Socks Saucony

Socks Saucony

Sports shoes are becoming increasingly popular and firmly enters a casual image not only for sports and recreation, but also for walking, work and study.

There were a lot of brands specializing in the release of sports shoes for both professional sports and amateur, leading designers of the world use in their collections sports style of shoes and clothing.

To navigate in a huge diversity of sports shoes, you need to familiarize yourself with the world’s leading leaders in this area. Today we will talk about sneakers of the famous brand Saucony.


Saucony trademark (Saukoni) is founded in 1898 in the USA in Pennsylvania.

There is an opinion that your brand name received from the neighborhood with the river the same name. The company specialized in the production of children’s and adult shoes. During World War II, the factory made military shoes. And by the 60s of the twentieth century began to produce special shoes of astronauts for the Space Agency NASA.

Sports line of shoes started to be made in Saucony since the 40s of the 20th century. Basic – Baseball boots, roller skates, bowling boots.

The next milestone in the chronicle of the brand was an event when another famous American sports shoe manufacturer Hyde Athletic Industries (Heyde) bought Saucony in the 60s of the last century.

Since then, Saucony has become a leading brand as part of Hyde and at the end of the twentieth century Hyde Athletic Industries was renamed Saucony.

Since the end of the 60s, the production of sneakers, which have become popular worldwide, especially crossing models, so-called crossstainers. From the end of the nineties, production from the United States was relocated to Asia.

Then in 2005. Famous Ked Production Company Stride Rite bought a brand Saucony. In 2012, the brand became part of the corporation Wolverine Worldwide, which includes about 16 sports brands.

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