Timberlands: description, assortment, choice

Timberlands: description, assortment, choice

Timberlands – this is what is considered primarily when people choose shoes and sneakers for active pastime. Leather shoes manufactured by Timberland brand – autumn, with fur and the other – it looks stylish, distinguished by durability. That’s just how to distinguish American original Timberlands from fakes and what else is worth knowing when buying such boots – with these questions it is worth understanding more.


Timberland shoes have long turned into a real adoration for people, whose life is connected with tourism, active recreation. The company, which produces the famous American mustard-colored boots (the very thimberlands), has existed since 1952, but she gained world fame in 1973. It was then that the technology appeared to the light that turned the ideas about the convenience and practicality of the shoes. The technology of a seamless connection of the top of a shoe and soles made of rubber allowed to guarantee the total waterproof of six-inch yellow boots and brought them to the creator Natuan Schwartz a huge profit.

The Timberland brand was registered in the same year in 1973. As a logo, a silhouette of American oak, symbolizing family, continuity of generations was chosen for him. Since 1988, the company has also produced clothes, and from 1991 – accessories and jackets. Children’s products appeared in the range of firms in 1997.

Among the features that possess Timberlands, You can select the following.

  • Protective sole. In branded shoes it is necessarily present. The original corrugated drawing is easily recognizable, provides excellent clutch with a coating of any type.
  • Dirt-repellent coating. It provides effective resistance to deep penetration of dirt, salts, moisture, oil inside material. As a result, almost always shoes are pretty easy to clear from the spots covering them, returning an impeccable appearance.
  • Gore-Tex membrane material. It provides shoes excellent breathability even with long-term sock. Shoes with membrane durable, practical, indispensable in hikes.
  • 100% waterproof. Boots with such properties have marked WaterProof. They are manufactured on the patented brand technology and are still reliable, as in 1973. The base has a silicone layer that does not give moisture and dirt deep into the material structure.

All these properties allow Timberlands to maintain popularity and conquer new heights. Every year the product range is only expanding, providing the opportunity to combine Timberland shoes with clothing in a sports, everyday, business style.

Varieties and models

Timberland has a wide range of shoes with all the properties of the flagship model. In the range you can find classic solutions with laces and new items without them, low and high options. Treksiders and traditional trekking boots 6 or 8 inches, light sneakers, Chelsea, sneakers and sneakers are popular with popularity. They all deserve the most attentive consideration.


Footwear for a warm season performed by Timberland is presented first of all men’s tracksiders – moccasins for everyday socks. From classic topsiders, they differ in more reliable corrugated soles, when creating a mechanical brand technologies were applied. The depreciation base guarantees excellent depreciation on any coating.

In the assortment of the brand they are represented by models:

  • 3 Eye Classic Boat+
  • 2 Eye Classic Boat (there is a female version).

Each model has a top of a premium coarse leather, there is a 360 degree lacing, a leather lining, a medium layer of soles from EVA. Summer women Timberlands – These are stylish Berline Park slips with elastic inserts. Comfortable shoes for every day in the city.


Stylish autumn Torrez Slipper Moccasin Slippers positioned by the company as an element of home shoes, but on the street in dry weather they are very comfortable. This male model is represented in 2 colors, has a leather top and laces, a fleece lining.

Demi-season shoes include sneakers. Men’s Timberlands are presented in this category by the following models.

  • Flyroam Leather Oxford. The model created by Aerocore technology intended for permanent wearing. Lightweight sole and branded insole with unpleasant smell make the most active day light and comfortable.

  • Brooklyn Super Oxford. Stylish sneakers with combined riding textiles and nubuck, mesh lining and aerocore sole.

  • Adventure 2.0 Cupsole Alpine Oxford. Model KED from a capsule collection made in a skateboard. They have alpine champs, cotton laces, lining with 50% recycled PET as part of.

