What to wear Muli?

What to wear Muli?

Muli – one of the most appropriate varieties of shoes for the summer season. They are not only elegantly looking at the leg, but can also become a very successful detail of various images. However, many beautiful sex representatives do not know what exactly better to wear such shoes so that the image was truly harmonious.

To achieve such a result, it is important to know not only about the features of clothing with which Mulie is combined, but also about the varieties of Muli themselves, the most suitable color solutions and the difference of sets for everyday and evening events. All these nuances will be described in detail in this article.

Choosing clothes near Muli

Muli are shoes without a wedge with an open heel. Such shoes are represented in several varieties, for each of which it is necessary to choose certain items of the wardrobe.

On a flat sole

Options on a flat sole look much more elegant than Sabo. Very often they are acute or can have a rounded sock silhouette. Such shoes are needed in conjunction with certain elements of clothing.

  • Single-type jeans in combination with Muli will become an excellent basic element of your outfit. It is quite original looks with such a shoe model with a slot, as well as black options.

The length of jeans can be both classical and shortened. Muli are combined with small socodes.

  • If you prefer to wear trousers, then pay attention to the broken styles. Coolot pants with shortened silhouette perfectly complement the image from Muli. As well as similar shoes looks good with bananas, the length of which is higher than the ankle.

  • The upper part of the outfit can be blouses without prints or shirts. Choosing sweatshirts of more dense tissues, note that they create smooth lines in the image, were not overwhelmed with ornament and complex color combinations.

Soft jamper with elongated sleeves, as well as blazers and cardigans will complement the image with jeans and pants.



  • Despite the lack of heel, many ladies prefer to wear exactly Muli with a dress. The silhouette of the dress must be a bit free, and the length of the skirt must be below the knees.



  • If as an element of clothes for a combination with Muli to consider Skirt, then it can be pleated model for about about the middle of the caviar.

With heel

Another variety of Muli implies the presence of a heel. It can be different – both square and not very high and very thin and elegant. With similar shoes harmonize different wardrobe items.

  • The middle-length skirt looks relevant if the heel is quite massive.

  • If you want to emphasize the ankle, choose Muli on an elegant, higher heel and combine them with a skirt above the knees.

  • The heel option is suitable for a combination with a suit that consists of an extended blasting jacket, as well as straight trousers.

Combination of the outfit and coloring of shoes

Do not forget about such an element as a color combination of Muli with the rest. Since this shoes can be performed in various color solutions, Do not forget about the most suitable outfit for each of the shades.

  • White or silver models Will be perfectly combined with Denim’s jeans, as well as pants. The last option in combination with black trousers is a very suitable solution for the office image.

  • Yellow or leopard shoes This type is stunningly performing an emphasis function in the image with clothes in dark colors. It will be combined with yellow will not only black, but also the color of the khaki, gray and other muffled tones.

  • Popular models such as Black Muli with a gold-colored heel. They successfully look with bright pants, as well as with dark trousers or jeans, provided that the upper part of the image will contain brighter fabrics.

  • Red Muli can act as an accent detail in the image devoid of red. And also they can be a supplement, if a similar shade is also present in the upper part of the outfit.

  • The image where there is Pink Muli, As a rule, it is not limited to one element of pastel column. Bag of the same gentle color, cardigan or trenchkot are perfectly combined with shoes, creating a truly romantic image.

  • Shoes mustard color well harmonizes with clothes saturated yellow tones. And also instead of mustard brown Muli can be used. They are combined with khaki color pants, as well as blue jeans.

Making images

Muli – shoes that are suitable for many cases. It successfully complements both casual outfits and outfits in the office or evening sets of clothing.

Evening ensembles

For evening release, Muli are elegant and very original option. It is possible to combine them in the evening image with the dress, provided that the model has the appropriate heel. The length of the dress must be midi, and the fabrics from which it is done, flowing. An excellent option will be an evening overalls, stitched from silk matter.

Note that Muli under the evening onions can be both monophonic and include decor, such as sequins, rhinestones, decorative stones, as well as feathers and other elements. Matter Sami Muli itself can be satin, suede, leather or even velvet.

The most appropriate decorations for a similar image with Evening Muli will be Accurable, but with elegant accessories. These include earrings with small stones, as well as a chain with a modest suspension.

Quickly and just an evening image can be created, combining Muli with dress shirt. Using the leather belt of a suitable shade and catchy earrings, you truly screens up your outfit to enter the light.

Casual sets

For office set Muli on high heels in most cases are an inappropriate option. More convenient models on low soles will be perfectly combined with straight cut pants and even with a pencil skirt. However remember that An option from smooth skin with a closed nose will be not very relevant for business image, it is better to leave it for informal outputs. The optimal option for work – Models with a kitten-chills heel, the appearance of which is very reminded by a boat.

In everyday outfit, Muli must not be overloaded with decorative elements. Excellent they look complete with such clothes as Oversis dresses. Such a dress or a middle-length skirt can be supplemented with a blindfold or even sweet.

What does not need to combine?

There are a number of items that cannot be used in the same image with Muli. These include some details of clothes.

  • Skirt year will give the appearance of old-fashioned.
  • With socks and tights the image will be spoiled. If bodily color pantyhose is allowed with closed Muli’s notes, then for shoes with an open nose, even they are undesirable.
  • Not with every office dress code you can combine such shoes. As the daily element of the costume, they can be allowed, but for official business events are not the best option.
  • If the model is quite massive, it is better to avoid its combination with a miniskirt, as well as tightly tight pants and dresses with a narrow silhouette.

Stylists tips

Professionals in the field of selection of images recommend to take into account A number of recommendations in the preparation of images with Muli.

  • If you plan to spend a lot of time on the legs in such shoes, it is better to refrain from high heels, preferred either models on a flat sole, or by small heel options. And the cutout in the sock does not always bring comfort in the process of many hours of socks.
  • Muli on the hairpin are capable of visually pulling out the silhouette and give a fig. But if your legs are quite lush, then from such options it should be refused because the effect will be the opposite. Better to purchase models with a thick type of heel.
  • There are models with fur insoles that will create not only an unusual detail in the image, but also become a very convenient option for cool weather.
  • Some models of Muli look very extravagant and can attract attention. Before purchasing such shoes, think sufficient to self-irony you possess, otherwise you may later become uncomfortable to use such shoes in your image.
  • Remember that models decorated with fur are suitable only for dry weather. In the rain or dirt, shoes will immediately lose all aesthetics and it will look very impressively.

Thus, combine Muli with other items of clothing is quite simple, if you clearly know, for which such shoes are selected, what are your features of your figure, how long do you plan not to remove shoes, and what are weather conditions. Taking into account all these nuances you can create a flawless image and make a proper impression using such original shoes.

How to make Muli do it yourself, look in the following video.

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