Suede shoes

Suede shoes

Suede shoes look spectacular, noble and stylish. Regardless of the model you choose, they can drastically transform the image by adding a special grace and charm to it.



Sports shoes will help you if neither sneakers nor business shoes fit into the image. For example, they are great for walking around the city, comfortable suede shoes easily fit into the street style.

Also there are suede sports shoes intended for dancing. They have their own distinctive features: a heel of a certain height, classic design, as well as sew them exclusively from natural material.

With open nose

Open-nose suede shoes very popular. They look very exquisite and visually make the leg of slimmer. Such shoes wonderfully look with narrow pants or skirts of the length of the length.

Stylists advise wearing such shoes on bare leg, but if you want to wear under the bottom tights, let them be bright or dark.

With strap

Shoes with a strap – the only shoes that will emphasize the beauty and elegance of your ankles. Today you can find various models of shoes in which the strap will be located not only at the level of ankle.

A very feminine and romantic model with T-shaped strap is popular. They wonderfully look with lush dresses and skirts, giving grace.

There is a completely fair judgment that the shoes with the strap visually “cut” and shorten the leg. But this applies not to all models, so do not rush to exclude them from your wardrobe.

Sleepy shoes of beige or bodily color will look just wonderful, and the strap in this case only gently will emphasize the bending of the leg.

On a tanket

Suede wedge shoes are the perfect casual shoes that allows legs to look beautiful, but at the same time feel as comfortable as possible.

You can walk in such shoes all day, and not at all feel fatigue. In the fashion, a variety of models: with an open toe, with a strap around ankle or without it. At the same time, you can not limit yourself in the choice of outlet, they will look good both beige or black and bright shoes on a wedge.

Without heel

Sleepy shoes without heel also have the right to exist in the women’s wardrobe. Stylish leafers or Oxfords are suitable for everyday socks, as well as perfectly fit into a business image. In them you can feel the most relaxed and comfortable, because they are very soft and comfortable.


  • Suede beige or white shoes visually lengthen the leg and make a shape slimmer. Therefore, this is a win-win option for girls with a nonideal figure. To create the effect of long legs, select the model on the middle heel of such a shade that will match the shade of your skin.

  • Beige and burgundy shoes are now at the peak of popularity. They are ideal for solemn events and access to. If you want to supplement the outfit, prefer the beige model. Burgundy shoes are suitable for those who want to stand out or emphasize the depths of their image.

  • Gray shoes are suitable for work, meeting friends, and just everyday socks. These are perfect shoes for every day that look much more interesting black.

  • Brown shoes easily fit into the casual image. They can be combined with jeans, jumper and blazer or leather jacket.

  • Blue or pink shoes look very bright and perfectly written off in feminine images. They will complement both an elegant trouser costume, and a romantic dress with lace.

  • Emerald shoes are incredibly relevant! They will be well combined with the outfit of white, black, yellow or pink. In other words, you can experiment and pick up any bright color clothes for them. It turns out very fresh and interesting.

How to choose?

  • Suede shoes can be called a kind of unique shoes, which is well combined with both T-shirt and jeans and evening toilet. Today it is a rich selection of models and colors, but if you do not have the ability to buy a lot of shoes, make a bet on the base colors.

  • It is very important to choose the right height of the heel, on average it can vary from 5 to 15 cm. In the fashion studs, stable heels, a fuel tank and platform, so each girl can find exactly the pair, in which it will feel as comfortable as possible.

  • At the same time, the advantage and disadvantage of suede shoes are that they are quickly stretched and stuffed, so you need to buy a couple exactly in size. On the other hand, if you have made the purchase online and the shoes were unlike you, there is a high probability that you will be able to dismiss them.

How to stretch?

As you already understood, stretch the suede shoes are quite simple.

If you feel that they are not enough for you, go to their house for a couple of hours, they spread pretty quickly.

You can also moisten them with vodka or beer, which will only speed up the process. Just moisten a cotton swab in the drink and blunt shoes from the inside.

How to clean?

  • Suede shoes can not be washed, they are shown extremely dry cleaning. For it, you need to purchase a special rubber brush or sponge, but all manipulations must be done very carefully. Do not push the surface to the surface not to damage suede. Before leaving the house does not prevent the water-repellent spray, because the suede is literally afraid of moisture.

  • True, if you spat out shoes mud, you can not do without water. Substitute them under the warm water stream, and then wipe dry with a clean napkin. Suede shoes can not be dried in the sun and especially on the battery, they must dry in a natural way.

  • If a fat stain was formed on suede shoes, it was possible to remove it using a special shampoo for suede. Some advise the use of vinegar for these purposes, if there is no professional to do.

What to wear?

Suede shoes are not so capricious as it may seem at first glance. Many girls avoid them because they do not know what to wear, but do it completely in vain.

Most models are perfectly combined with clothing from the blue denim of all shades. It can be ordinary jeans, skirt, dress, shorts, jumpsuit. This is especially true of blue and red models, which are chic on the pair even with conventional boyfriend jeans.

With suede, skin and knitwear will also look great. It can be leather leggings, mini skirt, knitted dress or stylish jumper.

Gray shoes are most practical, they are perfectly combined with any clothing, so ideal for everyday socks. If you do not have the opportunity to buy several pairs of shoes, it is gray suede shoes – your win-win version.

Black or beige suede shoes are suitable for accessing. They will delightly look at the company with a brilliant dress. Such a game in contrasts looks luxurious and stylish. You can afford maximum: Sequins, rhinestones, gluttony gold threads and other sparkling decor.

To work, we carry suede shoes in the company with a concise dress-case or stern pants. Complete image can be knitted jumper or cardigan to emphasize the “cozy” of the suede. At the same time, shoes should be a calm shade, which is well sprinkled in the business dress code.

Matte noble suede is very impressive itself, so the model of everyday suede shoes should be the most simple and laconic. Refuse abundant decor in favor of low-key minimalism.

In Bows in Street Style style, multicolored suede shoes will look good. They are suitable for jeans, singled trousers or short skirt. In the fall, such shoes will complement the image with a warm coat or a jacket-blind.

All fans of the style of boho-chic can not do without a pair of brown suede shoes. Wonderfully look at the model on a wooden sole. You can wear them with any bright green, red, yellow clothes. Also, they easily fit into the cozy autumn wardrobe, in which comfortable trousers and soft knitted cardigans are dominated.

Stylish images

  • Blue shoes with ease will fit in business wardrobe. They will complement the strict black and white look, which consists of a white blouse and a black-eyed pencil skirt. Ends the image of a trounted blue coat and gloves. It remains only to capture a bright handbag of red or yellow.

  • For every day, suede shoes on a thick sustainable heel are perfect. Wear them with black shortened pants and a white shirt on the issue. Supplement Look Handbag on a long strap and bright silk scarf tied by neck.

  • For evening exit you can choose an elegant lace dress midi dress, Supplementing it with a handbag on a long strap, suspiced shoes on a stable heel and red lipstick. You will look delicious!

  • Go to the party? Give preference to suede mini skirt TUAP, black turtleneck, leather jacket with fringe and suede black shoes with T-shaped strap. Supplement the image of dense black tights and clutch with spectacular print.

As you can see, the choice of models is varied, so you will definitely find your perfect suede pair!

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