of the maestro of Christian are so diverse, the main basic colors of his collections still remain 4 classic colors: black, white, red and beige.

Black Labuten – this is the otnal sign of a good taste of their owner. After all, it is the black color of the shoe remains the most popular, especially in our country where practical and durable shoes are required. Black boats enter the list of objects Must Have a basic wardrobe of a fashionable girl with income above average.

What other shoes should dwell in the dressing room of a self-respecting woman? Experts argue that beige and red.

Beige boats do not drag the color focus, Suitable for everything, for example, perfectly look with skirts of various lengths, costumes and even with jeans.

Red shoes were trendy at all times, After all, they allow you to dilute a bright spot one-picture image and draw attention to the beautiful legs.

If you want to pull Interested and admiring views of others – your choice – Labuten with a leopard print. It is in them that you will always become a center of attention and everywhere – from the office to a party.

How to distinguish from fake?

To distinguish the fake from the genuine pair of Labuthen is not difficult, and the matter is not even in price. Everyone knows how real labofts should look like, but not everyone knows some moments when choosing the right pair ..

It is important to know what to buy a couple of real Labuthens on the Internet is impossible. The company’s commercial policy is such that it is possible to buy shoes only in brand boutiques. True, real shoes can be found in European outlet. And that is especially valuable, last year’s collection is always sold with significant discounts.

What should be considered when buying an original pair of Labuthen?

  • Carefully inspect the box with shoes. On fake boxes logos larger than on the original. Pay attention to the word “Paris”, on the original box it stands in the corner below near the name of Lubutane. In the original box with Labuten, red cotton bags for shoes are investing. If the bags are light-red – carefully!
  • Then explore the shortcut. Everything should be printed with black ink, there must be a brand name, code, model name, and size.
  • Real Labutans must smell the skin, While fakes have a repulsive chemical smell.
  • Famous sole Labuthen should be not only bright red, but also have a glossy shine. Replicas have a matte coating sole.
  • All seams on the original models performed perfectly, manually, without errors and irregularities. Replicas, as a rule, sin with poor quality finish.
  • Inspect the heel. It must be covered with the same high-quality skin that all shoes. If this is not the case – the reason to think. Of course, the nabbean on the original heels is always the highest quality and do not come down after a walk.
  • Turn the shoes to the profile. Sidewinks shoes should not be deep. After all, to demonstrate women’s legs in a favorable world – the main task of Christian Lobuten. Note that the genuine shoes do not have a stood up sock, they all stand firmly on the floor.
  • Already mentioned above stigma designer under the heel on the insole should not be stitched, all letters must be written smoothly and clearly.
  • Price. Labuten simply can’t cost cheaply, because it is a limited designer shoes of the highest quality.

How much are?

High price for Labutena immediately places them in a suite segment. The lower threshold of prices for these fantastic shoes begins with 600 US dollars. The average cost in boutiques is 1000 dollars per couple.

The most expensive couple can cost 6000-7000 dollars. This fee is not only for the highest quality and convenience, but also for prestige and uniqueness. But even at such a high cost, these shoes are not sealing on the shelves.

What to wear?

It is no secret that Labutena can and need to combine with clothing of all imaginable images. And let you do not confuse the red sole, it will not draw attention to yourself and influence the integrity of the image. After all, the red sole in this case is a kind of brand signature, the color of which is not important.

Strict office outfits, such as traditional trouser costumes or monophonic skirts, will well complement beige boats, adding the necessary highlight to your image.

Labutenes of soft pastel shades perfectly complement your image for a romantic date. Nude laboutnes, flower shoes Champagne or mint will be combined with flying slim tissue dresses.

Such images are excited in male creatures sympathy and tender feelings.

Maestro’s shoes are so comfortable that you can safely go to a long summer walk by choosing to exit sandals.

And for the shopping in cool or rainy weather, graceful ankle shots are suitable.

The trip to the party will not cost without studded labutnes or pairs with shiny rhinestones. Such shoes are appropriate on the dance floor or in a nightclub. But be careful with the outfit, the main thing is not to overdo it. After all, such shoes will be the central part of the image, so the clothes are better to choose a one-photon. If you have to visit an official event or business breakfast, then your choice is black boats in combination with monophonic strict outfits.

Spectacular images

  • Black laboutnes are unexpectedly well combined with fierce boyfriend jeans.

  • Beige laboft will turn you into a sample style and fashion and will be perfectly combined with any outfits.

  • Already classic red laboutnes will always be combined with any monophonic outfits. Best of all in this image is not mixed more than 2-3 colors.

  • Femininity and rigor – bright bow.

  • Perfect combination of luxury and glitter.

  • Stylish and bright image.

  • Real Luxury Labuthen and Bright Brilliant Image.

  • Great idea for secular dinner.

  • Aristocracy – this is the name of this image.

  • Summer – shaman to be fashionable!

  • Fashionable can be every day!

What is the secret of the fashion trend shoes – in video.

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