Sneakers Columbia

Sneakers Columbia

Fans of outdoor activities know how important shoes. It should not cause inconvenience or to shoot motion during a long walk or run. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers think about the convenience of their models. But there are also such firms for which the quality and comfort of products are in the first place. Such companies refers columbia. Many people, including athletes-professionals, prefer it.

Columbia is sportswear, high quality equipment and shoes. Mark produces shoes using innovative materials on Omni-Tech technology. For this reason, the legs do not know fatigue, do not sweat and remain dry with any weather.

Brand products

The company amazes with its assortment. In addition to sneakers and clothes, it produces accessories, backpacks, tents. Products of this brand are sold in specialized stores. Wide selection of models makes it possible to choose a suitable option. Columbia is focused on men, women and children of all ages.

Comfort brand shoes is very valued. Columbia is able to compete with such famous sports stamps as ribok and adidas. The collection for children is highlighted by its quality, unusual fittings, high functionality, reliability and wear resistance.

Winter sneakers

Winter sneakers Columbium provide warm and dry feet even at very low temperatures. Used Omni-Tech technology is distinguished by water-repellent and microporic qualities. Thanks to this, no bad weather is not afraid! Winter shoes gives heat and simultaneously with this allows the skin to breathe.

Columbia produces lithium battery shoes. It is made on the basis of environmentally friendly raw materials, which is called Tinsulyt and has improved heating qualities. Even with active use, such sneakers are not shy, do not lose and perfectly imputed.

Summer shoes

These models have many advantages. One of them is considered a comfortable block of anatomical structure.

Any model of sneakers – for men, for women, for children – developed for more professional sports. Interestingly, even in the period of active movement in them, you can not worry about friction and the formation of a hop. Columbia shoes are created to conquer vertices without risk of injury.

Summer shoes of this brand are also good because the skin does not sweat in it and does not feel discomfort. This is possible due to the material from which it was created. It is endowed with deodorizing and antibacterial qualities. The company’s arsenal has shoes having unusual protrusions that have a massage effect in certain areas. So embodied the motto of the brand, which sounds like this: “You move, and your feet rest”.

What to wear?

Women always want to look fashionable, attractive and stylish. This also applies to the sports image. Here is an important condition for the absence of gravity in the legs. Columbia sneakers meet all these requirements. Women’s models are distinguished not only by practicality and convenience, and also with style. This is a real designer thing that focuses on your personality. Stylists offer many attractive solutions to create the desired image.

Of course, the most common option is to wear sneakers with jeans, shorts, sports pants or skirts.

Young girls suit the combination of sneakers and short dresses. Sneakers in this image symbolize style, audacity and originality. As accessories, you can use a sports bag or backpack, and the hair is better to collect in the tail or in a bundle. This ensemble will perfectly embody Casual style.

Women’s Column Columbia Collection Responsible Requests of even the most demanding customer. The ruler is represented by bright colors – pink, red, yellow, green.

It should be remembered that no matter how stylish and fashionable sneakers are not suitable for business suit or evening dress.

Tips for care

So that sneakers please you for a long time, it is not enough to buy a branded model. It is necessary to ensure proper care. Only in this case you will be satisfied with the purchase, and the shoes will not change the original appearance.

Very often during the purchase of shoes Consultant advises to buy the necessary means to care for it. It should be remembered that this is not a whim and not the desire to prove on you, but the need. Not at all, it will not be superfluous together with sneakers to purchase a high-quality brush, impregnation for the skin and cream.

Footwear can be made of various materials: rubber, leather, textiles or suede. Each of them needs special care. There are some rules for each of them. Consider them in more detail:

  • You should provide minimal contact shoes with mud.
  • Leather shoes are better to dry at room temperature, away from various heaters.
  • It is not recommended to use silicone sponges for quick shoe cleaning. They accumulate dust in the pores of the skin, which prevents her breathability.
  • Any shoes need to be cleaned immediately by arrival, without waiting until the dirt is absorbed and dried. To do this, use the brush first, and then – a wet napkin.
  • Products from a nubuck or suede is better to clean with an eraser or rubber brush.

Wash columbia shoes can not! If there are large contaminants, you can use the air conditioning cleaner.

  • After cleaning the shoes, the second stage comes – meals. This is especially true for Columbia products, as it is made of high-quality skin. On the brush or cotton fabric you need to apply cream or air conditioning. You should wipe the shoes with circular motions until everything is absorbed.
  • Brand models are more demanding in care. They need to be soaked before first use, paying special attention to seams and striches. Next processing must be made as moisture-repellent properties decreased. For shoes from membrane and fabric, funds are selected directly under the material.
  • Final action is polishing. Here the skin needs to be lubricated with polishing wax, which creates a water-repellent film. You should apply a little wax on the surface of the product and polish it with a brush from a natural pile. Thanks to these non-slip manipulations, the skin is impregnated, which will prevent the formation of cracks and wrinkles. In some cases, special napkins can be used for shine shine.
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