Timberland sneakers

Timberland sneakers

Warm Winter with Timberland

Footwear from the world famous brand Timberland does not cease to delight with its quality and design. In the production of winter sneakers of this company, only the best materials are used as, for example, natural thick, unbelief herbal oxide leather on the top of the shoes.

Also winter sneakers Timberland Other positive qualities have:

  1. Tight molding of ankle soft roller, which avoids corns.
  2. Universality of winter sneakers.
  3. Feeling light and comfort.
  4. Shoes allows you to keep legs warm, avoiding the emergence of an unpleasant smell.

Unique insoles and soles

Timberland sneakers are great for winter, and their sole has a number of excellent qualities:

  • Durable grip.
  • Production of high-quality materials on pressure casting technology.
  • Feeling confidence in every step due to sustainability.
  • Lack of sliding on wet and ice surface.
  • Wear resistance and strength.
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