Suede green shoes

Suede green shoes

Symbolism of green color

Designers know that color plays the main role in creating an image. Green shades are very popular for many reasons. Girls unconsciously stretch to clothes, decorated in green, and the main reason is psychology.

Modern girl is constantly susceptible to work stress. Green color is able to quickly bring in order to break the nerves, create a comfortable setting, even if you are far from home. This color is the most familiar for the human eye, because a lot around is green – trees, forests, plants.

Green clothing improves performance, since it can be removed from it for a while. Moreover, the color will help you in communication. Scientifically proven that green has others to conversation, attracts attention and causes a sense of confidence.

Pluses of green suede shoes

Many girls are limited to black and white suede products, and this is a big mistake! Green shoes from suede look several times spectacular. They contribute to the creation of a bright, striking, fresh image, which helps to give a spring mood at any time.

The huge advantage of suede green shoes is practicality. For cleaning them do not have to spend a lot of time and effort. You only need to know what to use so that the material does not deteriorate:

  • Water for removing fat stains are unsuitable. You will need an ordinary gasoline or chemical for suede fabric. It is better to use not a rag, but a brush with a soft bristle. Hard to prescribe.
  • If the appearance of the tufelk spoiled because of the mud, without warm water can not do! Holding the model under water, sweeten it with a napkin.
  • Drying of suspicious products of green should occur as far as possible from the battery, otherwise the shoes will expose irreversible deformation. Need to dry at room temperature.

Suede green shoes themselves look luxuriously, but a stunning image can only be achieved by a full-fledged harmonious combination of clothing! What wearing green models?

  • Shoes from suede for onions are not enough. They will look somewhat inappropriate if they are the only suede product in your wardrobe. It is strongly recommended to get a suede bag of the same color as shoes. Also suitable jacket from green suede.

  • Shoes will be wonderful to look with alternate jeans. The image will be bold, outdoor. The thing for self-confident girls wishing to be in the spotlight!

  • Green suede shoes will go into a terrific symbiosis with a short black dress, an up-to-ended shoe strap.

  • Casual Style Fans will appreciate low-heeled shoes. They can be put on with free adulted sweatshirts.

  • Going to a solemn event, stop the selection on shoes with stiletts. Dress should be brilliant. The appearance will be extravagant.


The owner of suede green shoes remain satisfied. Girls pleased that shoes are suitable for all situations. They harmoniously fit into any location. Green products instill a sense of confidence, help fashionable people feel more attractive.

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