Spoons for shoes: varieties and rules of choice

Spoons for shoes: varieties and rules of choice

Stories of this product for more than 100 years, but such a paper does not lose such a device and in our time, because it allows you to extend the life of the shoes. Some time ago, the horn for shoes had fewer material selection options, but each product was unique and unique.


Most often, the product was metallic with various wrought-iron elements. Many of them were attended various decorations, and some were gilded. Such a subject served for a long time, since it was performed from high-quality materials.

Shovel for shoes was considered the subject of luxury, because only rich and wealthy people could afford to wear shoes.

Now such a thing is rather necessary, and it is easy to replace it. You can buy a shovel blade in any shoe store or in a shopping center.

History of appearance

The horn for shoes appeared in the XVI century in England, in the homes of wealthy people, because they were quite difficult to remove narrow satin shoes. Due to the fact that they used it only in rich houses, it was possible to see a shoe spoon from ivory with a long handle or silver. The object was decorated with various images of animals or colors.

The spread of the shoe horror was already in Europe after the shoes ceased to be considered a luxury item, and it could afford people with average. Fashionable began to give such a gift for any holidays.

The purpose of the subject is its protection against the deformation of the backbone and the preservation of the initial type of shoes.

Since the beginning of the XIX century, a metal horn for shoes began to produce on shoe factors. More affordable materials are also used to create this subject. Currently, you can rarely notice a spoon for shoes with decor elements – more often preferred inexpensive and convenient things.

How to choose?

The first thing worth paying attention is the length of the product. It is better to choose a piece of 50 to 60 cm. In this case, a person does not have to sit down or bend to shield shoes or sneakers. Such a horn length, like 80 cm, is extremely rare. 30-40 cm long blades are also quite convenient for use. 18-20 cm long spoons conveniently take with me on a trip or on the road.

The second important factor is the form of the product.

To understand that the product is high quality, you need to pay attention to the end of the blade – in the end it should expand and have the shape of the heel, and the edges should be rounded.

For convenient use of the horns, he has a handle. It happens that instead of a handle a hole in which the lace is inserted. On expensive models it can be genuine leather, and in the budget version, textiles are usually used. Sometimes the handle can be made in the form of an animal head.


When choosing this item for its use, you should pay attention to the material from which it is made. Currently, a spoon for shoes can be:

  • Metal+
  • Plastic+
  • Wooden.

Plastic horns

Perhaps the most common type of horn – plastic. It is a budget option and is easily replaced. Such an object looks pretty boring and cheap, but its functions perform. This product has light weight and flexibility.

Plastic shoe blade can easily crack and break, after which its use is not recommended because it is possible to get injured.

However, the undoubted advantage of such a horror is a huge selection of color gamut, which will surprise even the most picky buyer.

Metal blades for shoes

Selecting the shovel for a metal shoe, a person makes a choice in favor of a durable product. Such an item will cost more, but also serves longer. The shoe iron spoon can be severe and have insufficient flexibility. If the product is made of poor-quality metal, then over time it can be deformed and brown. Most often, the metal shoe spoon is chromed, which is in the spirit of minimalism, and it looks always stylish and relevant, and most importantly – fits into any interior.

Metal products can be premium and cost rather expensive. It depends on the method of manufacturing the subject and from the raw materials used.

Often, a wrought blade is more expensive than standard metal. Is due to the fact that handmade is always estimated better. Often such shoe horns are sold on a stand with a holder, which allows it to be convenient to place it in the room. In some wardrobe, you can see accessories in the form of a blade for shoes from brass or bronze. Such a brass product can be an excellent memorable gift for any holiday.

Currently there is a shovel for shoes on a magnet – It makes it easy to use and store a product. Such blades are usually made of steel with plastic elements. Many metal spoons can be decorated with various elements. For example, in stores you can find a product with undercover, owl or in the form of a bird.

Choosing a product for shoes as a gift, you should pay attention to the golden horn.

This present will not only be pleasantly surprised by the future owner, but will become an excellent subject of decor in the interior. You can prevent such a gift in the leather case, which always looks stylish and tastefully.

If a person often travels or is forced to constantly ride on business trips, an excellent option in this case will be a foldable shovel for shoes. In this case, you will not have to carry a long product with you, and this type of horns will take little space in a suitcase or in a bag.

A pocket spoon for shoes of the USSR era has an amazing character. It comes with a leather case and conveniently placed in any pocket. For those who are interested in collecting various unique and unusual things, such a product will become a “highlight” collection.

In addition to its main purpose, the shoe horn is suitable for removing the shoes from the leg.

Spoons for shoes from natural horns

Some types of shoe blades can be performed from a natural horns. Such an object will decorate any dressing room. Horns from horns are unique – none of them look like another. They are very pleasant to the touch and pretty durable. However, the price of such a product is significantly higher than plastic or metal.

The main manufacturer of such products is English ABBEYHORN. The history of the company began in 1749, and since then the firm has passed a long time from one owner to another. Due to the fact that almost all products are manufactured manually, as well as due to the materials used, they can be attributed to a high price segment in the market.

The horns of deer, cows from Nigeria, buffaloes, as well as Horn of Barana from England applied as raw materials for products.

To create blades from natural horns of animals do not kill. For example, deer themselves dump their horns.

Leather shoe blades

Found in our time and leather products. They are pleasant to the touch, and their appearance is quite unusual. Such a product can be found from brands J. Crew, Ludwig Reiter, Herring Shoes.

Wooden horns

Sometimes on sale you can meet wood blades, such as cedar or beech. After making a horn is covered with varnish.

Why you need to use?

Using shoes for shoes Allows you to prevent such problems as:

  • Zadniek bend+
  • Abrasion of the surface+
  • The appearance of cracks.

With the continuous use of such an item, it is possible to significantly increase the service life of the shoes and maintain its original appearance. Many world manufacturers are recommended for use such a product.

Using a shoe horror, a person has the opportunity to shift standing. This is an important factor in various diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the lumbar-sacral region. Thanks to such products, a person will exclude the opportunity to cause an additional pain when equipping shoes, which is an important plus. Also, this product will be useful for disabled people and elderly people.

It is very important to have such an item in specialized shoe stores. This is an indicator of a good service and customer care.

The product serves as an excellent gift for any reason. It can be given to both a relative or friend and the boss on the anniversary or another commemorative date. You can always choose a suitable shoe blade for a price range and material. The product can be ordered with individual parameters, make engraving on it – will add to the gift of uniqueness.

If it is necessary to surprise guests, as well as embellish your dressing room, then a design steel horn will be an excellent addition, which perfectly fit into the aircraft interior of High-tech. And for the classic style, the bronze shovel for shoes will be perfectly suitable, which will emphasize the wealth and luxury of the interior.

Such an object can be easily able to become a “highlight” of any apartment, but do not forget that the cost of such devices is significantly higher than the usual.

In the next video you can watch the process of manufacturing a stylish spoon for shoes with your own hands.

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