  • BROOKLYN LACE OXFORD. Sneakers in the spirit of Militari, perfectly fitting in the city landscape. This is a model with a massive sole, manufactured by Aerocore technology, riding a premium-class nubuck, breathable lining-grid.

In addition, the models deserve attention Brooklyn Alpine Chukka, Urban Exit Chukka, Ripcord Low Hiker, Oriented on the most demanding lovers of active life. Boots WORLD HIKER MID and EURO SPRINT HIKER Suitable to lovers of outdoor activities. High Bradstreet chukka Also become a good addition to the wardrobe of the modern citizen. Stylish waterproof shoes Radford 6 inch Alpine Boot They will help to reduce the load on their feet with their lightweight design.

No less known and waterproof 8 Inch Series Made in USA Boot. These high boots are able to cope with the most immense routes, reliably fixing the ankle and ankle, protecting them from injuries. Lovers of walks will come to the shower CITYROAM CHUKKA Boots With a lightweight sole, an exclusive diamond pattern on it, a protective roller. For ventilation in this model answers the lining-grid. In the women’s line, demi-season shoes stand out in the form Sneakers Kiri Up Kpu Net Oxford with combined top, Snickers Delphville Leather Sneaker and Ellis Street Oxford Libertin.

Autumn options are presented with a model Courmayer Valley Chelsea and CHAMONIX VALLEY BOOT Boots.


Men’s collection of winter timberlands is represented by a series Waterproof and classic 6 inch Premium Boot. These are the very trekking boots containing Primaloft’s corporate insulation that imitating goose down. This model still has a leather top, withstanding the most intensive operation. There is a company and universal models – Chelsea boots. The ViBram Arctic Grip series shoes have a special anti-slip sole for mobs.

Models with fur or insulation from fleece, wool is in the women’s product line. It is worth noting here Nellie Chukka, Lucia Way 6 inch Boot. Model without clashes with challenges CHAMONIX VALLEY FOLD-DOWN BOOT It is suitable for a combination with a skirt and coat. Short waterproof TEDDY FLEECE FOLD-DOWN will become an excellent solution for not very snowy winter.

Color solutions

Color range of tyomberlands is quite diverse, while it is almost impossible to meet too bright, poisonous shades here. All tones are muffled, close to natural or pastel, That makes it easy to combine shoes with the most different styles and elements of the wardrobe. The brand has gained his glory, once released a model in yellow color – these trackclocking boots and today are sold more successful.

In addition, the basic variants of shoe coloring. First of all it beige, gray, red, brown, white and black Tonya. Among the fashion shoes can be found more bright solutions – Red, Blue, Green, Blue boots. The company pays great attention to the preservation of the individuality of its collections. In many cases, design elements are used as embossing, the application of multi-colored prints on the material surface – it adds brightness thymberlands. Interesting look Silver Shoe models as well Neon Coloring – they are mainly used in sports versions.

In addition, you can find interesting options for shades in the limited collections.


The choice of raw materials has always played an important role in the manufacture of original boots and sneakers Timberland. Among the materials used, you can select the following.

  • Nubuk. Nubuk’s shoes have a rough outer surface, pleasant to the touch, presentable, resistant to wear.

  • Leather. Your famous leather Timberland shoes makes out of the cow’s excellent dressing skins. The skin is used in the manufacture of steleke, lining in tourist and work boots.

  • Artificial fur or wool. It is made of synthetic materials that are well transmitting air and preserving heat.

  • Fleece. It is used in the lining of the Winter TEDDY boot, has excellent softness, high density, high thermal insulation properties.

  • Recycled plastic and PET. From it, laces and other elements of the design of shoes are made.

  • Ripstop textile or nylon. Used in the top of the sneakers.

  • Rubber for soles sneakers and boots. It is made of elastic materials that allow compensate for shock loads when running or walking.

Timberland actively supports environmental projects and seeks to use only recyclable materials in its products.


