Sleepy boots on a wedge

Sleepy boots on a wedge

Sleepy boots on a wedge look very feminine and expensive. Velvety surface of beautiful shoes capable of decorating with many ladies. Such boots are universal and fit perfectly in almost all clothes styles.

To whom will fit?

Convenient footwear on the platform is perfect for fashionable, who are tired of heels, but at the same time they want to look above and slimmer. Comfortable boots will give a lot of pleasant sensations, and the legs in them do not get tired even after long-term socks.


On a high tanket

High wedge looks very sexy and effectively. Shoes with such a detail not only visually pull the ladies silhouette, but also transforms the gait. In the hood boots on a high wedge, each step becomes more elegant and easy. As a rule, in such models, the tanque is covered with the same material as the main surface of the shoe.

On a low tanket

Low tanket looks no less effectively than high. In shoes with such a heel will be very convenient in any season. Low wedge laconic suede models will be an excellent solution not only for casual outfits, but also for many business ensembles.

With lacing

Very fresh and youth looks women’s suede model with lacing on the rise. Such shoes look very bright and attractive. Lacing can be located not only on the rise, but also along the length of the top. High lacing models perfectly look with monophonic coats and cloaks.

With a wide green

At the peak of popularity this season there are non-standard boots with a wide-balance, which smoothly descends to the lower part. From the side, such models look very original and it seems as if the top is a separate part that was supposed to be on the boot. Similar product will require constant care.


Very nice and feminine looking high suede models on a wedge. Such shoes sits perfectly on the lady’s leg and can fit into almost all images. Similar models with a tank under the tree very harmoniously look with women’s dressing clothes in the style of Caushal. Classic codes in neutral colors will be the perfect solution for shopping, ordinary walks or work.


The most popular today are velvet boots stockings. They look very bold and attractively! Fashionista in such shoes will never be ignored. Treads of stockings are fitting with the ladies legs and visually make the lady above and slimmer.

To whom will fit?

Sexual boots are not suitable for everyone, so you need to know about this shoe some nuances:

  • Such high boots are strongly tightened by the leg, so such shoes should not choose to get full girls+
  • Gorgeous boots can wear both low and high ladies+
  • With such shoes do not wear too frank outfits, otherwise you can create a vulgar image+
  • Bottors stockings are perfectly combined with short skirts and dresses. Midi long models or skirts should not wear, as they just close sexy shoes+
  • Treads perfectly look with monophonic leggings. Such a combination will look great exclusively at slender lanes. Full girls from such an ensemble is better to refuse, otherwise he will allocate many flaws of the figure.


Feminine boots on a waters will allow creating a romantic and mysterious image. Beautiful shoes will become an excellent addition to a charming and gentle along, especially if we are talking about product in tender color: pink, beige or cream. Models with laces and metal spikes on a waters will allow creating a unique youth image.

Decor elements

Modern manufacturers decorate stylish shoes with a variety of decor details.

Mature boots with the following decorations look very impressive:

  • with metal overlays on the nose+
  • Metallized rims on a wedge+
  • silver or golden spikes and rivets on a wedge and tank+
  • Large straps with shiny buckles on a rise or top+
  • Contrast lace+
  • Contrast design of a tanket+
  • fur pomples on top of the top+
  • shining rhinestones and stones.

What to wear?

Velvet boots on a stable tanket are perfectly combined with almost all women’s outfits. Such shoes can be decorated with stylish ensembles both in everyday or business and festive style.

With jeans

Suede looks great with jeans. Pants are better to fill in the inside of the shoes, especially when it comes to a high model. Classic jeans can be replaced by fashionable skinnie and Jeggins. Such a stylish Kausual style set will be the perfect solution for everyday socks or for hiking with girlfriends in a cinema and cafe.

With leggings

Velvet boots look very sexy in tandem with classic leggings.

If you wear high stockings, you should remember that a similar combination is absolutely not going to complete the ladies. The bold outfit will be an excellent solution only for a slim and high girl. Leggings can be both textile and leather.

With Skirt

With high boots and boots, it will be great to look a short skirt or direct model slightly above the knee. Suede shoes harmonize with things from monophonic materials or youth jeans. The combination of high boots and a short skirt visually will make the ladies legs longer and slim.

With dresses

With low boots or ankle boots will be perfectly looked perfect, straight and loose dresses and elongated tunics in urban style. To high velvet boots and boots, you can safely wear sexy cocktail or short festive dresses. Bright image can be supplemented with a clutch or handbag in the color of shoes.


Gentle boots on a comfortable wedge look great with:

  • leather jackets and short coarse+
  • leather and textile cloaks+
  • straight and fitted coats+
  • feminine coat Kimono+
  • Light windbreakers+
  • Long cardigans+
  • short and medium sheep with fur cuffs and collar+
  • With boots, there will be great luxury fur coats from natural fur.

How to care for suede shoes?

Suede requires special care:

  • Immediately after the purchase of new boots should be treated with their protective sprays. It will form an invisible layer, which will push moisture, snow and chemical reagents.
  • From stains and dirt shoes can be cleaned with a porous sponge of special foam. Difficult stains are removed by a special brush with a rubber pile.

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