Recently, a healthy lifestyle has entered the fashion, and the girls in pursuit of a slim body became obsessed with active recreation and sports. But it is not enough to simply expose your body with physical exertion, you need to have due equipment facilitating this process and making it most secure as possible.

Since with any sporting sports, the main load goes to your feet, you need to get the corresponding shoes, which are sneakers that, by the way, are quite suitable and as stylish everyday shoes.

What is it?

Sneakers are a footwear, which is part of a sports style and intended for the occupation of the appropriate nature.

History of creation

The existence of sneakers began with the world’s first shoes such a type equipped with a dense rubber sole, which was called a canvas. This shoes were impractical and delivered a lot of discomfort, since the products were not shared on the “right” and “left”.

By the beginning of 1892, the first Ked model was developed in the world, which became the progenitor of sneakers. Characteristic feature This shoe was a special sole, allowing noiselessly moving around, from where it appeared – Snickers.

A little later, the brothers Dasslers, originally from Germany, took up the mass production of sportswear, from where the first classic model of sneakers intended for sports and crossing training appeared.

In the fifties, during the economic crisis and sharp demographic growth, sneakers have reached their popularity peak, since they were very functional shoes, which could be purchased at a relatively low price.

By the middle of the sixties, sneakers became part of the mass production of several multimillion corporations, which are engaged in the development of new models and the embodiment of them in life, even to this day.

And in the middle of the eighties, sneakers finally secured their positions in the sports fashion market, acquiring the status of an indispensable sports shoes suitable for use for direct purpose or simply as the everyday version.


High-quality sneakers must have a number of features acting as a distinctive feature that does not allow to confuse a good product from a cheaper fake.

First, good sneakers should have a dense sole, the average degree of softness, but having high elasticity, which will ensure the legs of good shock absorption when jumping and rapid running. Thus, the decodes of the legs will be maximally protected from injuries.

Sneakers fabrics should not contain synthetic fibers that will adversely affect the quality of the product.

The fact is that during the sports, sweat particles are highlighted on their feet, and when contacting the emergence of unpleasant odor with synthetics.

But some natural materials are not enough! In truly high-quality sneakers intended for the sport, the prerequisite is the presence of a special mesh insert that performs the function of ventilation, due to which the product can safely ventilate.

Good quality laces is also important, because they have a considerable effect on the appearance of the product.

Laces should also be made of natural material, because synthetics rapidly produce and loses its functional qualities.

The sneaker’s pad must be as close as possible under the leg, which will ensure a comfortable fit of the product and will save from unpleasant sensations that may occur during long-term exercise.

Types and styles

Sneakers have many distinctive features reflected in their appearance and functionality at the same time. Models suitable for one or another kind of activity must have a certain set of qualities.

Among the new products, such an interesting model, as Sneakers for weight loss. More recently, no one could have imagined that it is possible to lose weight not only with the help of power and cardio loads, but also with the help of special, sports shoes aimed precisely on the fat burning process.

Sneakers act in a special way, creating an additional load on the muscles, even when walking the usual walking step.

The thing is that the sole of such a product is designed in such a way that a special convex part creates a certain force resistance when driving.

Such sneakers can be combined with workouts, to obtain a better result in much smaller time. And you can also acquire special training models that are able to reduce the load on the legs, helping to relieve and speed up.

Popular I Tourist sneakers, The sole of which should have a special structure that does not allow the product to slide on wet stony surfaces and on dirt. Hiking sneakers must be made of more dense, but natural material, which will provide for the highest degree convenience and safety leg.

Sneakers suitable for everyday use can be made of different types of materials and have an arbitrary appearance, since products for each day do not imply mandatory availability of any functions.

Trendy models 2021

The range of sneakers has many not similar to each other products of different types, the distinctive features of which are not at all functional and species characteristics. Distinctive features are the presence of certain decorative details that are reflected not so much on the functionality of the product, as in its appearance.

Sneakers, appearance and a block of which have the same type, often differ in the design and variant of the material from which they are made. Products can be more restrained and monophonic, and can be youth, militant bright colors and unusual prints.

  • Most recently, innovative Heated Sneakers Model, Providing comfort and warmth legs even with the harsh frost. The product has a form of a conventional sneaker with higher sides on lacing.

The provision of heat occurs due to the special, filling their insulation, which has a self-heating effect when contact with cold air. The inner part of such sneakers is made of a material with a function of foil – providing heat retention inside the product.

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