Suede Boots on a Wedge

Suede Boots on a Wedge

Sleepy shoes on a wedge are perfect for every day. Although they require special care, but they look very impressive, and a convenient tanque provides complete comfort in the sock.

Types of suede

Distinguish natural and artificial suede. The first has a soft structure, it is pleasant to the touch, elastic and breathable. Externally it looks very noble, subject to careful care. The advantage of suede before the skin is that its heat-insulating properties are much better, your legs will always stay warm.

The natural suede is relatively inexpensive, they are made from the skin of the goat, and elite – from the slot or deer skin.

Artificial suede is also divided into several types:

  1. Woven way is more expensive, but externally, it is practically no different from genuine.
  2. Smallorscent microfiber passes a long processing process, and the longer it is, the better will be the finished material.

The cheapest artificial suede is obtained by sticking a pile to the basis. It does not boast of high quality, but the low value of the material makes it publicly available.

Types of tankets

Wedge – this is a wedge-shaped sole, thickening from the sock to the heel. If the sole is thickened in the sock area – this is a platform.

In some models, the tanket is combined with the platform, which looks very spectacular.

The classic wrench must be made of cork or wood, but today these materials are rarely used, most often it is only imitation under a tree. Reliable to use various polymeric materials that are distinguished by durability and wear resistance.

The height and shape of the wedge can be diverse, you can choose it, repulscing from your own preferences. For every day it is better suited for a steady medium height tancle that can be combined with a small platform.

For a special case, ankle shoes are suitable on a thin high wedge, which may have an unusual shape or finish. For example, this season, designers are experimenting with a tanket decoration using a modeling, unusual accessories for these purposes, various images are applied to it.

Decorative elements

Registration of suede ankle boots can be diverse. In classic models most often found straps, buckles, lightning and lacing. The latter are especially popular because they are easy to regulate in width, and they are suitable for the leg of any completeness.

In winter, models are popular with fur trim. It can be a small cuff, by type of unites, and maybe just fur elements adorning the top of the boots.

Screen for offseason can have perforation or even large cuts in the field of ishing or heels. Wearing such ankle shots needlessly, because they will drastically spoil the appearance of the spectacular shoe.

Now in fashion model with catchy decor – large buckles, sparkles, long fringe.

Decor can be located all over the surface of the boots or on separate parts. Stylists advise not to be afraid to use such shoes for everyday socks, but if such a solution seems to be too brave, it is ideal for a special case.

How to choose and to whom fit?

  • When choosing suede shoes, pay attention to the homogeneity of the color. There should be no divorces on the slightly, the paint should not leave color prints.
  • If the suede is artificial, check that the vehicle does not fall out from it from it, otherwise it will quickly lose their attractive appearance.

  • There may be scratime and properly on any delicacy, it speaks of negligence in its manufacture. Naturally, from buying such shoes is better to refrain.

  • Distinguish with an artificial suede from genuine by smell. The latter has no unpleasant, but specific aroma. Artificial or nothing smells, or may have a synthetic smell.

Boots on a wedge will become an excellent solution for girls of low growth. You will feel confident and comfortable, and your feet will be less tired than heels.

  • Girls Category Plus Size should give preference to models with an elongated toe that will expect the silhouette. Pick up shoes in tone to trousers or pantlemas so that they do not visually cut the leg in half.
  • If you have very thin legs, refrain from a rough and massive tanket, which will look at you too rude. Give preference to ankle shutter with an elegant fastener that will emphasize the refinement of your figure.

Color selection

Many believe that black shoes are universal, but this is not so. In fact, it is the most dangerous color of short shoes, because they “cut” legs, making them shorter. So wearing black shoes only with pants or tights in tone. Then they will visually lengthen the leg and additionally slim the figure.

Colored shoes superbly look at Denim’s clothing. This is especially true of suede natural shades – beige, brown, khaki, olive, gray.

Blue or red shocks with ease will fit into the business dress code. They will be wonderful to look with dresses and trousers, adding a highlight image.

You can call white shoes with the most dangerous, because the suede is complex in care and caprick. To such a shoe will be difficult to choose the upper clothes, so if you do not have a white coat, it’s better to refrain from ankleon. Light gray and beige Blimins – options to which should be climbed to create everyday images.

What to wear?

With jeans and pants

Boots on a wedge will look great with Skinny and Boyfriend jeans.

Experimenting with the color of shoes, it will be possible to create business and casual images using only one classic pants or jeans.

In the first case, they will need to be supplemented with a shirt and strict jacket, and in the second – the top and asymmetric cardigan. Do not forget to tie on the neck volumetric scarf or clamp.

With leggings and shorts

Leather leggings will look good with suede boots, it will be very interesting combination. To effectively complete the game with textures, add the image with a bulk woolen sweater.

Deep autumn and in winter you can wear shoes with shorts from costume fabric, putting them on top of dense tights.

With Skirt

Boots of suede wearing with an arched skirt length or a little higher. Especially spectacularly watch a chiffon skirt in combination with a rude mating sweater. Tights Choose in tone of shoes so that the legs look longer.

Refuse a narrowed skirt or pencil skirt, it is better to select high-heeled shoes.

With a dress

With the same story as a skirt – it is best to choose models of a-shaped and trapezoidal silhouette. In winter, knitted tunic dresses mini will look good.

To get an image in the style of bohemian chic, combine suede boots with chiffon flowing dress in the floor, sketching from above the jacket, light park or coat.

With overhead clothes

With ankle boots on a wedge, it will be good to look at the coat of almost any cut length or above. It is worth abandoning only from long coats in the floor, which in such a tandem look ridiculous.

In winter, an excellent combination will be a coat with fur edge and winter boots with fur finish. In the fall, the coat can be supplemented with a sequence or volumetric scarf of a contrasting color.

Models on the lacing will look stylish with a warmed jacket or jacket. Ideal if it will end in the waist area or in the middle of the thigh.

Suede shoes will allow you to experiment, every day constituting new and stylish bows, and a convenient tanner will ensure complete comfort in the sock.

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