Suede sneakers

Suede sneakers

Suede shoes fascinates with its beauty, elegance, Simplicity and special chic, which is the very highlight. From this material make the most diverse shoes, including sneakers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Suede sneakers, like any other shoes, has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with positive:

  1. In sneakers made of natural suede, always comfortable and comfortable. This is ensured by the softness and advantage of the material. To lose my legs with suede sneakers is very difficult. Such shoes can be selected even to people with a nonstandard structure of the foot.
  2. With proper care, suede sneakers will serve for a very long time and will always look like new. On the skin or substitute often appear chances, cracks or scratches, and suede is devoid of such troubles. Of course, over time and suede may lose its kind, but all the shortcomings can be easily disguised with special means.
  3. Suede sneakers rarely when accepted for exclusively sport shoes. They are easily combined with jeans, skirts and even dresses. In suede sneakers, you can not only play sports, but also go shopping, walking and even a date.
  4. All shoes from suede looks rich, looks expensive and carries a toliary of nobility. When dyeing suede acquires a deep color with a pleasant shade. Sneakers from suede choose people with excellent taste, which are not bad to understand fashion and have a thin sense of style.

Unfortunately not everything is so smooth, suede sneakers have some disadvantages. He heads this list fear to water. Suede shoes quickly wet, so in the rain in such sneakers do not take a lot. In addition, the suede is more difficult to care than behind the skin or even a substitute.

Trendy models

Suede sneakers are a very popular topic in the trendy world, which is actively used by trendy brands, large manufacturers and small factories. Each sport brand boasts a collection of suede sneakers.

  • Shoes from suede from Nike Ideal for training at simulators and running. The distinctive characteristic of this shoe is calm colors and concise design. The most popular are the models in gray. Although in the future season popularity raise sneakers in which neutral colors will be combined with brighter and expressive shades.

  • Adidas Looks suede shoes for everyday socks, active use and long-term training. Unlike its competitors, Adidas is a supporter of saturated colors, among which there is red, purple, blue and some others. For several seasons at the peak of popularity there are models in emerald color, which were particularly attracted by casual style lovers.

  • Original suede shoes Releases PUMA. Designers managed to combine casual style with classic elements. The distinctive element of this shoe is the outcower. When choosing colors to create a collection of suede shoes, PUMA designers remained true to their traditions: the basis was formed black, white and brown colors.

Not only global brands are engaged in the release of suede sneakers. Such models are no less qualitative, moreover, more accessible.

Among such models are allocated the following trendies:

  1. Neat out sole with small rifer is a traditional and popular choice of many.
  2. Material plays a big role from which sneakers are created. Indelible leadership belongs to the natural suede. In fashion there are models with silver spraying, artificially aged fabrics, materials with a mesh and porous structure.
  3. For winter, a large number of insulated cases of suede sneakers are produced. In such shoes there is reinforced thermal insulation, besides, they are very comfortable.


Bright colors – A new direction in the world of sports shoes, which is actively developed by designers. Options may be mass, ranging from monophonic bright models and ending with classic colors, diluted patterns, logos, prints or embroidery. Designers try to choose muffled shades of bright colors. It can be coral, lilac, pistachio color and olives, yellow, blue.

White running shoes still remain in fashion, because this is a classic that fashion trends are not capable of eclipse. White sneakers are often diluted with stripes. They may differ not only in color, but also by texture. For example, if sneakers are made of suede, the strips can be leather.

Sneakers in pastel colors have been left at the peak of popularity, so you can safely choose mint models, pistachio, pink and blue. Such shoes are not suitable for dresses.

How to erase and clean?

Suede sneakers Despite all their advantages have an important drawback, who concerns the need for correct and timely care. If you adhere to several rules, then suede sneakers will have a great view for a long time.

  • Periodic processing with special sprays that protect the capricious material from the exposure to the external environment and retain the color of the painted suede.
  • Cleaning sneakers should be made using a special bilateral brush. Rubber nozzle allows you to cleanse the suede, and with the help of hard bristles, you can return the initial type of rearrangement sites. There are foam cleaners on the market that are well suited for daily care. If suddenly suede sneakers were wet, they must be pre-dry, because in the wet state it is impossible to clean this material.
  • Sleep it is impossible to water, so it is desirable to use sneakers from this material not to use in crude weather. It is clear that no one is immune from unforeseen precipitation. Wet sneakers need to dry in vivo, without the use of radiator, hair dryer and direct sunlight. Suede can be treated with water-repellent means, which is especially relevant during frequent precipitation.
  • To return the saturation of the suede color, it is necessary to use a special paint that is designed specifically for this material.

Many questions arise about the washing of suede sneakers, After all, this material, as we have already known, is afraid of water. Here you also need to know several rules that will help make suede shoes clean and at the same time save its appearance.

  • Clean the dirt with sneakers and carefully cleaned the sole.
  • We get sneakers, get out and erase the insoles with your hands.
  • To get rid of stains, you can use soda with low-fat milk, ammonia with water alcohol (1: 4), coffee thick (for brown sneakers), special tools from the store.
  • After drying the sneakers, it is naturally necessary to comb their tight brush.
  • With a special shampoo, which is calculated on the suede, clean sneakers. Shampoo can be replaced with soapy alcohol soap water.
  • With small pollution, you can hold the shoes above the ferry and rub the brush.

What to wear?

Suede sneakers are suitable not only for sports images. With such shoes you can combine a lot of different clothes. If earlier even the most bold fashionists could not afford to appear in the dress and sneakers, now such a combination is not only acceptable, but even preferable.

It is easier to list clothes that cannot be combined with sneakers:

  • Business suit+
  • Classic Street Trousers+
  • Evening toilet.

It is possible that in a few years and this clothes will be worn with sneakers, and so far it should refrain from such combinations.

When forming the image in which suede sneakers will be present, it is necessary to be guided by the characteristics of shoes, its color, style and decor.

  • White sneakers are combined with jeans, dresses, skirts with places, cardigans, a coat with a bulk style, skirts with a long-range of knitwear, sweatshirts.
  • If you have high black sneakers with a hidden platform, then leather tregins, leggings or black skinny jeans must be present in the wardrobe. All these options will be perfectly combined with your suede sneakers. To any of these images, you can add a shortened volumetric two-breasted coat. If the image you want to add audacity, then you need to choose a soul.
  • Maranta sneakers in blue, beige, blue colors will look gorgeous with a short fur coat, fur vest, down jacket, park or bomber.
  • Models in the pastel colors palette can be combined with light lines of simple cut, jeans-shirt denim dresses.

Combination options for suede sneakers mass. Choose really there is from.


  • Suede sneakers with a coat – now it is fashionable, stylish and original, although a few more years such a combination was unacceptable. Such an image can be called concise and restrained, which is due to the choice of light tones and the formation of a simple silhouette. White shortened coat shall shade the dark bottom and makes the bag more expressive. Wide scarf, the original way wrapped around the neck, attracts his eyes and puts emphasis in this image.

  • Snow-white sneakers + a simple set of skirt and sweatshirts – the formula for creating a successful image that will be equally harmonious and original. An unexpected element has become a bag in a pink saturated color. This image can be a pleasure, office, romantic, in one word, as you need.

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