Snowubuthes Dune : Model Overview and Dimensional Mesh

Snowubuthes & Dune & : Model Overview and Dimensional Mesh

Every year, with the onset of winter, parents are thinking about what shoes to buy your child. Selectivity criteria are different, however, the main properties of the shoes remain in all times. Snowubuthes “Dune” are a worthy choice that meets parents’ requests.


Not so long ago, the only warm winter shoes for children were boots. Natural wool wool saved on cold weather, however, did not tolerate moisture. Thinking about the comfort of the smallest, manufacturers found an optimally comfortable way out in the form of Snowubuts. It is winter shoes for kids and adults, made thanks to the successful combination of materials.

The lower part of products – calico, is performed from rubber, evi or foamed rubber, while the top of the top is made of dense textiles with water-repellent impregnation or membrane. Inside Snowubuts, natural fur or wool is most often. Velcro, lacing and locks are performed as fasteners in this shoes.

Snowubuts are an improved hybrid of felt boots, dutch and rubber boots.

Thanks to its versatility dAlong shoe option produce all known foreign and domestic companies in the production of children’s and adult shoes. One of these firms is “Dune-AST”. The company with a rich history that takes place in 1975, annually conquers the sign “One hundred of the best goods of Russia”. It uses in its production Italian equipment, and also creates and successfully introduces new polymer materials in the product.

Children’s Snowubuts “Dune” – New generation shoes, created specifically for children. The dimensional grid here begins with 21 Russian sizes and ends 34. Winter shoes for large sizes can be found in an adult section. Currently, the assortment of children’s warmed boots is more than 20 practical and fashionable boots.

Temperature mode for models is 30 degrees with natural insulation. Material used for the bottom of the product. DU-CARE (EVA) – weightless waterproof and anti-slip material, which was able to imagine the best properties of rubber and avoid its disadvantages, such as gravity and penetration inside the cold.

Eva does not scratch and not deforming, keeping its softness and elasticity even at extremely low temperatures.

The catalog of models in the children’s assortment is regularly updated, however, bright species for kids and universal for adolescents, using special love of parents. Model 564 – stylish option for kids. Among his advantages are distinguished:

  • Kalosh made from Eva+
  • Fur with natural wool’s content of at least 80%+
  • Water-repellent material with a bright print “For boys”+
  • Side Zipper+
  • Using reflective elements+
  • Dimensional grid from 21 to 26 Russian sizes.

Similar to characteristics is Model 561/02, Created specifically for small princesses. The bright pink color of Kalosh and Textiles will delight kids in frowning weather, and a comfortable zipper does not deliver inconvenience when equipping and removing the shoes.

Option 563 has a stylish look. A feature of the model is its design, resembling shoes, confused by fur. Lacing, in addition to a decorative function, allows you to mostly and comfortably fix the baby’s boot.

Model 555 – Practical choice for teenagers. Made in black monophonic range, shoes are released in the size grid from 34 to 41 first size. The use of evi, water-repellent material and natural insulation makes a model excellent everyday option. Thanks to the wide shining, the fastener is not provided.

Option 574 – These are fashionable Snowubuts for boys. The dimensional grid here begins with 27 sizes and ends 34th. Made in the form of shoes, equipped with an elastic lacing, allowing you to reliably make a leg and prevent ingestion of snow when climbing on the snowdrifts.

Review reviews

Parent reviews about Snowubuts “Dune” are positive. Moms and dads celebrate the warm lining and the absolute waterproofability of winter shoes. In addition, pleases users and budget price of models in comparison with foreign analogues. Anti-slip sole in most cases upsets parents, because it does not cope with its main function. Summarizing the foregoing, it can be noted that Snowubuthes “Dune” are a good budget alternative to products of other shoe suppliers, although they have some drawbacks.

Overview of purchased children’s Snowubuts “Dune” in the following video.

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