The fashion world does not stand still, every day I am pleased with the consumers and more new and unusual models of clothing and shoes. A rich choice, definitely, cannot but rejoice, but often it happens that the shoe manifold confuses.

Often people adhere to already established combinations in clothes, picking up the usual, “canon” pairs of products and combinations, because they are afraid in search of new products “Collapse not there” and ultimately look ridiculous.

Among the fashionable stylish novelties, such models of shoes as Espadrilles and Slipons are located, enjoy the incredible popularity of moccasins and soft tennisks, and more recently, Western trends brought universal topsiders to the domestic fashion world.

Many wonder, not understanding what it is, the answer is simple, topsiders are a kind of shoes designed for both women and men. Topsiders are soft leather or textile slippers with an elastic rubberized sole, providing maximum convenience when walking.

This type of shoe has a lacing, which is not used as a functional element, and acts as such, peculiar, decor.

This shoe model is so unusual and interesting that it deserves a detailed consideration of the history of the occurrence, species and features of socks and care.

History of creation

The existence of topsiders began in 1935, and the creator of this amazing shoe, externally reminiscent of moccasins, became the floor of the corporation of the same name.

Initially, topsiders thought for use as shoes of navigaters, since the special structure of the sole equipped with a refrain protector reduces the strength of the slide on the wet and slightly frozen surface.

The surface of the shoes is equipped with a special layer of impregnating substance that protects against moisture ingress, so the legs will always remain in dryness and warmth, which is especially important for lovers to “go out into the sea”.

A little later, creative designers of the Sebago brand somehow brought to the appearance of topsiders, which served to further spread them all over the world, as well as penetration into the women’s wardrobe, where they were downtown for a long time and began to enjoy unprecedented popularity.

Initially, topsiders wondered as light, summer shoes, which is not surprising, because in a different time of the year, there will be completely different on the sea vessel – warmer and dense. But after a few decades, the designers were developed warmed models of topsiders who enjoy success in fashionable customers, and to this day.


Like any other type of clothing or shoes, topsiders have certain features characteristic only for this product.

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that this model of shoes refers to the discharge of unisex, that is, it is suitable for both women and men, having any distinctive features in the beans. Differences consist only in the coloring and size of shoes.

A distinctive feature is that the sole of topsiders is usually a few shades of the lighter of the product itself, so that the product has such an interesting, unusual appearance.

Topsider laces, in the classic version, are selected in accordance with the color of the sole.

Material from which the sole can also be attributed to the features, since it is rather solid and dense, but at the same time quite comfortable and comfortable for long walking.


The only and unique model of topsiders is a soft slippers of a semi-self-type, with a rounded toe and decorative seam – arc located on its upper part, as well as with lacing and rather dense ribbed soles.

As such, there are no weighty differences in the model range of topsiders, mostly the difference concerns only colors. But very significant detail, one way or another affecting the appearance of the shoes, is the material from which it is made.

One of the most common and popular models – Topsiders from suede, which thanks to the velvety surface look very stylish and expensive. The product has a soft surface, but is not always practical, because the suede is even equipped with moisture-resistant impregnation, the wear resistance of it, yet, is not so great.

Much more practical Leather topsiders, the surface of which does not wet even without a special impregnation. Leather, being natural, familiar to all, well suits any outfit, giving any classic image, familiar to us.

In order to save, many manufacturers are produced on sale model from leatherette, the appearance of which is similar to a product from a natural material. But it is worth knowing that topsiders from Artificial leather, The synthetic path obtained is less practical, long-term and functional, since artificial material does not “breathe at all”.

Summer models topsiders are made of lighter material – dense, but enough air-permeable fabric. A bright representative of such materials is a tight cotton called a sail, shoes from which looks not only neat and beautiful, but is extremely comfortable.

Models of topsiders from denim material, which looks no less attractive.

Interestingly and unusual look models topsiders made of material similar to the usual oilcloth, but being much more dense, as well as possessing very unusual properties – such topsiders are transfused and give different glare when exposed to sunlight at a certain angle.

Select the season model

Pretty practical feature is that this type of shoe, albeit a kind of soft slippers, is still divided into several varieties suitable for different seasonal and weather conditions.

Topsiders for summer are made of natural breathable material, and leather and suede products that do not have an additional lining are quite suitable for lightweight and use as a replaceable shoe in any room.

For cold weather, topsider fans may need models with warm lining, which is most often made from a light synthetic winterizer or soft fleece – these materials are most famous for their thermal functions.

Winter topsiders have a dense fur lining, due to which the product looks at a couple of sizes more, so it is worth carefully approaching the size of the size.

Lining, as a rule, is made of natural fur, in order not to cause excess sweating or allergic reactions to synthetic fibers. As fur, sheepskin is always used, due to its practicality, wear resistance and strong frost resistance.


It is reasonable to assume that the topsider colors is the same immense number, as among any other clothes or shoes. It is understandable, because the century of Nano technologies and other innovations developing at the speed of light, the abundance of color clothes and shoes is not at all surprising.

Choose the coloring of the shoe is based on the color range of the entire image, since it is this part of the outfit is a final “chord”, completing and complementing it. Therefore, it should be familiar with some elementary rules for choosing color shoes and its competent combination with the rest of the image elements.

  • Black color – unchanged classic, ideal suitable for any outfit. Therefore, by purchasing black topsiders, you can safely use them to create a variety of images. Stylish party or business meeting? They are perfect for an event of a particular nature.

  • Relatively White topsiders You can say the same thing, but with one note – they are combined with bright outfits much more successful than with dark, helping to create a lightweight, visually not overloaded image.

  • Stylish look Light topsiders of gentle, bodily shades. Pale pink, cream, color of baked milk, ivory and cream brulee – these are the shades will help in creating an incredible, gentle image, even if it contains elements of a sports and everyday style.

  • Colored shades, Also, look very interesting and beautiful, because they will become indispensable in the creation of a bright, creative dress. Topsiders of red, bright pink and orange flowers – an excellent choice for passionate, self-confident girls. Models of lilac, lemon, light blue and beige shades are perfectly suitable for calmer girls.

  • Enjoy the success of I topsiders whose material combines several colors. Such models are very harmoniously look at the combination of clothes of the same shades, creating such a kind of suit – set.

  • Some models have perfectly Normal Print, For example, leopard color or small polka dot. And some are made of a special material, which is overflowing with different shades, depending on contact with light rays.

How to tie it right?

Since the lacing on topsider is a kind of “chip” of the product, as well as a feature that distinguishes this type of shoes from ordinary moccasin, it is necessary to study a pair – the top of the unusual ways of tie laces, so that somehow diversify the appearance of the shoes.

Before revealing the secrets of interesting lacing ways, it is worth mentioning that laces are directly throughout the edge of the product.

The first and classic way is the usual, the well-known bow, with which even a child will cope with. Someone could have a problem with the tie of the cords of the bow, so if there is no desire to try and find something new – boldly choose this method!

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