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Sustal Boots stockings

Suede stockings boots are now at the peak of popularity. They are present in all collections of the best designers and in the wardrobe of every fashionista. Because of his own demand, stockings boots with each season acquire new designs and textures.

Strauchery suede boots – stockings are ideally sitting on the leg due to such a combination of fabric and is well described, which emphasizes their slightness and length. Perhaps these are the only stockings boots that harmoniously sit on the full leg.

But you need to remember that stockings boots are called that they should sit on the leg. When buying it is worth paying attention to how easy it is zipper and the absence of folds. Otherwise, boots will look silly and lose their attraction.

Of course, suede boots stockings look better on the heel. This option will emphasize femininity once again and it doesn’t matter how you dress up. Suede stockings boots on the hairpin themselves will attract attention. About the dignity of the hairpin knows literally every woman. High thin heel attaches slightness, growth and confidence. Suede Stockings Boots on the Stilette will fit in an evening or festive image.

Combining the convenience of shoes on the flat move and the functionality of the heel, suede boots and stockings on a wrench are ideal for those who do not recognize the absence of a heel, but wants to confidently stand on the legs in winter.

The tanque also like heel will add growth, only it will be much more convenient. Boots-stockings, like other types of shoes, can have a high, low or molded mold. The choice will be only for what will be comfortable to walk.

An alternative to a fuzz will be the platform. For everyday socks, a polymer platform with rifrance is quite suitable. But for solemn and special occasions it is worth choosing a high platform in combination with a heel.

For connoisseurs of comfort and convenience, the appropriate option will be stocking boots in low go. The without heel option will also suit the winter version of this shoe. Attention from the lack of heel will distract the white sole, which has become very popular for the last few seasons.

For winter, boots are undoubtedly the best option. But to keep their shape and how they will look at the leg, it is worth choosing euro-winter options. Such models will remain warm and will make legs like boots stockings.

As for the length, then for the last season, Designers offer maxi length. Now suede boots really resemble stockings. They are tight as the second leather and reach the middle of the hips. But you can stick to the classic forms. Length just above the knee also did not lose its relevance.


Classic and winning option will be suede boots stockings black color. This color does not oblige anything, so the clothes can be chosen almost any. In addition, it is black boots, stockings will fit in an evening or cocktail image.

Gray, beige or Brown Suede stockings boots are suitable for daily images as it is impossible. They are great combined with white or blue jeans and contrast bright riding.

Sustal Boots stockings red or Berry shades – Option for bold girls. It is with this color that the very line of vulgarity can be moved. So that this does not happen, choose a low-speed model and combine with blue or gray jeans. And for the evening it is better to choose red suede stiletto boots in combination with a gray dress slightly above the boot.

In addition to basic colors, many designers in the new season presented suede stockings boots in non-standard colors. Shades of green, blue, pink, there are combinations of several shades in one pair. The easiest option of several colors, became black and white.

What to wear?

Feminine and romantic outfits, of course, number one in the list “What to wear stockings boots”. Short dresses and skirts will harmoniously look with suede boots. For winter images, a narrow fitting jeans, cardigans and a cozy dress sweater will be suitable.

It is very important when collecting the image with suede stockings, balance and do not go to the edge of vulgarity. Should not be too bright decor and details. If you are going to wear stockings boots with short skirt-mini or shorts, then the top should be softered and modest. Extra long vest, jacket or cardigan.

In the desire to choose a classic image better to combine stockings boots on a small heel and a dress-case. For office suede boots, stockings will also be quite relevant option. Complete their skirt pencil and men’s shirt.

For a daily version, jeans are suitable, sweater and park. Or leather dress and coat in light colors. Generally it is worth noting that the coat is the best option of outerwear in combination with suede bottle stockings. The image looks soft and unobtrusive. But a short fur coat is just the thing that you should not choose a couple with long boots.

Beige or other bright stockings boots should not overload dark flowers so that the boots do not look superfluous. Better if there is a couple of bright elements that complement beige ornaments or accessories. With suede gray boots, a dairy shade dress will be combined, silver jewelry and a bag.

Many girls are afraid to combine gray stockings boots with gray clothes, but real fashionists know that properly selected shades will save any outfit. Just like a black dress. Every woman has it. Add red accessories, and you will not be unnoticed.

For evening images, stylists advise choose shoes from suede or stretch stockings. These materials are better tightened to the leg and look elegant. Tights pick up better in tone, so legs will look slimmer. Do not need to abuse accessories, one or two minimalistic subjects will be enough.

It is not recommended to wear stockings boots, if the end of the image with an open neckline or back. Everyone remembers the face of vulgarity and beamless. So that it does not go should not combine such shoes with sequins from sequins or other shiny tissues.

Lace also should not be much. But if you can’t do without it, let it be minimally present in the image. Atlas and other shiny fabrics are also contraindicated.


Suede stockings boots are best suited to girls with a good figure and slender legs. This is what allows them to combine with boots short skirts and dresses. For example, a dress-sweater with a decaying line of shoulders and gray boots stockings on the heel. Or Black Bottors-Stockings and Gray Tight Silhouette Dress.

Upper clothes should be chosen depending on the case and occasion. Young girls or for everyday exits you can combine stockings boots on a small heel. But for business or working images, black and coal boots – stockings on the stud in combination with emerald coat will be appropriate.

With a coat or cloak of pink shades will harmoniously look the boots – stockings of gray above the knee of color. The image will finish the bag in fact and gloves with a slightly unobtrusive leopard print scarf. Such an image is suitable for gentle romantic girls.

To create a bright and bold image, combine the red coat of the straight cut and black stockings boots. Add to the image of Legins under the skin and metal accessories.

To go for a walk or in movies with friends you can replace leather legings with black narrow jeans, add a delicate pink sweater and hat. Bag to this along with it is better to select medium size and not to tone boots.

For urban buddies, a leather black rude is also suitable, which is almost in every wardrobe, in combination with a gray knitted dress, a bulk bag in tone and black boots – stockings until the middle of the hips.

As for denim shorts, then in the autumn or in the winter they are not quite appropriate. But if you love this element of clothes, then it is worth wearing with a volumetric sweater and boots for several tones lighter or darker. For example, choose a gray gamut.

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