Standard in the dimension mesh Timberland used American measurement system. Each model also has an article in which completeness is indicated – medium (M) or WIDE (W). Male dimensional mesh varies in the range from 6 American, corresponding to 39 Russian, to 15 (50 EUR, 48 RUS, respectively). In centimeters, the measurement goes in increments of 0.5 cm – from 24 to 33 cm.

The range of American sizes of women’s shoes varies from 5 to 11. They correspond to 35-42 Russian sized mesh variants. It is worth considering that On the shoes, officially selling in the Russian Federation, indicates the figure, up to the European market. The discrepancy with the Russian size can reach 0.5 cm.

How to distinguish the original from the fake?

The problem of falsification is relevant for all eminent brands, and Timberland is no exception. To choose really branded shoes, it is important to pay attention to the mass of moments that the creators of replicas in pursuit are missed.

The first rule will be the acquisition of goods on the official site. For this, it is not necessary to choose a page registered in the United States, just not to pay attention to the sites of random intermediaries.

Most often when copying thimberlands, the following points are overlooked.

  • Crop probication logo. For fake, it will be lubricated, located at an angle.
  • On the back of the boot instead of a branded quadruple line – double, with a clear distortion. Sole heels have another shape, the sole of the original has a translucent structure, perfectly verified lines. In fake, its color is distorted, the structure of the material matte, opaque.
  • On the sole is the brand logo. Copies can find explicit problems with the quality of its print. Strong distortions of proportions in comparison with the original also often.
  • Seams without defects. This is a sign of original, branded boots. For fake versions, the distance between the lines varies, it has pronounced curvatures.
  • Lace mappings in branded models Timberland do not have burrs, look like perfect hexagons. In replicas, fitness is clearly lower than quality, she has pronounced defects.
  • Insoles and lining in original boots are created by branded technologies. In the case of shoes created by Chinese Unnamed craftsmen, there will be the cheapest version of the polymer insulation and a grid that does not meet the requirements for the membrane.
  • Junction soles. In fakes, they have obvious irregularities, traces of the connection. Separate layers of various color material with poor quality compound.

Considering all these moments, you can easily identify falsification of the shoes Timberland. It is worth noting that the famous six-inch boots are most often focated.

How to care?

Timberlands care is mainly reduced to removal of pollution, restore the correct position of the pile on the material. Dry cleaning shoes are not required, but contact with water or soap with domestic processing can permanently spoil expensive shoes.

You can forget about washing in a typewriter – she is completely contraindicated by Timberlands. Care of urban and tourist shoes to all of the famous American brand must take into account all its features and comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Clean the product correctly, take care of the preservation of its form, by following certain rules.

  • Dry cleaning performed after each exit to the street. As a tool, a special brush on the handle is used, with a short bristle on one side and special rubber “fingers” on the turn. Such a tool helps raise the villi, well cleans dry dirt. It is that they should be acquired immediately after the appearance of Timberlands.
  • Strong pollution can be removed using conventional elastic. They carefully wipe the affected area, then shake the brush the residues of the erasing gum. The procedure can be repeated repeated if necessary. You can also get a special eraser for a nubuck, eating even the strongest traces and contaminated pollution.
  • Wet cleaning is carried out only for this foam. It is applied to the surface of shoes in pollution places, left for 1-2 hours, then removed using a brush.
  • Sole can be wiped with a wet cloth or microfiber, avoiding contact with the surface of the shoe itself.
  • Timberlands from the nubuck is recommended before each exit from home to process water-repellent sprays, allowing to avoid shoe blotch. Expensive shoes from this material completely contraindicated contact with wax – the means based on it is better not to use.
  • Drying Timberlands is carried out in vivo, on special plastic or cedar dwarves. They are contraindicated by placing on the heating battery.
  • Extend the service life of the soles will help the use of orthopedic racks and liners. They will ensure the correct position of the legs inside the shoes, will prevent its uneven abrasion.

How to distinguish genuine Timberland shoes from fake, look in the following video.

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