Suede Heel Boots

Suede Heel Boots

Sleepy shoes on heels – feminine shoes and elegant. It looks status, thanks to the material. It is no coincidence that this model height up to the ankle was invented in France with one of the couture on the order of the Queen of Elizabeth II. Ankle Boots are universal and suitable for many images and life situations.

Types of Boots from Suede

You can divide this shoes on various color and via style.

For the manufacture of ankle shoes, both natural suede and artificial. Both of these material can be painted. Manufacturers implement this opportunity with success and fantasy.

The most common colors are: black, beige, brown, dark green, burgundy, redhead and gray. Pretty familiar colors. Of unusual shades there are yellow, red, blue, purple, pink, golden and other options.

Logsa Suede Bootlims can be:

  • Classical. On zipper, with heel of medium height and thickness, with minimal finish or its complete absence. For example, it can be a neat fur edge at the top of the winter model.
  • In Causual style. Such a style can often have a decorative lacing, as well as a set heel, most often different in color from the shoe itself.
  • Grunge. This is certainly thick, embossed sole, wide stable heel and decor in the form of straps, metal rivets, lightning.
  • Elegant models on high heels are characterized by intricate decorations. It can be rhinestones, color embroidery, applique. Looks very beautifully openwork perforation, lace inserts, fringe and tassels.
  • Unusual, original styles with experimental shape or heel material are suitable for avid fashionistas. For example, transparent heels, from tube or out of colored plastic.
  • Open-nosed model.

What to wear?

Boots from suede is permissible to wear both to work and for everyday walks, as well as to enter the theater, restaurant, cocktail.

They are perfectly harmonized with jeans, classic pants and costumes, coats, triple, park, short fur coat, jackets and medium length dresses. If this accessory is neutral, then it will fit in almost any style: Romantic, Bocho, Lady Like, Office.

For example:

  1. Elegant image. Loose white-colored dress, a handbag of a gentle beige shade and light gray suede shoe boots on the heel.
  2. Romantic image. Suitable for casual walks. Long wide skirt in flower, knitted cotton top with applique and light beige shoes.

You can make a bright emphasis in the image using color ankle boots. To do this, it is enough to choose restrained colors of clothing, and decorating pick up bright shoes. By the way, there is one trick in the selection of jewelry: the suede texture looks noble and expensive in combination with gold accessories. They shade and emphasize the matte surface of the shoes.

Note also that if you want the legs look slightly, – wear frosted tights or pants that match the color with the shoes, and choose a skirt just below the knee or above. With a popular midi long, when the hem comes to the middle of the caviar, there is a risk to break the proportions, and visual legs.

If you want to decorate the festive image – choose shoes on a heel with rhinestones. Elegant models are best suited to a dress-and-case dress, a closed trouser or skirt suit. It is unacceptable to make a set with an evening dress in the floor, to which traditionally pick up exclusively shoes or sandals.

Care for suede

Do not neglect attentive attitude towards. This material does not tolerate slush and dirt.

  • Before using the boots, you need to be treated with a special water repellent composition, which also prevents the penetration of reagents. The composition of the mixtures that sprinkle tracks in slippery weather are very harmful to genuine leather.
  • In the future, it is necessary to apply a special brush to clean, which will allow you to gently get rid of pollution and give a vorsion velvety texture. Refresh the color will help special paint, which is sprayed on the surface of the suede and absorbs her.

Choosing suede boots on the heel, you acquire a lot of advantages in favor of beauty and compatibility with things. Therefore, even the need for careful care is fading compared to how often you will wear this shoes, staying beautiful and charming.

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