Suede black shoes

Suede black shoes

Black suede shoes are a classic, and the classic is called what it does not age and does not disappear, being always relevant and in demand. For a long time they are on top of popularity and, as practice shows, are not going to descend from there.

The attenuation lies in their elegance, modernity, the ability to combine with various foundations of the wardrobe and give a person who put them on, aristocratic species. More chic and royal luxury. And since each representative of the weak gender in the soul of the princess or queen, then in any lady’s wardrobe must be such a necessary pair of shoes.

Features and advantages of suede

Suede is specially treated leather with velvety, soft surface. Suede shoes are distinguished by wear resistance and comfort, as the material is easily adjusted under the shape of the foot. Suede has air permeability – a very useful feature for the health of the legs.

The indisputable bonus for shoes from suede is the fact that the elegance and elegance of the suede leaves behind many materials. Black suede shoes are able to decorate any modest outfit, and the image make a chic and sophisticated.

Since the natural suede is a very expensive material, she created an alternative-suede artificial. It has a number of useful and practical properties, and in the form of a little different from their famous relative.

Today, the court of lovers and professionals in the world of fashion shows a wide range of styles, styles and models of black suede shoes.

Of course, the most revered, respected and loved ones were shoes on a heel. In addition to the generally accepted stud, the demand is used by the embossed, the cone shape of the heel, heel barrel, the column. Shoes with contrasting coloring pads, such as gold or red, looks non-standard and original.

Recently, the tempo of designer experiments with a shape and a view of a heel. They are made by rounded, square, concave, depressed, corrugated, with bends, that is, each heel is a masterpiece of an extraordinary designer thought.

On the hairpin

This is a heel that appeared once and for all because universal. Evening black shoes on a classic high thin heel remarkably harmonize with the most different images: solemn, evening, business, casual. Such shoes gives them refinement and elegance.

On the middle heel

This is the perfect solution and for every day, and for a solemn event. Suitable to everyone by making any fashionable, regardless of age and the complex, gentle, slimmer and elegant. And you will choose a restrained model or fashionable, depends on your mood.

Low heeled

This is here about a very small healer, which is capable of making an unusual and eccentricity with its finished form or some original additions.

On a thick heel

Even with a stormy rhythm, I want to look spectacular and feminine. Therefore, the heel was not called thick, but somewhat white volume.


Suede black ballet shoes are very comfortable and practical. Decorated with bows, sequins, rhinestones and other fashion finishes, they are extremely popular among adolescents and young people.

The increasing authority among young people is gaining another version of shoes on a flat sole, which is the opposite of the previous one. Made in a male style, on a thick coarse sole, with the restrained lines and ascetic design inherent.

With platform

Suede black shoes on a massive high platform are suitable for trips to a youth party, a club or a meeting with friends. Even at its height, the platform remains comfortable and comfortable.

Other options

Great Summer Model – with Open Toes or Heel, Side Spaces. Shoes with a strap or with several intertwing straps give the image of romanticity. Unfortunately and uniquely looks suede shoes, decorated with bows, ribbons, flowers, with brooks, with rhinestones, with openwork suede configuration.

What to wear black suede shoes?

Black color classic, universal, suitable almost to everything. And the surface of suede, such a velvety, spectacular and unmatched. Black shoes from suede make up a magnificent color alliance and material having a huge amount of fans.


Black suede shoes will look decent with a business suit, skirt, trousers, strict dress.


The perfect combination is black shoes from suede and evening dress, because here it is possible or an option of an outfit, consisting of a brilliant extravagant dress and graceful black shoes, humoring excessive radiating images, or luxurious shoes with a bow or sole of another color and restraining them on an elegant dress.


With proper care of a capricious suede, shoes can be safely worn daily, complementing you liked images.

Want jeans and shirt? No problem. Dress-case? Shorts with blouse? Skirt-pencil? Yes please. Choose the correct combination of style, style, material, colors – and stylish image is guaranteed.

Features of care

Buying suede shoes, you acquire a thing that will last for you long only with punctual care and good care. After all, even a small speck, which appeared on the surface of the suede shoe, can spoil the whole detailed image. Therefore, only carefully reading the principles and methods of use and care, you will help you avoid many disappointments and trouble.

Clean the suede shoes will be easier if you purchase shoes, purchase a set of tools for care for it and immediately introduce them to each other according to the attached instructions.

Superior shoes from suede to exit to the street, treat it first in spray with a water-repellent effect, and then try to do not meet dirt, puddles, dust cuts, and you got to the destination in the shoes, which preserved the unchanged view.

If your shoes still stain, shake the dirt with a soft brush. The effect of shame is important, and not to drive up dirt deep into the surface. For a glossing surface, the product is first treated with steam, then a rubber brush or an eraser for suede goes into the move and at the end of the process it is necessary to dry it well, and at room temperature.

You can use people’s ways: pollution clean the dry bread crust, refresh the black color, racing a copy.

Love your black suede shoes, and they will reply to you.

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