Ski shoes NNN

Ski shoes NNN

What is and what differs from SNS?

The most popular sport in winter is skiing. Not the last role is played by reliability and safety. Already for a very long time disputes about what kind of fastening is better – NNN or SNS?

NNN is a ski boot fastening system. This type of fastening offers Rottefella. The mount is considered universal and will suit any boots, with the exception of the boot for children and adolescents.

A distinctive feature is two parallel stops. Fastening has four hardness options and two recesses. Boots with this mount are better suitable for the skate stroke due to the fact that the bracket is shifted back.

SNS is a profile type of fastening created by the French company Salomon. It has three hardness options, one recess on the boot and bracket at the edge.

The main differences between NNN from SNS are considered:

  • Fixators. NNN is under his fingers. It increases handling. And SNS – in front of the toe.
  • Guide projections. NNN has two parallel protrusions, and SNS is one central.
  • Control. NNN fastening has the best control control, especially when the skating go, not to say about SNS.
  • Number of stiffness options.

Views and models

Ski boots are divided into two categories:

In style of Catania

  • High boots are used for skate stroke. They firmly fix the leg to avoid injuries during riding. IMPORTANT, when choosing a skate stroke boot choose the right size to avoid injuries.
  • Low boots provide convenience when driving a classic style. They have a soft top and sole.
  • Universal or combined – suitable for both the first and second ride style and have a middle length.

By destination

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