Sneakers shiftwear

Sneakers shiftwear

Shiftwear sneakers trendy models have flexible color displays with which shoes easily change their design. You can install both color and monochrome and animated or static images through mobile applications.

You can change directly on the go anytime, as soon as the owner of this original sports shoe will want. Batteries feeding the sneakers screen can be charged from kinetic energy while walking. Undoubtedly, SHIFTWEAR sneakers are a breakthrough in the fashion world and so far the analogues of this product are not developed.

Flexible screens and energy consumption

Flexible screens on electronic inks provide instant installation on sneakers of any image like. E-ink panels allow you to change the style of shoes regardless of the color of the image or its format.

When choosing a standard static design, the displays consume very little energy, which will also be replenished in the process of running or ordinary walk, but, despite this, these revolutionary sneakers models will still support wireless charging technology.

According to manufacturers, electronic ink are more economical when the backlight is disabled, so in standard mode, sneakers will work for about a month. With the included energy light, it will be consumed more, but on the sneakers will be perfectly visible all the details of the selected style even in the dark time of the day.

Wear resistance

SHIFTWEAR sneakers are planned to be performed quite persistent to wear, however, everything will depend on their operation mode. For a higher wear resistance of the sole of this high-tech shoe, it is planned to cover kevlar fiber.

Since Kevlar is part of the components that produce body armor, SHIFTWEAR smart sneakers are promised to be as long as possible and durable. Electronic components of Snickers from ShiftWear are designed fairly durable and resistant to bending.

ShiftWear guarantee complete waterproof, which will allow not only to wear sneakers in any weather, but even wash the machine!

Synchronization with smartphone

SHIFTWEAR Snebers Management will occur using a special application installed on a smartphone or a tablet with an operating system:

  • IOS+
  • Windows+
  • Android.

Shiftwear shoe application still requires improvements, but manufacturers promise both ready-made standard design templates for sneakers and the ability to create their own unique images that can be divided with friends or sell. The project manager plans to establish a specialized trading platform where it will be easy to buy liked style.

Thanks to wide opportunities for creating a unique shoe style ShiftWear can be combined with clothes of any colors, which will undoubtedly please buyers.

When to wait for the first models?

On the official website of the Indiegog trademark, funds were collected on futuristic start-up shiftwear. The developers of unique in their kind of shoes were requested by 25 thousand dollars for the development of the project, but according to various data, not less than 250 thousand dollars will be required for all plans and original ideas, while it was possible to collect only 37.5 thousand dollars.

The battery technology will be possible to implement only after the mark of $ 2 million, and waterproof and sensitive displays – only collected at least 4 million dollars. Whether the project has collected all the necessary funds – it is unknown, it is only known that the buyers promised the release of the first models in September, and then in December 2016, which never happened.

On the official website, pre-orders were recorded and the mark was “sold” on some models of fantastic sneakers, however, on the streets of the cities, fashionists in such a shoe are not yet found and consumers are still waiting for the release of the first models of Snikhers Shiftwear.

The cost of the first models

To date, the official website of the company Shiftwear has the opportunity to pre-ordered snickers changing design with smartphones and tablets with low, medium or high riding. The cost of the sneakers declared in $ 250 promises to significantly grow with the beginning of their production, so representatives of the company advise on their website to make orders now, so as not to overpay later.

According to various data with the beginning of mass production and release of Snikhersov Shiftwear, their cost will start from $ 250 to $ 1,000, depending on the characteristics of the shoes, for example, the choice promises to produce models whose displays will be calculated on only black and white or color images, with Illumination or without it. However, the exact release date is still unknown yet.

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