Snowubuthes KUOMA: Assortment Review

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Snowubuthes KUOMA: Assortment Review

With the arrival of cold weather, the question of buying warm winter clothes and shoes becomes relevant. It is very important that in the frost time of the year legs were warm, because everyone is well known that the first step towards the disease is their freezing. This is especially true of children who love to play in the winter and do not pay attention to the frozen legs.

Today, Snowubuts are greatly popular and demand. This is something average between boots and boots. In Snowubuts, the lower part and the rubber sole, that is, waterproof, and inside the fur or wool are located, making such shoes very warm. The leader in the production of Snowubuts is KUOMA, about the models of which will be discussed in this article.


Kuoma is one of the most popular manufacturers of winter clothes and shoes. It is registered in Finland and presents its products on the market since 1928. Since the beginning of existence, the company was engaged in the manufacture of a shell for shoes, and today it is the largest brand, whose winter shoes are held in honor of consumers.

Kuoma products are so popular because the Snowubuts of this brand have a number of features and advantages.

  • In the process of production of shoes, the anatomical structure of the legs is taken into account.
  • The rubberized sole is made of high-quality rubber and polyurethane, has excellent insulating properties. These features guarantee foot protection from moisture and blotting, drops and injuries.
  • The upper layer is made of textile material, so that the shoes “breathe”.
  • As a lining, natural fur is used, which provides heat inside the boot even with severe frost.

As for the shortcomings, then, having studied buyers and information that the manufacturer provides, we can conclude that they are not. The most important thing is to choose the right shoes.

Review models

Assortment of Snowubutles Kuoma is very diverse. The company boasts a wide range of sizes, among which you can choose a model even for the smallest consumers. These are the most popular and relevant are such models.

  • Kuoma Crosser – This series is designed mainly to boys. Shoes are adjustable in width. For its manufacturer, the manufacturer used water-repellent textiles. Soles amortizing. Dimensions begin with 22.

  • Kuoma Baby – The series is designed and created for the smallest, the size of the shoe begins with 19 and ends 24. Shoes are characterized by an enlarged area of ​​leather insert, thanks to which the sock is not erased. Sole low.

  • Kuoma Lady – Model range of this series created for modern fashionistas. Sizes of shoes – from 36 to 39.

  • Kuoma Tarravarsi – Models of this series are intended for children and adults. Among them are women’s and male models that are popular in latitudes with severe winters.

How to choose?

From the right choice of Snowubuts, comfort and convenience in the process of wearing, the life of the product and T. D.

So, choosing children’s and adults Snowubuts from Kuoma, be sure to consider:

  • Foot size – This parameter is very important, because if you buy shoes, which in size does not fit you, the legs will not be protected as much as possible+
  • color and appearance of shoes+
  • The height of the product, the appearance of the fasteners and the ability to adjust the leg.

Buying products kuoma, Ensure its authenticity. Today there are many fakes, so it is desirable to acquire such shoes directly from the manufacturer, on its official website or at its legal representative. Check for quality certificates.

Video review of children’s Snowubuts company KUOMA See below.

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