Ski shoes SNS

Ski shoes SNS

Features and advantages

Modern SNS ski boot models for classical or skim walking is distinguished by its complex device that is able to provide amazing comfort with any weather. Modern technologies make it possible to achieve and provide their customers with high protection against moisture and cold, as well as reduce the load that affects the feet during intensive sports training, by means of a uniform distribution of gravity.

Large brands guaranteed a high degree of security. Such ski boots are suitable mainly for novice athletes, as it is easier and faster with the help of them and faster can be mastered skiing skiing.

“SNS” is a fastener system for sports skiing, which was invented by the French company “Salomon”. The main difference of the design can be considered the central protrusion, which rests the shoe when the shock.

Included there are also two brackets intended for fixing shoes, and one of them is placed in front of the toes (which is a more practical solution that impedes wear). They enable the most conveniently mastered skiing due to the ability to react as accurately as possible to all movements of an athlete.

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