Ski shoes Alpina

Ski shoes Alpina


Slovenian brand Alpina has been offered stylish and high-quality ski boots for more than 65 years. They enjoy great demand in many countries of the world.

Alpina ski boots provide not only reliable foot fixing, but also make it possible to effectively use efforts to slide.

Ski boots from the Alpina brand have a number of features:

  • The lace system is to use standard laces and tissue tissues located on the sides. Footwear tight fees, guaranteeing convenience and excellent handling when skiing.
  • The asymmetrical backdrop is hard bottom and soft at the edges. It provides reliable support for the heel and its strong fixation.
  • Boots have a durable asymmetric design cuff for the creation of stability with lateral twisting loads on the foot. At the top of the cuff has an additionally plastic strap for better fixation of the boot on the legs.
  • Asymmetric carbon stabilizer is represented as a continuation of the back. It provides the rigidity of the entire system.
  • The heel of the shoe from the inside is crushed by anti-slip rubber. She is responsible for the stiffness of the shoe, which is very important at different loads.
  • Alpina shoes are characterized by the presence of an intermediate sole. Its back is represented by a three-dimensional form for stability and confrontation of bending. The front part is flexible because it plays a huge role when repulsing.
  • Specially designed inserts for ski boots have soft foam inserts in those places that are constantly strong pressure. The insole perfectly complements all functional parts of the boot.

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