Suede Bottors without heel: how to choose and what to wear?

Suede Bottors without heel: how to choose and what to wear?

The origin of the boots is rooted in the history of Spain and France. Initially, they were used by cavalryrs to reduce the load on the legs: they were tough, tightened the leg, did not bete in the knee. In Russia, boots hit in Peter Great. In the 20th century, the boots were in fashion, and in the two thousandths they became popular.

Under this shoes need to be carefully and weighed.

How to choose

Boots with a top of the knee, slightly extended at the top or having curly cuts, are considered classic. Winter or autumn, warmed with natural or artificial fur, can be worn in the cold season.

Today, boots can often be found in the wardrobes of fashionistas. Designer design boots have a variety of styles: wide low heels, studs, platforms made from various materials. The most sought-after suede boots without heels, comfortable, stable, stylish and practical.

From what are sewn

Demi-season boots are sewed from natural or artificial suede, leather, with textile, fleece or knitted lining inside or without it. In the color scheme, the leading roles remain behind black or gray boots, but the designers facilitate the selection of sets to such shoes, offering saturated, bright and bold colors.

Podiums demonstrate a modern model Bottfort – stockings boots, tightly tight legs on the high height of the top.

Summer models are offered from textiles, perforated leather, velor, knitwear and other lung materials.

What to wear

Creating an image, you need to understand which model of boots without heel fits your figure where and with what to wear them. Low Growth Holders Break up the shortened version of the boot. Slender, long-legged fashion connoisseurs will suit high boots, they emphasize the figure and beauty of the legs. Girls with overweight, it is desirable to abandon highly fitting models.

Well suede boots fit into urban life, because on the off-road there is a risk of falling out or spoil shoes.

Winning them with dresses, skirts, coats, cloaks, fur coats, which retain some distance between clothes and riding boots.

It is elegant, suede boots with short, openwork, sophisticated dresses look festively. They are perfectly suitable for jacket, coat or down jacket to the middle of the knee or a little higher. Cropped winter clothes of a fitted silhouette will emphasize your femininity.

Shooting boot boots look at middle and high growth girls, with a good figure and straight legs. You can wear them like light skirts, leather or other dresses, and with outerwear.

Included with boots, the multi-layered. For example, a slight dress with a cardigan of one length or a rickening dress with a knitted dress.

The use of short skirts in the configuration excludes open top and implies minimum decor and jewelry. For this, sweaters, turtlenecks, colants, various capes.

Tightballs are allowed in office style, at work, business meetings. It is worth paying attention to the color and density to them tights. They should be dense, not openwork, without prints, in color boots. Business image does not tolerate causing top, open hands, shoulders or back, otherwise the bold image will go into tasteless.

Dress Sweater, Long Sweater Rough Bands and High Boots Larkenly Looks With A Short Skirt and Dress. Warm, spring season approves onions with silk or jeans dress shirt.

Pants are not excluded in the composition with low boots. They should make her legs well, to be inappropriate colors. But not bodily color. Recent shows are increasingly offering a combination option with pants-cousot boots.

If there are leggings in the wardrobe, then they are desirable to tone a bottle or “under the skin”. At the same time, the top is better to wear not causing, modest, concise. Fashionable and stylishly perceived boots with wide shorts, short-range shorts, non-fitting, medium length. Jeans (skinnie, Slim) always simplify a general view with bottle. Even if they are present in the kit, the shoes must remain in the spotlight.

High boots allow experimenting, combine them with various styles in choosing options. It will give its results in the form of practical, comfortable and fashionable onions.

Tips and images with botfors See next video.

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