Winter women’s boots from genuine leather Finnish production

Winter women's boots from genuine leather Finnish production

An excellent choice of shoes, combining style, convenience and heat, will be winter boots made of genuine leather.

Unfortunately, not every manufacturer can boast of high quality of its goods, so there is always a risk of acquiring a fake from artificial material.

To avoid such incidents, it is worth studying the information and reviews about shoe manufacturers. For example, Finnish shoe factors are famous for the manufacture of high quality and very comfortable products.

Features of Finnish production

Finnish shoes manufacturers Some of the most popular on the world market, which are difficult to find truly equal competitors.

The secret of success is to value the price and quality: Finnish shoe factories make high-quality shoes and release it at a very low price.

Why is it so important and valuable quality winter shoes? Perhaps the answer to this question lies on the surface and is more than obvious. Only truly high-quality boots are able to provide heat to feet even with the harshest weather conditions.

If a slightly deepen in the study of the quality of Finnish shoes, other details of the production process are obvious and explaining such a great popularity. For example, the sole of the shoes does not just have a high-quality sizing, produced in accordance with all the norms and regulations, but also equipped with an inner insulation insulating insole and fastened with the top of the firmware from durable specialized threads.

The main part of the shoes is made only from first-class natural materials and fur, which provides shoes with a high degree of thermal insulation and wear resistance, which is especially valued in the modern world.

The cost of the Finnish production boost made from genuine leather can be called average, and in some cases even low. The price varies in the area of ​​4,000-12,000 rubles, depending on the height of the model and its internal filling.

Famous Finnish brands

For a more detailed acquaintance with the Finnish shoe market, consider the most popular brands, a little deeper into the questions of their origin and the features of their production systems.


The brand was founded more than a century ago – back in 1889 and was named after his creator, Emil Aaltonen. Shoe production was his destination, because already at 13, being another boy, Emil began to engage in shoe craft and, after a while, opened his factory in the Finnish city of Tampere.

The main feature of the shoes of this brand is the use of skin and fur of extremely natural origin, which, by the way, are purchased from the best European suppliers.

A number of models are equipped with soles of a special material, not solidifying even at temperatures below the fifty degrees of cold, which prevents the sliding and occurrence of traumatic situations (falls, bruises).

WITHToite mention that it is Russia that is the most extensive market for this brand and it is in our country Aaltonen’s shoes enjoys unprecedented popularity.

Pertti Palmroth

Another brand with an age-old existence history was founded in 1928. For a while, the company produced shoes and distributed it only within the country, but by 1958 the Pertti Palmroth boots are available throughout the world.

It is noteworthy that most of the production occupies a thorough handmade, so that the quality of the shoes is fully respected, and each model looks original and unique.

The shoes of this brand even is part of the uniform of flight attendants of many international airlines, which once again emphasizes the quality of products.

In confirmation of this, each couple has a small emblem with the autograph of the brand creator.

Advantages of genuine leather

Undoubtedly, natural materials have a lot of advantages over artificial fakes, and genuine leather in particular.

  1. Genuine leather is much stronger, compacted, which makes it more wear-resistant than leatherette. In addition, the surface of genuine leather has a water-repellent effect, which ensures dry feet.
  2. Natural material is more resistant to low temperatures, so the surface is practically not deformed. The leatherette will quickly lose its primary appearance, because with severe frosts the upper coating quickly cracks and begins to be peeling.

Genuine Leather Boots Care

Natural materials although they themselves have high wear resistance, still need additional quality care. How to care for genuine leather shoes?

Of course, it is necessary to apply all sorts of high-quality specialized means, but do not forget about some folk methods that our progenitors used.

In this video, it is described in detail about the correct leather shoes and how to extend the service life to several decades.

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