Sneakers Bona

Sneakers Bona

Chinese company BONA is a popular manufacturer of sports and high-quality shoes, clothing and accessories. Sneakers meet all the requirements of modern buyers, because they are characterized by durability, safety, stability and high level of comfort and convenience.


Bona appeared in 1995 and in just a few years he became famous in many countries of the world, including Russia.

The management of the company approached the production of shoes and clothes is very serious, because products from high-quality materials and exclusively on the best equipment of German and Italian manufacture.

Before use, all materials fall into a scientific laboratory Bona-Libern, where we are tested for strength, environmental friendliness and t. D.

Bona sneakers enjoy a huge demand among fair sex representatives. Designers create stylish and beautiful models. Each pair of sneakers is thought out to the smallest detail. Special attention developers pay out the sole of shoes, given the features of the structure of the female foot. This approach allows you to create comfortable and convenient models.

The features of the BONA sneakers should include an insole with a supinator that guarantees comfort and optimal load distribution on the entire surface of the foot.

An attractive appearance will not leave anyone indifferent. A variety of color solutions and bold combinations of tones will show their individuality, will become a bright accent of the unique onion. Each fashionista wishes to buy a new pair of shoes from the Chinese brand BONA.

High-quality sneakers will be an excellent solution not only for summertime year. Winter models are superbly held warm. They can be worn late autumn, as well as at the first frost. Convenience, comfort and style are the benefits of Bona sneakers.

Views and models

Special shoes include sneakers for different sports. For example, for football it is worth a preference to boots, and for running – dyrics or marafokamov.

Bona sports shoes is divided into universal and special. For girls who prefer an active lifestyle, as well as a fitness or run, the ideal choice will be universal sneakers.

Each model is represented by several color solutions to provide customers with freedom of choice. Each model is unique because it is distinguished by a kind of design and a bold combination of colors. All models are able to comfortable and high-quality lacing.

Girls can choose in a variety of models Stylish sneakers for summer, which look exquisite and elegantly thanks to the use of textiles for top of shoes. Winter options are presented on a solid high sole, which is anti-slip and reliable.

Bona manufactures sports shoes for children, given the features of the children’s foot. In Bona sneakers, your baby’s leg will always be warm and dry. Even at the end of the day the child will be full of power, because in the shoes Bona the foot is not tired. Orthopedic insole plays a huge role for the proper formation of a children’s foot. Children really like bright colors and stylish models.

Material and technology

Bona sneakers are made of genuine leather. Thanks to staining shoes saves a long time its original color.

In the production of summer sneakers, designers offer to use high-quality textiles, which is distinguished by increased wear-resistance, elasticity and excellent breathability.

Winter models are also made exclusively from natural materials – leather and nubuck. In this footwear, legs always remain warm and not wet even in the period of thaw.

The company is engaged in the manufacture of special racks that allow you to optimally distribute the load when walking or running on the foot. These insoles create comfort and convenience.

Particular attention is drawn to the sole of BONA sneakers, since it is made of modern materials such as polyurethane, flexible and wear-resistant rubber, thermopoliurethane and extraldy.

BONA sneakers developers use special IDT technology to reliably connect soles with sneakers. Thanks to this technology, the sole is warm, flexible, non-slip, and also it does not break and does not dug.

So that the shoes were durable, used in the form of foaming foaming, as well as carbon rubber, which is used for the heel zone to prevent the erase of the sole. Developers pay attention to the heel and nasal zone of the tops of the sneakers, because sneakers should most comfortably distribute the load on the entire foot.


Bona uses special sneaker staining technology, which allows to provide a variety of colors and prints.

To implement a bright, spectacular onion, models are perfect, which combine several color solutions. Beautifully looks a combination of blue, red and black. Brave fashionista prefer sneakers yellow, blue and gray.

Stylish inscriptions, soft tone transitions and bright accents attract buyers to Bona sneakers. Single attention deserves monophonic models. Exquisitely and elegantly looks white shoes. Although this color is impractical, but very beautifully refreshes and decorates sports bow.

Beautifully looks like a black and white model. The classic tandem is presented in a new way, since the manufacturer offers a huge selection of models in these two colors. Stripes, zigzags, diagonal lines give beauty and charm sneakers.

Size chart

To find the necessary size of the BONA sneakers, it is necessary to measure the length of the foot. It is necessary to measure the heel rounding to the fingers and add one centimeter. The manufacturer represents European shoe sizes.

Foot length in cm The size
20.5 31
21 32
21.5 33
22 34
23 35
24 36
24.5 37
25.5 38
26 39
26.5 40
27 41
27.5 42
28.5 43
29 44
29.5 45
thirty 46

Customer Reviews

All buyers of sports shoes BONA remained satisfied with the purchase. In general, all the reviews are only positive. Bona sneakers come in a corporate box, in which except shoes are still a blade and branded package.

Sneakers are made of natural materials. Buyers celebrate convenience and comfort. The foot does not sweat and does not shine. Attracts thought thought out. Neat and smooth seams talk about high quality shoes. You will not see torn threads or traces of glue. Each pair of shoes has an orthopedic insole.

Low price is one of the main advantages. Total 800 rubles you can buy stylish bona sneakers from genuine leather. Excellent quality of cutting allows you to wear this shoes not one season.

Bona shoes have a comfortable landing. They are practically not felt on foot, because they are easy and comfortable. Genuine leather perfectly passes air, and also prevents moisture from entering into the shoes.

Wide range and variety of color solutions like fashionistas. Unusual color combinations deserve high marks. The color of the shoe does not fade and is not erased even after long socks.

Bona shoes are characterized by ease of care. Minor pollution can be removed with a wet sponge. Sneakers can be erased even in a washing machine, but only with delicate mode and low water temperature. They dry quickly and save the form.

Bona sneakers – excellent quality, stylish design, high-quality materials, variety of models, convenience and comfort at an affordable price.

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