Winter shoes Timberland: description, assortment, selection criteria

Winter shoes Timberland: description, assortment, selection criteria

All the famous brand Timberland is a manufacturer of high-quality shoes. This world-class company was founded in 1952 in America. The head of the company became the son of emigrants from Odessa Nathan Schwartz. Currently, the company has expanded so much that it has 260 factories in different countries of the world. Consider what such popularity is based.


At the beginning of production, the main idea of ​​the company was the release of lumberjack shoes. They differed in yellow and had a waterproof structure. Leather top and sole connected without seams. At present, the Timberland assortment is so diverse that it is able to satisfy the buyers of various sexes and age. The original brand shoes are made by individually designed technologies. It passes strict quality control. The new product is immersed in water for 4 hours and bend more than 10,000 times. After testing, it should not lose the shape and stay dry.

Only those models that have successfully passed these tests to the consumer.

The entire range of shoes is designed for different seasons. Winter series of men’s and female shoes is made of natural materials. Options for nubuck and smooth skin are possible. Previously leather is processed and strengthened with nylon threads that are impregnated with silicone-based components. Thanks to such technology, shoes becomes Absolutely waterproof.

The sole is distinguished by a relief surface and is made from different types of rubber. In the middle of the soles there are air pockets, so walking in the shoes is very comfortable, the legs do not get tired, do not slide on the ice. The sole and the top of the shoes are not stitched, but are connected by the soldering method, which also prevents the moisture to get into shoes. The branded and original color of the boot is yellow, but the manufacturer offers other interesting shades.

A unique block and shock-absorbing insoles distribute pressure exerted on a foot. Thanks to this combination, legs are not rubbed. For winter models there are two types of insulation: Natural Fur and Fiber SmartWool. They contribute to good heat conservation in the cold season, so legs do not freeze.

Views and models

Men’s shoes have a big range. It includes boots with fur, sneakers, insulated low shoes, moccasins, sneakers. They have a classic style, so suitable for everyday use for any type of clothing. Consider several models, especially liked buyers.

Men`s 6 Inch Premium Waterproof Boot

These men’s winter boots are made of nubuck black. Have a height of six inches and equipped with insulation primaloft. The model is stitched with hermetic seams and absolutely waterproof. There is a soft roller around the ankle and a lining of genuine leather. The insole is designed using Anti-Fatigue technology and covered with skin. Sole of several types of rubber has protrusions that prevent slipping and falling.

Men`s Brooklyn Alpine Chukka Boots

White sneakers for outdoor activities. The model from the new collection has a brave design and a combined top consisting of a premium skin of a silver standard and texture textile. Breathable lining allows legs to constantly stay in a comfortable state. The massive sole is made of rubber, which provides depreciation and excellent clutch with the surface. White color is preserved for a long time, as sneakers have been treated against stains using Defender Repellent Systemstm technology.

Women’s assortment of shoes is also very large. It includes boots and low shoes, boots or half boots for different seasons. Winter models can be on natural and artificial fur, on a wedge or on a flat sole, on clasps or lacing. Sneakers and sneakers, shoes and sandals, moccasins – all shoes have a variety of performance and color solutions that are suitable to taste any fashion. Especially interesting ladies consider the following models.

Courmayeur Valley

These boots have a lightweight design and Italian design. The top of the light brown is made of the skin of the premium nubuck of the silver standard. Lining has a chevron drawing of wool and cotton. Accessories at the original boot. Range is made of genuine leather, the insole is very flexible, consists of two parts and performed using ORTHOLITE technology. It consists of a breathable material that provides moisture and depreciation functions, and also has antimicrobial processing, protecting shoes from an unpleasant odor. Stylish and stable heel has a height of 3.5 cm.

Courmayeur Valley Tall Boots

These boots for winter. Model of black, has a lining of wool and cotton, the material protrudes the nubuck. Flexible insole consists of two parts. The presence of lateral lightning promotes light wear. Sole sustainable, anti-slip. Heel wide, 3.5 cm high.

How to distinguish the original from the fake?

To buy original shoes from the Timberland brand, it is important to go to the corporate boutique or a proven store. Previously read the value on the official website, since real thimberlands cannot have a price distinguishing from the site. The characteristic pattern on shoes will only have the original manufacturer’s shoes. The sole has a property to be simultaneously elastic and solid, with good shock absorption, and the backbone should keep a good ankle.

The color of the shoes is not bright, but muffled. There should be no divorce or multi-colored inserts. The line must be perfectly smooth, without glue. Each model has its own room without letters. Tag is made of nubuck. The weight of the product is quite tangible, since natural materials cannot be light.

Exceptions are combined models in which fabric is present.

Nubuk’s shoes have a rough surface like suede. Laces on a nylon basis are made of expensive material, so in counterfeit them, most likely there will be no. Accessories are created from stainless alloys, perfectly fastened on shoes, it keeps well and looks solid.

What to wear?

Men will be quite simple to combine Timberlands with another type of clothing. Under them most suitable jeans-boyfriends, narrow jeans-shoes or loose pants, narrowed down. At the same time, pants can be turned or fed to shoes. The main thing is that they do not go to the harmonica and did not get out of the shoes. Boots of different colors look stylish with the kind of clothes that they do not close them. They should always be open. Sweatshirts or sweaters of large mating are well suited as a top. Jackets and down jackets should be casual.

If you wear bags, then select them the same shade as shoes.

No less easy to turn on in your image of Timberlands and girls. They perfectly combine boots with a dress and jeans or leggings. The original supplement of the style will be a bright bulk scarf and a bag in the tone of shoes. Classic boot models are perfectly harmonized with blue or blue jeans, which are equipped with modern widespits and holes. To create a more gentle image, narrow jeans models. To such along, you can add a shirt into a cage and a leather jacket, as well as a bag on a long belt.

To create youth Militari style Beautiful yellow shoes are suitable on laces. You can add an image with a park or windbreaker khaki color, as well as a wide strap with big fucking and blue jeans of classic cutting.

How to distinguish original Timberland boots from fake, see the following video.

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