Snowubutles Lassie: Model Review

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Snowubutles Lassie: Model Review

Lassie – Finnish brand engaged in the sewing membrane outerwear, thermal electricity, fleece, and hats and shoes for children. Not so long ago on Sluchat weather of the end of autumn – the beginning of winter, more and more mothers became for their children, instead of the usual rubber boots, choose Snowubuthes this company.


Snowubuthes represent a hybrid of rubber boots and insulated membrane boots.

The lower part of the Snowubuts looks like a canopy made of foamed thermoplastic rubber. Relief sole makes such boots very stable, does not give the legs to slide on ice or loose snow, preventing falling.

The top of the booze is made of a dense textile material with moisture and dirt-repellent impregnation on it.

Inside shoes insulated with artificial fur.

For ease of dressing Clasp on Snowubuts, LASSIE is missing. Instead of her at the top there is an elastic band with a stopper. It helps adjust the scope of the baby’s leg and prevent water and dirt from entering the boot.

On all the snowworks of this manufacturer, there are inserts from reflective fabric, which will help make a child noticeable in the dark.

As for the temperature regime, the manufacturer claims the possibility of using such boots at temperatures from +10 to – 15 C. Hence the conclusion that Snowubuts are both autumn and winter shoes.

In fact, it all depends on the individual characteristics of a particular child, as well as on the degree of additional insulation.

Review models

Each season, the manufacturer prepares for his little buyers new models Snowubuts by refining and updating already available. Waterproof shoes are available in the color scheme for both girls and boys.

The dimensional series is represented by shoes from 22 to 38 in accordance with European sizes.

In the new season 2018-2019. Presented a line of Snowubuts Lassie Coldwell in two color solutions with a bright print for boys and girls.

For boys, 2 colors are presented:

  • black+
  • Navy blue.

    For girls on sale:

    • Lilovy+
    • pink.

    A distinctive feature of boots from a new collection is a finish made of natural suede. And also instead of the usual insole in boots there is a comfortable removable inner sock made of bright fleece.

    The price of Snowubutles Lassie from the new collection varies from 2 to 2.5 thousand. rub.

    You can buy boots both on the official website of the manufacturer or Internet sites and in network children’s stores.

    How to choose?

    Of course, when choosing a model of Snowubuts, the fundamental factor is the approval of Chad.

    And if with a model and coloring of waterproof boots, a child can figure out himself, then when choosing a suitable size without an adult, it is not necessary to do.

    To determine the size of Snowubuts, you need to measure the baby’s foot. To do this, stand on a flat surface. The heel must rest in the wall.

    Measurements should be started from the most protruding heel to the longest finger.

    The indicator measured in centimeters will be a foot length.

    For the proper selection of Snowubuts to the resulting digit, 0.5 cm is added so that the sock can be seen and 1.0 cm on the increase.

    The resulting indicator must be compared with the dimensional grid represented by the manufacturer, and choose the appropriate shoe size.

    European footage Sleep length, see.
    22 14.7
    23 15.3
    24 16.0
    25 16.7
    26 17.3
    27 18.0
    28 18.7
    29 19.3
    thirty 20.0
    31 20.7
    32 21.3
    33 22.0
    34 22.7
    35 23,3
    36 24.0
    37 24.7
    38 25.3

    All Lassie Full Size Shoes Full Size. Since the bottom of Snowubuts is made in the form of a helos, the heel has several softer. Therefore, when buying should not choose a model with a large margin in length, otherwise the shoes will fall out from the leg, as a result of which the child will be uncomfortable.

    Giving when buying preference to the Finnish manufacturer, you can get high-quality, inexpensive, warm and beautiful shoes, which will serve not one season.

    Snowubuts Lassie Review See More.

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